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Obama legal team wants to limit defendants' rights

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posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 11:46 AM
Where are all of the Obama drones to defend the chosen one???

Clearly the guy is a socialist bent on destroying America - CLEARLY!!! Heck, he isn't even a citizen and thus has no Constitutional authority to even hold the office of President - yet so few seem to realize that we have been co-opted and infiltrated by forces that would see us destroyed.
We are so freaking doomed!

posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 12:00 PM
Face it folk's we becoming a Muslim nation..with there law's.

The day he got in's cater to there belief.

So people better start wondering why ASAP why obama want's police to be able to question and interrogate you without a lawyer.

I got trapped in no lawyer present BS before by the police when i was 16.

Minor's do not have right's..they will tell you.
No right to a phone call
No right to a lawyer present.

After 6 Hour's of interrogation..the police picked up my Mentally the slow class..and draw's a check..

Yelled at him screamed threating to take him to a home from his family ect...

He kept telling them for 2 Hour's..I wasn't with him if he did anything ect...

Finaly the boy said he was hungry..they said i hope you starve..becouse your a lier!!!
I had 4 witnesses to all of this.
One being my older 18 year old brother at the time.
The cop said i will go buy you mcdonald's with fry's to my mentally retarded friend....IF you say ME was with you..we promise we wont charge you with anything just him.

He said OK crying...

I said WTF yall police are corrupt as heck....
He walk's over to be put's a gun to my head said say one more word boy..i will blow your brain's 16..
My brother was 18 said hey hold up you can;t do people this way...
Get that gun off my brothers head..
The cop turned to gun to my 18 year old's brother head said ....ID leave now boy and not say one more word..and cocked the trigger back no shyt.
And this is in the police department in my home town.

My brother left to get my father... before he got back with him...
I was already in route to jail 3 county's away for some reason.

I was in jail./juvy for 8 week's before i even got to see a judge.
Got to court i told the judge what happen.
Showed him my witnesse's...He looked at the cop's in court and SLAMMED THE GAVEL ...cased dismissed....

Needless to say 2 week's later them same cop's beat me within a inch of my life while handcuffed.....
while walking home from school..cause they was about to get fired.

So YEAH OBAMA give them more right....
Take away every thing AMERICA about this country.

posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 12:20 PM

Originally posted by GhostR1der
Well just refuse to answer the question? You have the right to remain silent don't you still...

The Justice Department, in a brief signed by Solicitor General Elena Kagan, said the 1986 decision "serves no real purpose" and offers only "meager benefits." The government said defendants who don't wish to talk to police don't have to and that officers must respect that decision. But it said there is no reason a defendant who wants to should not be able to respond to officers' questions.

Read the source.

You've obviously never seen cases where the police tell you something is "off the record," and then they use it against you. You can refuse, but someone thinking a cop is honest in his persuasion is going to be mislead and fooled.

posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 12:29 PM
reply to post by TheAmused

One question for you...

Is this cop still walking around, either on the force, or not?

Another question for you...


posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 12:31 PM
So who's the "good guys" and "bad guys" these days? I can't really tell anymore.

I guess if you control the mic you can call anyone that doesn't support you a "terrorist."


posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 12:36 PM
Why would Black Jack want to do this...?

Jack = Kennedy - OBAMA COMPARED WITH JFK - hence BLACK JACK...


posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 01:11 PM

Originally posted by daddyroo45
This doesn't suprise me.You can't railroad people as easily with an attorney present. This will come in pretty handy when they start dragging in all the new extremists and radicals DHS has pointed out.
Sometimes I cringe in disbelief,these type of actions are not a dream,it's for real boys and girls. Many may not realize that our government has essentially declared war on the american public. Sad sad times ahead I fear.

I don't think you have to look that far to find how this will be used.

Remember that most governments are feeling a money crunch. And after the last election cycle many of them are run by democrats. I think they're going to use this to start shaking down the little guys, the average mom and pop who will start getting stopped for the least little indiscretion and then browbeaten into confessing whatever it takes for the government to rake in the bucks.

posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 01:41 PM

Originally posted by pyrytyes
reply to post by TheAmused

One question for you...

Is this cop still walking around, either on the force, or not?

Another question for you...


Yes he is still walking around. no crime was ever put on him
Yes the main cop behind the whole thing..transferred 1 week later to another town..40 miles away from me.
Even got promoted to captain lol

i live in a small town ..i want to add.
This same cop has killed 2 people once with his car..and other with a gun..
population 8 thousand.

