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Trinity Time Line toward Super-Consciousness

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posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 10:08 AM
Trinity Time Line toward Super-Consciousness
April 22, 2009

Very few recognize the spiritual pressure being applied to us by the super-spiritual Trinity. The Trinity is a function of the combined Deity natures of Father, Son and Spirit which ensures justice and the control of the expanding universe. It also has a direct influence right here on earth as it is the final say as to how we become better persons on a happier planet.

While it is probably a useless exercise to list the activities of Trinity inspired programs as they are working on earth today, I believe there is at least one situation all individuals can be interested about and participate in once they understood the implications.

This post wants to be educational. I hope it is. To do that, I offer some very concrete facts and observations for you regarding the motion toward the future for the improvement of our planet spiritually. In those plans are policies being implemented by representatives of the Paradise Trinity in time space to open the average person to a tangible sense of being connected to super-consciousness. Also, I think if we are going to talk about any consciousness it is necessary to first define what is meant by super-consciousness.

Finite consciousness is what we currently practice in our current minds and bodies. It is an awareness of the state of our environment as we perceive it, but it is easily subject to our own errors or mis-perceptions of what we say we are experiencing. Finite consciousness is highly limited and is pretty well localized to the time and space each person occupies.

Super-consciousness, on the other hand, is universal. Such a consciousness can be found on several levels including the existential consciousness of the three persons of Paradise Deity. But super-consciousness may also be found in a less exalted place and even on earth if we are willing to limit its expression to something less than infinite but allowing to remain universal in the time sense. This is a basic explanation of the term super-consciousness and is not meant to define all this term could mean or be. It’s opposite is finite consciousness with which we are born.

If I may, let me give some brief explanation of the presence of super-consciousness found on earth. Our minds are capable of finding it but are not able to use it to the point we can experience it as we are. The Trinity also reaches down through the many spiritual programs to lift man toward being comfortable with a superconsciousness. It does this through the ministry of one’s mind to help each mind become the best it can but such programs must regard the genetic potential inherited as usually a limiting factor on reaching the super-conscious threshold.
There are several more factors which encourage our minds to reach toward this expansion of cosmic insight through extensions of consciousness, but these factors remain mostly potential in the current development of mankind.

In the last 100 years, those spiritual beings associated with the outreach of Trinity over control of our existence here, have started some major programs to move each person’s consciousness to contemplate the reality of a universe and a planet dominated by love and progression toward those higher concepts that allow so much more in to know and see. I have compiled a time line of these programs showing the events that occurred and in some cases the consequences of these actions. These divine programs are based upon man participating and they make it clear if the human element is missing they will not proceed until he willingly comes to the table to help with the lifting.

The time line I am providing the reader also shows a decision at the highest levels to provide for an incarnation. I do not want to get deeply into the religious aspects of such an event, but I do want to point out that the appearance of Jesus on earth was an incarnation, and that such is a normal thing to do in the development of an inhabited planet. While Jesus was the personalization of life as created through the Father-Son union, he has asked his brother to continue his work where he left off some 2,000 years ago. This individual is created by his parents the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit for this kind of work. The time line shows when we were first made aware of such an event to occur.

All of this planning and activity is focused toward God-consciousness expansion which in turn is how one stepped up high enough in thought and attitude to reach for those super-conscious areas of mind that appear so elusive to so many in these days.

And finally, I expect questions about how I may know of these things. Other than the obvious that these concerns were mine since I was aware enough of a mysterious universe and who was behind it all, the answer can be addressed this way:

My interest in cosmic advancement both personally and for the planet I was born on led me to be introduced to these various levels of super-consciousness through the Deities themselves. No, I have not spoken to the Infinite Spirit or the Eternal Son, but Father has stepped forward to have a few words of encouragement and provided support to see that I had a good education about what I was experiencing. The Father, the same as the primary person of the Paradise Trinity, resides in the super-consciousness of each mind as he does more fully in the Paradise Trinity and is the original source all such attempts to expand one’s belief that there is more to life than we currently know. It is from this Source all else has been born and how I am informed about the spiritual work being done on our planet. This is not an exclusive club, or at least it is not meant to be. Other than this which I have told you, the rest you see are the consequences of this relationship and as augmented by others of service in His universe.

The Time Line I refer to may be read or downloaded at the following location:

Time Line V

Thanks for your kind attention.

posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 10:52 AM
regardless of truth, i have learned to look deeper, into someones intentions. beyond the validity of the information or how they word themselves. and you my friend have good intentions. though its all relative isnt it.

sounds like youve done your share of meditation

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