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Obscure 1950's 'Space Brother' Contactee: Orfeo Angelluci

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posted on Apr, 23 2009 @ 10:34 PM
I did a search for this guy and found nothing. It's true, some of the 1950's contactee wave were liars and conmen, but I still think there's a treasure trove of information there if you dig deep enough.

Summary: Orfeo suffered from ill health for most of his life, after working in an engineering firm for a number of years he was contacted by humanoid off-worlders and taken aboard their craft. He went on to lecture about his experiences, and even drew the attention of C.G. Jung, who wrote about him in one of his books.

Wikipedia Article

Website dedicated to him

Driving home from work at an aircraft factory, he saw a saucer, which emitted two small globes. The globes approached him, and a masculine voice assured him that he had nothing to fear. Angelucci saw a crystal cup materialize, and he drank a delicious, healing liquid from it. A screen appeared before him, showing a striking-looking man and woman who seemed to read his mind. Another visionary experience, initiated like the first time by a "dulling of consciousness" (Angelucci, 1955), occurred two months later. On August 2, he had a physical encounter with space people for the first time.

Angelucci soon went public with his experiences, warning that a world war was imminent. From the ruins of the world, a "New Age of Earth" would arise. He also related that after six months of unusual psychological symptoms, as well as "vivid dreams of a hauntingly beautiful, half-familiar world," he was transported to a beautiful other world. He learned that he had lived there in another life, when he was known as "Neptune." Angelucci wrote two books on his experiences and became a prominent figure on the contactee circuit. With the passing of the initial wave of enthusiasm about contactees, Angelucci became little more than a distant memory of saucerdom's heady early days. His death in Los Angeles on July 24, 1993, was little noted.

What can I say? Worth looking at. There's a lot of 'Space Brother' type texts here and here

His book: "The Secret of the Saucers" is on both sites. This case is just as interesting as Billy Meier, one of the best contact accounts I've read... enjoy.

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