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Mysterious U.S. Swine Flu Probe Widens as Mexico Finds Swine Flu *updated*

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posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 06:40 PM
Woman, 57, Becomes County's 17th Swine Flu Death

SAN DIEGO -- Another death in San Diego County has been linked to the swine flu pandemic, bringing the total number of fatal cases in the region to 17, health officials announced Wednesday.

The victim was a 57-year-old woman with underlying medical conditions, according to the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency.

So far, there have been 1,053 confirmed cases of H1N1 influenza in San Diego County, including the 17 deaths, according to the HHSA..

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 06:52 PM
Swine flu claims life of woman from Bend

Andy Peck knew his wife’s battle against leukemia could be life-threatening. But he never expected the 34-year-old would die of swine flu while recovering from a bone marrow transplant at Oregon Health & Science University.

Dawn Peck, a mother of three, died Friday at around 2 a.m. She is the first person from Central Oregon to die from swine flu, according to Shannon Dames with the Deschutes County Health Department.

She made it through the bone marrow transplant. But then Dawn Peck started coughing. Her left lung collapsed. Part of her right lung followed. She was moved to the intensive care unit.

By the time hospital officials discovered it was swine flu, it was too late..

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 06:53 PM
19th H1N1 Death In Miami-Dade County Confirmed

MIAMI (CBS4) ―The Miami-Dade County Health Department announced that the 19th person has died from the H1N1 flu in the county, all while state officials confirmed that the stateside death toll count is up to 59.

The latest Miami-Dade victim was a 24-year-old man.

"Our hearts and prayers go out to his family and friends. We all need to continue to use the recommended precautions to avoid spreading infections," stated Lillian Rivera, RN, MSN, PhD, Administrator, Miami-Dade County Health Department.

More than 1,000 cases of H1N1 flu have been reported in Miami-Dade County to date, with 19 deaths. ―

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 11:30 PM

Originally posted by JBA2848
Schools affected by H1N1 will stay open this fall

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - Don't expect a lot of school closures due to swine flu this fall. Both the federal and provincial governments feel it's an ineffective way to stop the spread of the bug. The chief federal health officer says closing schools could actually spread swine flu because the kids would end up in malls where they could give the virus to the elderly.

That is moronic. The kids are going to end up in the malls regardless if they are at school or not. I swear government officials at times lack any sense.

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 12:34 PM
Swine flu claims 10 more lives, India's toll touches 44

In the highest number of casualties reported in a day, 10 people died of swine flu across the country taking the nationwide toll to 44 on Thursday as Karnataka recorded five deaths due to the deadly virus which claimed its first victims in the national capital.

The day also saw a spurt in fresh positive cases -- 159 -- across the country taking the total to 2,401. Pune reported 66 cases on Thursday and Mumbai 18.

Samrat Pandeya (31) died this morning at Delhi's Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital while Renu Gupta (38) succumbed to the virus last night, hospital Superintendent NK Chaturvedi said.

The H1N1 virus claimed its 16th victim in Pune when a 27-year-old woman Dipti Pawar died at the state-run Sassoon hospital today, officials said. The virus also claimed its fourth victim in Mumbai -- the 22nd in Maharashtra -- today as 35-year-old Dattatraya Gawde died at a civic hospital.

Karnataka accounted for the second highest number of deaths after Maharashtra as five more persons, four of them women, died in the southern state due to the disease.

Ratna Nagaraj (36) died at a private hospital on Thursday. Two women Krishnaveni (45) and Kalpana (36) died in hospitals on August 17 while N Prema (23) succumbed to the virus on August 16. The other victim 45-year-old Edward Mohan died in another hospital yesterday.

Besides the casualties in Maharashtra (22) and Karnataka (10), the countrywide toll includes five deaths in Gujarat, two each in Delhi and Chhattisgarh and one each in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Uttarakhand..

