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gantlett thrown, Aliens are real

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posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 11:32 AM
Mitchel can say whatever he wants and believes, does he knows more than what we know ?? maybe, does the Gov cares if an astronaut says hey disclose the dam aliens thing?? i dont think so, i guess there are many more people inside the us Gov that want to spill the beans because they have it all the time in their mind and their chest, but i think they are to much impregnated with that, they will take it to their graves because they are still on the Gov payroll and first comes family safety.

Mitchel can say whatever he wants, at least been astronaut gives some credibility to their point of view but that doesnt mean the gov will make anything because he is was an astronaut that walk on the moon.

Maybe the Gov still dont know the full picture of why aliens are here really and they too have douts (not their technnology but their purpouse) so maybe thats why they held the information, they are maybe freaked out that if they spill the beans, heads will roll, people will get afraid and insecure (have you ever think what would happen if gov says they cant stop abductions, they cant know when and where aliens comes down and do their business??) , problems will arise around countries to know more or because of their thinking they would glady cooperate and encapsulate themselves because they cant do much.

What would you think if Gov says that aliens can enter your house at whatever hour they want, abduct someone, erase that from your memory and your family , and do it whatever they like it and they dont know why they do it....would you feel secure?? humans feels secure on their homes, they think nothing can enter their rooms like a sacred thing, people thinks that because something like that is happening to some know poeple they think " it cant happen to me" but iof this info comes out everybody will get afraid and feel insecure.

The world right now is in turmnoil, many countries have disparities on education, economics and culture. I think the govs that knows most of the stuff are withhelding the info because its not the right time.

posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 11:41 AM
I'd like Edgar Mitchell to be telling the truth but I'm not going to believe him just because he says so, astronaut or not. For all we know he might have other motives for making these claims, like making money to leave to his offspring.

Again, here we have examples of people believing blindly and on what basis? The basis of faith. Basing beliefs on faith alone when it comes to issues of this magnitude is utter folly, it's not good enough, I want facts.

Autowrench, using the inevitable ''absence of proof is not proof of absence'' or thereabouts statement is an arguement used when there is nothing to back up a claim, I've seen this statement used so many times that now it holds absolutely no water, it's weak.

posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 11:45 AM

Originally posted by ls1cameric

Originally posted by Gawdzilla

Originally posted by ls1camericWell think of it this way... The astronausts are the ones who we send up in space. The only ones...If we were going to build something on the moon, they would be the ones who built it. They didnt build these things they've seen up there. That only leaves one explination. Someone other than the Human race built these structures or craft that they've seen on the surface of the moon.

So, you are saying the structures "definitely" exist? Why do you think that?

Well considering that the people making these claims are some of the most intelligent and creditable people on the planet, I'll take they're word for it since I cant get up to the moon myself anytime soon. And if we're gong to start calling all of our astronauts crazy becuase they've seen unexplained objects on the moon, then what the hell does that say for the rest of scociety? We're all kooks? Dont be an idiot!

They are still flawed human beings who's imagination or indoctrinated "alien" beliefs will fill in the blanks when they see something that they don't understand. If they already believe in "aliens" then that will fill the blanks in quite nicely.

And if you really think that just because someone is a astronaut that makes them more rational than us, just google Lisa Nowak.

posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 03:02 PM
In the other "Mitchell" topic, the OP questionned :
"How exactly does our survival depend on this [disclosure] ?"

In another post i had an idea, incomplete.
Here it is:

Alien technology seems to be based on infinite source of energy, when compared to ours. The risk is : Energy equals Power. (mechanical, electrical, political) So that excessive energy equals excessive power.

Now, IMO, the only useful disclosure for human race would be a gift.
Any other info such as "alien do exist" would be useless, deceptive.

A gift ?
What about a limited source of energy, for everyone on Earth.
Some kind of a small UFO battery, containing the permanent power equivalent to a mains outlet, but limited to it.
Enough energy for your house, car or plane, anywhere on this planet, in the middle of the desert, the jungle, the city.
But not enough energy to allow "excessive power" onto other humans.

Exit the world's pollution, although this would bring even more chaos in our economy, as it is mostly based on energy trade and services; but this is another problem.

What should be the "best" disclosure ?
What would YOU ask to an alien technology, something with not too much negative impacts on the human race or damage on our planet.

Think Globally, express your wishes to the Genius in the Lamp ... may be this will be offered, maybe this is the ultimate hope for our happiness.

Ideas anyone ?

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