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Russian journalist blasts 'Big Brother Britain' and compares it to life in the old Soviet Union

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posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 09:40 PM
DailyMail: Russian journalist blasts 'Big Brother Britain' and compares it to life in the old Soviet Union

A Russian journalist believes the level of surveillance is worse in ‘Big Brother Britain’ than it was in Russia during the Soviet era.

Irada Zeinalova, who is based in London, said she felt she was being constantly spied on by security cameras.

She highlighted how in the UK the level of monitoring is such that even rubbish bins have computer chips fitted so councils can check what householders are throwing out.

‘Security has got absurd,’ she said. ‘I don’t like that level of intrusion into my private life.

‘London is a Big Brother city. It is all watched by cameras. Even in the days of the USSR you couldn’t imagine such a number of cameras or observers. Your moves are even monitored by your bus tickets. There are CCTV cameras on every building and computer chips on the rubbish bins.

‘They can tell a lot about your life by studying your rubbish bin. All aspects of your life are plainly visible here.’

Mrs Zeinalova, 37, an award-winning correspondent in London for the Kremlin-controlled Moscow TV station Channel One, accepted that some Russian journalists in London face close monitoring by British counter-intelligence.

One, from the Vesti TV programme, ‘had a full-scale spying operation on him. It’s a normal thing here’.

She said Londoners seemed reassured by the level of security and imagined that if some calamity occurred they would be rescued by the emergency services.
cctv camera

'Security has got absurd,' said the award-winning correspondent. 'I don't like that level of intrusion into my private life.'

‘They explain the CCTV cameras on every corner by fighting terrorism and crime – but sadly it doesn’t solve the problems,’ she told the Moscow newspaper Komsololskaya Pravda in an interview.

‘Watching the rubbish bins, they waste more money than on the actual fight with the problems.’

(Read full article at: uk)

That Russian Journalist is 1 of many freedom-lovers, who know that tyrants in governments spy on a great number of innocent & harmless people, on a daily basis. We are not slaves. Don't allow the military industrial complex to treat you like cattle. Humans are supposed to govern themselves -without "international agencies" invading their privacy for no good reasons.

If you want freedom, you must fight our common foes. They want to keep us under their control for life. Don't allow them to control you.

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