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posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 08:27 PM
Nik says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
This is what now happens when I make a comment on Alex Jones' from my IP address.

Recently I made a critical post on (relative to the article) regarding, Alex Jones, and an writer Kurt Nimmo.
My comment just happened to be the first comment posted for the article, resulting in high exposure from viewers.
The comment was regarding my opinion that is degenerating (the quality) to a point where I don't believe it will be taken seriously for much longer, and how I tried to contact Alex; though got a reply from some dopey uncooperative arrogant chick, which has led me to believe that Alex Jones has ditched
Later, I made another post expressing some of the reason I believe was degenerating, such as how there is an ever-increasing presence of advertisements plastered all over the website, poorly written articles by, and how the comments system is mostly being used by people who spam religious rhetoric's ("Jesus will save you, click this link!") and other forms of in-your-face annoyance, which has no relevance to the article.
I also pointed out that Alex barely contributes to his own website anymore and find he simply now uses it to project a cult of personality image of himself.

Many other people have reported censorship on At first I thought people may have been mistaking the faulty message system (poorly written server-side code) with censorship, as it some times fails post submitted comments, but recently I have noticed my comments disappearing hours later after confirming that they successfully posted.
Its ironic that the man who claims to be the defender of free speech and all that hypocritically censors people himself.

After receiving the authoritarian message that I had to wait until my post was "awaiting moderation', I thought perhaps a new policy had come into effect where all submitted comments had to parsed by a quality control screening process; in an attempt to tackle the heavily abused open real-time comment system, however, when I posted a 'test' comment via a proxy server, the message was not moderated and displayed instantly.
After confirming that this pathetic attitude is being used on me by Alex and or other people at, I was wondering if anyone else has been experiencing the same cowardly attitude?
I also wanted to use the opportunity to inform others about Alex and his website's attitude.

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posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 09:37 PM
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