Well i was 16.. a bully of a kid.
Well needless to say his nephew was in my class at the time.
Running his wont touch me you so and uncle will beat your butt..ect..
Well a kid as i am..i beat his butt ungodly for threatening me lol
Will pissed i said now tell ya uncle i kicked ya butt..ya tittybaby.

rest was history lol

One of the other cop's quit before he got fired 1 week after so he could draw his check i suppose.

I tried pressing charge's harder..but i had people in unmarked car's outside my home at the end of the street for week's after this.

i was for lack of word's SHELL SHOCKED..kinda
Would you go outside after a beating that bad?
Gun to your head.
By the law suppose to protect and serve.

I bet you or no man would unless your ready to fight back and then go to prison.

Look up kentucky law...
I don't lie
A minor under the age of 17 is not allowed a phone call/lawyer at time of questioning.
it's not a right but a privalage if they do give it to you.

they charge you take you to juvy ..then when court come's they give you a public defender.
That never speak to you till 1 hour before trail or seeing the judge.

And i am telling you from a minor's perspective at the 30+ years old now.
I would not wish any of this on my worse enemy.

And if obama pass's this..or even think's it good...
No god or buddha doll gonna help us .

It will open the door to pulling you over searching your car for no reason other than becouse you looked fishy lol

and alot worse.

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posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 01:49 PM
How does this involve the "Obama legal team"? Where's Obama or his people in this? Are they acting as amicus curiae?

I notice that there aren't any citations to the case, nor is there any link to the pleadings. Just seeing the case caption would be helpful in identifying who the parties are - and whether any of Obama's people are actually involved.

I will note that the wording of the article is vague. It suggests that prisoners could be interrogated, even if they asked for an attorney. However, later on it seems to suggest that the questioning can begin if the defendant has *waived* his right to an attorney. A possible reading of the article could be that prisoners who waive their right to an attorney could be interrogated without one being present, but that for others, they could not be interrogated.

So what we have here is a vague article that makes claims about "Obama's legal team", without identifying it, and says that "they" are urging the Supreme Court to overturn a previous Supreme Court decision. The effects of this overturning are not clearly stated.

I'm seeing poor, sensationalist journalism, not an attack against the rights of defendants. Maybe that's really happening, but you simply can't tell from this article.

Update: Oops, I see that the article *did* name Elena Kagan, Solicitor General. My bad.

However, the article also went on to say, "The government said defendants who don't wish to talk to police don't have to and that officers must respect that decision. But it said there is no reason a defendant who wants to should not be able to respond to officers' questions."

I suppose if you beat someone hard enough, they'll waive their right to an attorney, so revising this ruling would probably be a very bad idea.

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posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 01:53 PM

Originally posted by kozmo
Where are all of the Obama drones to defend the chosen one???

Where were all the Bush drones when he started the war ???

I'm not Obama supporter (even though I voted for him in "fear" from Palin, BTW good choice GOP, lol) but I fail to see what's the big deal ?

You mean like rights of the people in the country which INVADES and bombs crap out of other ones and in the country which created concentration camp in Guantanamo bay, what did you expect ???

Give me a break, lol

posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 01:59 PM
reply to post by chiron613

It's not vague at all

Have you ever been arrested before?

If you've ever experienced being arrested then you should already know the answer and why this article is not vague at all.

It's very simple, they'll "influence" you to not say you want to talk to your attorney. That's all.

I once got arrested and a cop was entering info into a computer.
He asked me what kind of drugs do you take, I said just vitamins.
Then he screamed "what do you think i'm an idiot"
Then two cops behind him backed him up all they all were raising their voice at me. I'm like I just take vitamins, and they kept yelling at me saying their not stupid and bla bla bla, finally they stopped once they saw by my face expression that I wouldn't say anything else.

These are cops, they will intimidate you to say anything they want.

posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 02:20 PM
so may i ask whatever ever happen to the right to remain silent...??? anything and everything you say shall and will be used against you in a court of law.........oh yeah ....the fact that day by day the sheeple of this once beautiful Republic (not democracy) hand over their right for the ILLUSION of safety......i think i heard that wrestler turned governor said that if we are giving up civil rights and liberties to feel safe from the "threat of Terrorism" then havent the terrorists already won????

posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 02:21 PM

Originally posted by ModernAcademia
No offense dude, but how did you support someone who kept saying change without ever defining it?

I don't get how so many people not only voted for a facade but also fiercely defended it.

I mean what were you saying when you were blogging?
Change change change?

Just change parties, from one corrupt one to another?

