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posted on Apr, 24 2004 @ 10:43 PM

Yup, I am currently working on my own comic book right now entitled, SkanLes. It's a story about a young man orphaned at the age of 6 after his parents, the famous Team Aguilar, creators of the worlds first and best super hero Stellar, were killed in a tragic explosion. Les grows up on the streets and becomes a graphitti artist for hire until a chance encounter with a dying old man gives Les unexpected powers that allow his graphitti creations to come to life. The NERO Corporation has caught onto Les' ability and begins to collect Les' monsters for their own diabolical use in order to gain all of the cities real estate. NERO isn't the only one Les needs to be worried about though...something waits in the shadows for Les, something powerful and dark.

You all can check out the comics progress at:

I've actually signed a toy deal for a 3 inch figurine and this comic will be packaged with a limited edition music EP.

[Edited on 4-24-2004 by Preest]

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