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 12:38 PM
Swine flu deaths climb to 59 in Britain

The number of deaths from swine flu in Britain has climbed to 59 but infection rates have continued to fall through the summer, according to the Department of Health.

The latest figures released today show the disease on the wane during the holidays with about 260 people still being treated in hospital, fewer than last week. Of those, 30 were in intensive care.
Article Continues

There were an estimated 11,000 people diagnosed with H1N1 flu in England last week, the cases spread uniformly across the country, and representing a sharp decline from the 25,000 cases recorded during the previous week.

After an unusual mid-summer spike in infections, pandemic flu could now be conforming to the normal pattern of seasonal flu which traditionally delivers peak rates of illness during the winter.

Health officials expect a second wave of infections to start building up again in the autumn, though when that will occur, and whether it will be chiefly due to the return of schools or the arrival of colder weather, remains unknown..

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 12:42 PM
H1N1 impact on school attendance

Concerns are rising about the spread of the H1N1 flu virus in our schools.

Dr. Michael Ramsey of Dothan Pediatrics tells News 4 that in the last week, they have seen an increase in H1N1 cases now averaging 50 to 60 a day.

Some parents in Geneva County are concerned that the numbers of cases of H1N1 in the schools are rising drastically.

However, the lead nurse with Geneva County schools provided us with the attendance records for all 9 of the county's schools for August 16th through August 19th.

Samson schools are at an average of 95% attendance, Slocomb is also at 95% and Geneva County is averaging at 97% for those four days.

You also have to consider those absences include students who are out for any reason at all, not just those sick with the h1n1 virus.

Geneva County school leaders tell News 4 those numbers are pretty normal, in fact there's no need to worry until those percentages drop to below 80%..

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 12:45 PM
Flu case reported at Broken Arrow school

A student at Broken Arrow's Wolf Creek Elementary has been diagnosed with Type A influenza that may be H1N1, or swine flu.

The H1N1 virus is a Type A influenza.

The student is home and won't return to school until symptom free.

The school remains open and attendance seemed normal Thursday, said Keith Isbell, the school district's chief communications officer.

The student's parents informed the school Wednesday of their child's diagnosis. The school district then sent out an alert to all parents reminding them of symptoms and precautions.

"We're on top of it as much as a school district can be," Isbell said."We're following all the (Centers for Disease Control) guidelines."

Isbell said the area where the student spends the majority of his time has had extra cleaning.

"We have the latest and greatest in cleaning items," he said. "We've been focused on this since last spring. We're encouraging hand washing and cover the mouth when coughing or sneezing."


We have the latest and greatest in cleaning items?

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 12:54 PM
Macon Co. schools to temporarily close in response to Swine Flu cases

In response to an apparent swell of H1N1 also known as Swine Flu, all Macon County Schools will close at 1 p.m. today and re-open Monday, according to Macon County School Board President Alfonso G. Robinson.

“I know we have a number of confirmed Swine Flu cases in our school system,“ Robinson said. “Exactly how many, I’m not sure of at this time, but we’re taking this step to hopefully get a heads up on the situation.

The Macon Public County School system is comprised of the Alternative Learning Center, Booker T. Washington High School, D.C. Wolfe School, George Washington Carver Elementary School, Lewis Adams School: Head start Program, Notasulga High School, Tuskegee institute and Tuskegee Public School..

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 01:03 PM
Swine Flu Reported In More Miss. Schools

JACKSON, Miss. -- School districts in Lee County, Poplarville, Hazlehurst, Vicksburg and elsewhere have reported suspected cases of what is now called the novel swine flu.

State health officials have not recommended any closings.

Estelle Watts, statewide school nurse consultant for the Department of Education, said parents are being told to keep children at home if they are sick.

As of Wednesday, the Vicksburg-Warren School District Web site reported 25 suspected cases. On Tuesday, Hazlehurst reported one case. In Lee County, there were about a half-dozen suspected cases as of Wednesday.

In Poplarville, school officials have reported a few cases of flu but referred to it as a mild Type A strain. .