Just wondering man

[edit on 24-4-2009 by ModernAcademia]

During the primaries I was very involved in writing on a couple of different sites about the parties, doing voter registration and making calls. I did some reading on Obama and his so called stand on civil rights and decided that my choice for the Dem nomination would be him. AT the time I was just starting to open my eyes to the evil and corruption of BOTH parties. All I knew was Bush and his policies had to have an end, I was also hoping for an end to the Iraq much for that.

Maybe if Ron Paul runs I may vote for him, but at this point I don't even know how I feel about voting. I used to be nearly like a rabid dog when it came to the topic of voting and saw it as a responsibility rather than a right! The past year has changed so much of my perception I am really going to have to give this alot of thought.

If a person is still caught in the lie that they are getting the truth from MSM then it is not hard for them to be deceived. Lets not forget the vast majority of the people don't have the insight that people here have!

We also need to know how to speak to those that have only recently come to the awareness of what is REALLY going on in the world. For many people don't have the guts to come forward and admit how blind they were just because of the sort of reaction you gave me.

And it is dude-ess!

One more thing...his vote on FISA should have been the thing that opened up my eyes even then now that I think about it. I guess I just was swept away with the whole hope for change, god knows we needed some.

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posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 02:29 PM

Originally posted by sos37
We want and need a third party who actually gives a damn about this country and the Constitution and wants to make it better for the sake of all people, not the few.

Your looking at him.

posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 02:30 PM
reply to post by TheAmused

Thanks for your reply...looks as though you did exact some revenge.

I was involved in a similar situation in Reno, NV, as a witness. Some dude was cleaning his Winchester model '94. His apt. was next door to the laundry room. He went in to put his wash into the dryer, and two Down's syndrome residents freaked, and called the cops.
An hour later, he came to the manager's office, I was there having been invited to dinner. He sat on the sofa, and we all started visiting. Fifteen minutes later, a knock at the door. The manager opened the door wide enough to determine who knocked. The first cop said they were looking for Sam, as the manager, in reaction, turned to Sam, there were 5 cops in through the door.
Asked if he had any weapons, Sam extended his arms in front of him, palms up, and open-" All I have are these"... The cops flew over the coffee table, grabbing Sam by arms and legs, spread-eagle facing upward, and the fifth cop pounded Sam' crotch with his shotgun, for what seemed like minutes (more than once). They cuffed him and off they went. Taking the manager with them, arrested for obstruction...huh?
I had moved to Colorado before the case went to trial. Charges against Sam were dropped, the manager was found guilty. The letter I wrote at the request of counsel was inadmissible... the manager's wife testimony was
inadmissible, no other witnesses...
I haven't been back to Reno since... But I will remember you, Officer Valentine...YOU can be sure of that...

This was in 1976? the year and month Elvis' supposedly died.

WOW, that brought out some memories, that I had for so long suppressed.


posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 02:30 PM
reply to post by redhead57

ya I apologize for my reaction bro
the other guy who said what I said was uncalled for was correct

Sometimes I just tend to think out loud if you know what I mean

Next time just vote 3rd party, that's what I told everyone almost everyday here on ATS.

When Ross Perot was campaigning it scared many people, so then the clintons formed some type of debate commitee with them deciding who would be in the presidential debates. So you never see 3rd party candidates in televised presidential debates.

Vote 3rd party if there is another election in 2012
again I apologize for my bluntness.

posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 02:33 PM
I think people trapped in seeing this as a partisan thing are in fact trapped.

I truly believe whether McCain was elected or Obama was elected that most if not all of the same policies would have materialized and been pushed into law one way or another.

I think the only real discernable difference between the two would have been a likely higher level of awareness and suspicion towards McCain as the front men for these policies with Obama being able to more handily sell them to the already highly agitated left.

It’s why they switch back and forth from Republican and Democratic Administrations every so often to make sure one side of the paradigm never reaches a breaking point.

Now having said that the reality is with a lawyer or without a lawyer unless you personally understand the law you are still pretty much screwed.

It’s important to also understand that there is also a growing trend by citizens who favor the purported New World Order concept of strict Law and Order that it’s wasteful and produces no results to mollycoddle and trying to rehabilitate criminals and those criminals are getting a free ride at the cost of law abiding society.

I don’t personally subscribe to that based on two things, first the New World Order principal players are consummate Master Criminals and second many people who turn to criminality do so out of desperation in a system that is often stacked hopelessly against them.

