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Irmgard Moller and the Baader Meinhoff

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posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 10:19 AM
I'm looking to find any recent information on Irmgard Moller, former member of the West German 'Red Army Faction' aka 'Baader Meinhoff group'. Specifically, does anyone know whether she has recanted her earlier story that the deaths of the 1st generation RAF members in Stammheim prison was an extrajudicial killing by the West German government rather than a suicide.
I am aware of an interview she did with 'Der Spiegel' in 1992 where she stuck to her story. Has there been a more recent interview?
There is also a book by Oliver Tolmein "RAF. Das war für uns Befreiung': Ein Gespräch über bewaffneten Kampf, Knast und die Linke mit Irmgard Möller " (2002). Does anyone know if she addressed the point here?

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