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 01:13 PM
Swine Flu Claims Life Of Volusia County Man

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. -- The swine flu virus has claimed another life in Central Florida. The Volusia County Health Department confirmed that a 50-year-old man has died from the virus. He is the 59th person to die from swine flu so far in Florida.

News of the man's death comes the same day the Obama administration laid out what it wants businesses to do if they face an outbreak.

On Wednesday, the White House recommend keeping work areas clean, stocking up on hand sanitizers and other supplies, and sending employees home at the first sign of flu symptoms..

They keep claiming number 59 died in Florida. Seems they forgot how to count.

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 01:31 PM
ECDC Report

All 27 EU and 4 EFTA countries are reporting cases of influenza A(H1N1)v. A total of 40 938 confirmed cases of influenza A(H1N1)v infection, including 73 deaths have been reported since April 2009 (Table 1). In the past 24 hours, 782 new cases from the EU and EFTA countries were confirmed. Currently, the majority of cases are being reported from Germany and the UK. The latest available updates on hospital admissions per Member State are presented in Table 2. The majority of recent hospitalized cases are reported from the UK, and from England in particular.
Outside of the EU and EFTA countries, a total of 2 579 new cases have been reported within the last 24 hours, among whom 37 were fatal (Table 3). In total, 206 010 cases including 2 323 fatal cases have been reported from non-EU and EFTA countries.
Globally, the total number of confirmed and reported influenza A (H1N1)v cases to date is 246 948 including 2 396 deaths.

First intra-venous use of zanamivir
Media reported on a 20-year-old Australian with asthma, who survived severe pandemic (H1N1) 09, after being treated with an experimental intravenous form of zanamivir (Relenza). The drug is normally taken with an inhaler.

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 08:03 PM
Two in San Joaquin County have died from the swine flu

Two people in San Joaquin County died recently from the swine flu, public health officials reported today.

A 5-year-old girl from Stockton and a 34-year-old man from Lathrop died in the hospital from the pandemic virus sometime over the past couple of months, according to the San Joaquin County Department of Public Health.

The two are the first in the county to die from the disease, dubbed H1N1 by public health officials, and had pre-existing conditions that made them prone to catching the virus, officials said..


posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 08:04 PM
More McDuffie County students test positive for swine flu

THOMSON, Ga. - At least 14 McDuffie County students have confirmed cases of the H1N1 Flu Virus. The school system sent letters out to parents earlier this week giving them advice on prevention, symptoms and early treatment. A McDuffie County Health Department Representative says Swine Flu can affect children more than the rest of the population. “It does seem to have more complications for a child as opposed to an adult. The seasonal flu seems to be more detrimental to the older population,” Kathy Linebarger of the McDuffie County Health Department. “No health official or department is recommending we close down the schools. Whenever the flu hits it's not unusual to have 200 to 300 students out but we don't typically close schools for that,” Superintendent of McDuffie County Schools, Jim LeBrun, said. LeBrun also says he expects more students to come down with Swine Flu.

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 10:14 PM
Chile says H1N1 flu detected in turkeys

SANTIAGO (Reuters) - Chile has detected the H1N1 flu virus in turkeys at two farms, health authorities said on Thursday.

It is the first time the virus, which is known as "swine flu" and has likely infected millions of people globally, has been found in animals other than pigs.

The Chilean animal health services said in a release that the flu outbreak has been controlled at the two farms and that turkey meat and products were safe for consumption..

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 09:25 AM
This write up is an excellent resource article.
Within the peice are dozens of links to many of the controversies surrounding this flu, military preparations, and the idea of conspiracy.

Soft Kill

The message being put out by the mass media is that this flu will lye dormant until this fall, when it could kill millions of the global populations. Whether the swine flu is real or another bio entity is released upon us, it is very clear that we are all being acclimated to believe that there is a real danger this fall starting around October 2009. Could this all just be a false flag event which will allow our leadership to conceal the total economic collapse that is destined to happen in our once great country while also ushering in a new world order in which every world leader has spoken of over the last decade?