While many conspiracy theories and threads here on ATS talk about the Courts and the Law as primarily being rooted in Contractual Law, Roman Law, Captain’s Law, and Maritime Law and they might seem to be inviting to dismiss on the surface there is a surprising amount of truth to that which I know from first hand personal experience with the legal, justice and court systems.

Law Breakers need to understand that anything short of murder and rape and similar heinous crimes, despite the gravity of the charges of the infraction you are facing it ultimately all boils down to a contractual negotiation of how much service you will render to the state or Federal Government in being penalized for the infraction.

Citizens need to bear in mind that Prisons are profit making enterprises much like the Federal Reserve is a profit making enterprise. While most Prison Industries are privately held corporations that do not benefit the State or Federal Government but those Corporate Stock Holders, you are in essence negotiating what is a slave labor contract of service to and for one of these Prison Industry Corporations as all State and Federal Prisoners are required to perform work during their sentence.

Know that it is profitable financially for them to incarcerate you for as long a period as possible.

Understand when you see someone like Jack McCoy on Law and Order wheeling and dealing in Ryker’s Island Jail cells and in his office that is more or less the “negotiation”.

Ultimately the trick is convincing the negotiating parties you represent a greater profit to the state as a free unhindered individual and it’s in their best interest even if you are guilty to negotiate the least amount of time the mandatory minimum guidelines for your infraction allow for. Understand even when there are mandatory minimum guidelines to be met that there are still Departures available through the law that can be applied upon proper qualification to reduce even those minimum requirements.

Bear in mind Attorneys are sworn officers of the court and it is to the court they are first and primarily obligated. Jails and Prisons as well as the Internet have great Law Libraries. Don’t trust your attorney who is in the business of making money by disposing of cases in an efficient manner. Trust in yourself to study the law as it pertains to your case.

Take a real leap of faith when you are doing so and study the Roman Republics and Roman Empires Court System and how it worked. Underneath ours works entirely the same. Learn the Latin phrases and sayings for certain legal ploys and maneuvers from the Roman Republic and Empire and evoke them in Latin to the Judge. You will be surprised the doors and books you will be opening in the process that are very favorable to you.

The Justice system has one goal, to maintain order and get the maximum productivity for the state out of every citizen. Realize that no matter what you have done or may be accused of having done, that is how the State is approaching your plight.

posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 02:40 PM

Originally posted by redhead57

Can I say that I feel like a fool here? Granted I was still in the process of waking to the truth of government and the MSM, but you cannot imagine how stupid I feel! I blogged and blogged on several sites, got so many people registered to vote, and genuinely felt great about my civic service and "duty". I guess we all play the fool sometimes.

Maybe you should have read the websites of Obama which clearly defined what he, and Emmanuel Rham wanted from the beginning. Or you should have paid attention to the interviews done to Emmanuel Rham.

You think you, and your children, or other American's children will have a say when Obama, and Rham clearly stated they wanted to have all kids starting from at least junior high through highs school doing MANDATORY Community Service of about 50 hours a year, even one hour MANDATORY Community Service is SLAVERY, or FORCED LABOR, and then those going to College and Universities will be REQUIRED to do 100 MANDATORY Community Service. NOt to mention the fact that Rham said, alongside with Obama's Communist wife Michelle, that her husband will not allow Americans to go back to their regular lives, and everyone will have to be involved.

They even mentioned, before the elections, that every American, whehter retired, disabled, etc, will be REQUIRED to do some form of MANDATORY Community Service.

BTW, I am not screaming, but putting in caps words this administration used, including Obama, before they were elected that should ahve raised a red flag on all those brainwashed college, and University students, alongside other Americans who voted for him without doing any sort of research as to what sort of change this was going to be.

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posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 02:41 PM
BTW, a democratic-socialsm isn't wrong or evil. the consept that everyone is equal, everyone gets a say/vote, everyone gets equal wages, property size, free health care, etc is right. there would be no homeless, disease would drastically drop in the number of cases.

The problem is the corrupt ones on top.

posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 02:46 PM

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler
I think people trapped in seeing this as a partisan thing are in fact trapped.

I truly believe whether McCain was elected or Obama was elected that most if not all of the same policies would have materialized and been pushed into law one way or another.

With Mccain we wouldn't have had as many Socialist programs being implemented, and we would have had more time to fight this legally.

Did anyone not notice the look on McCain from about the middle of the elections which seemed to be a man who was defeated, or someone who was warned to "stay away or something will happen to you"?

He did not even fight as much as he could in key states, and postponed going to some states.

McCain had the look of a man who was admitting defeat and didn't want to fight for the President office.

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