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 01:14 PM
Chile confirms swine flu in turkeys

Chile said Friday that tests show swine flu has jumped to birds, opening a new chapter in the global epidemic.

A top United Nations animal health expert said the infected turkeys have suffered only mild effects, easing concern about a potentially dangerous development. Chile's turkey meat remains safe to eat, the expert said.

Chile's health ministry said it ordered a quarantine Friday for two turkey farms outside the port city of Valparaiso after genetic tests confirmed sick birds were afflicted with the same virus that has caused a pandemic among humans.

So far, the virus _ a mixture of human, pig and bird genes _ has proven to be very contagious but no more deadly than common seasonal flu. However, virus experts fear a more dangerous and easily transmitted strain could emerge if it combines again with avian flu, which is far more deadly but tougher to pass along.

The farms' owner, Sopraval SA, alerted the agriculture ministry after egg production dropped at the farms this month. After initial tests on four samples, further genetic testing confirmed a match with the subtype A/H1N1 2009, the agriculture and health ministries announced.

"What the turkeys have is the human virus _ there is no mutation at all," Deputy Health Minister Jeannette Vega told Chile's Radio Cooperativa on Friday.

The Health Ministry said it ordered a complete quarantine Friday and alerted the U.N.'s World Health Organization. The U.N.'s Food and Agriculture Organization, meanwhile was working closely with Chilean government scientists, said Dr. Juan Lubroth, the head of infectious diseases for FAO in Rome.

Chile is sending some samples outside the country for more genetic sequencing to confirm that it matches the pandemic strain, Lubroth said. "As a scientist, I want to touch, smell, feel, taste it" before agreeing that it's a match, he said.

There are some encouraging signs that this particular outbreak remains mild. Egg production and water consumption among the birds dropped _ prompting the company to take action _ but the birds aren't terribly sick, let alone dying in large numbers, Lubroth said..

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 01:30 PM
CDC Update

Hospitalized Cases 7,983 Deaths 522

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 02:35 PM
WHO official predicts H1N1 'explosion'

BEIJING, China (CNN) -- The world will soon see an "explosion" of swine flu cases as the H1N1 virus spreads rapidly around the world, a top World Health Organization official said Friday.
Spread of the H1N1 virus is entering an "acceleration period," WHO official says.

Spread of the H1N1 virus is entering an "acceleration period," WHO official says.

Spread of the virus is entering an "acceleration period" and it is certain that there will be more cases and more deaths, said Dr. Shin Young-soo, the organization's regional director for the Western Pacific.

"Most countries may see a doubling of cases every three to four days for two months until peak transmission is reached," he said at a symposium in Beijing, China. "At a certain point, there will seem to be an explosion in case numbers. I believe it is very likely that all countries will see community-level transmission by the end of the year."

More than 1,490 people around the world have died from the virus since it emerged this spring, Shin said..

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 07:25 PM
First swine flu death reported in Madison County

MARYVILLE - An over-the-road truck driver from Oregon who died Wednesday in Anderson Hospital was afflicted with the H1N1 swine flu virus, Madison County Coroner Steve Nonn said today.

He said the death was the first in Madison County attributable to swine flu. It is apparently the 18th in Illinois.

Nonn said Derrick Keel, 45, of Beaverton, Ore., drove himself to the hospital Sunday night complaining of fever, shortness of breath and a non-productive cough of several days' duration. Nonn said Keel's condition deteriorated despite treatment and he was pronounced dead in the hospital's intensive-care unit at 6:35 p.m. Wednesday.

An autopsy showed that Keel had pneumonia in both lungs and laboratory tests by the Illinois Department of Public Health confirmed the presence of the H1N1 virus.

Nonn said Keel worked for Landstar System, Inc., of Jacksonville, Fla., and had traveled through several states in the days before his hospitalization..

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