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Internet: Going to Seed by Plan?

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posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 09:58 AM
Ever hear that phrase, carrot or the stick?

Most gardeners think that a carrot is an annual plant, because it produces the carrot (called a taproot) in the first year, and dies when we pull the carrot from the ground and eat it. However, the carrot grows the taproot not in order to provide food for us, but in order to store energy to power the second year of its life cycle, when it will use it to produce flowers and seeds in order to reproduce itself.

The first year is known as vegetative growth, where the carrot puts all of its energy into producing the storehouse of food (the carrot taproot) that it will need in the second year of its life. And in the second year it goes to seed, meaning that it stops forming the taproot and begins to draw the energy from it to develop the flowers and seeds it needs for reproduction. When this happens the carrot taproot, which is now being drained of its nutrients, becomes tough and woody, becoming inedible to humans. But since humans are smarter than carrots, we harvest the carrot in the first year of its life cycle when the taproot is tasty and edible for us and we do not allow the carrot to go to seed. Biennials live for two years. The first year they produce their vegetable parts that we eat and the second they produce seeds for reproduction.

Lots of talk about the Internet. Not too much talk about factories that make PCs or where they get their chips from. That part isn't as interesting as, well, Internet.

But I am of the opinion that DARPA brains were quite smart.

Point is this: A carrot is yummy. Everyone knows that. But the carrot part isn't (designed) by nature just to be yummy, but actually to not be eaten, and to then "go to seed" which means that carrot becomes dry and unpalatable, so as to produce the next generation.

I am suggesting that a carrot farmer is smarter than most IT experts and compu-knowers. They are fools. I see the truth now. Thanks carrot farmer!

The point is this: The crop of Internet produced a yummy taproot called "The Carrot" which some expert knew humans would not be able to resist. Then came ATS and the rest. Then it was time to let the thing be what it is, which is A SEED which means that for this to happen, the original has to go to seed, i.e. it won't be useful anymore.

Now if the carrot goes to seed because humans are prevented from eating what is known to be yummy (Internet is a carrot you see) then only the engineer of the carrot itself can tell us what the seed is meant to be.

Anyway, my point is that the designer knows what the subesquent generations might look like and also the designer knows that the soil (humans) will accept the taproot because it is yummy. The seed which comes later from that root, is known only to the designers, at least on the truest level.

posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 10:21 AM
Like I told you: The goal is to wreck Internet.

Therefore do we have tards like Anonymous which get taken over or hollowed out, to be used to attack even bigger targets and thereby make the IP gamespace more dangerous, more "in need of legislation", etc.

When lawyers start circling around the internet, you may ask yourself, "What do they know?" Well, they know they can get rich off a whole lifetime of IP courtroom stageplay.

But you see, it was inevitable. Now we have the Lulz Boat, which will be replaced by some other dude somewhere else, later on. You see how they control the opposition? It's like two fingers pushing against a pimple. The pus coming out is the hackers who rise up to do what? To defeat another hacker!

Notice the film "GAMER" which is truly a massively important film of our time. At the end, it's a bunch of dweeb IT geeks who shrug and delete files and run the world. I will return to this thread and post more analysis of the film "GAMER" and others which describe the future of IP based prison camps, or not. Anyone who wants to pick up this thread and add to it is welcome to do so. Or not. It won't matter either way, this thing I am describing is like a giant submerged tsunami rolling hidden, in the deep water. ...By tomorrow, if it hits shallow water, then you will see the wave and wonder "What is that?!" But by then, when the wave which had already been out at sea, rises up to be seen, it will be too late. The shallowness causes the wave to rise, understand? And your feet will not be able to outrun the shallowness which causes waves.

No really, IP based prison camps for entertainment and public execution! Gamer is a great film! Very prophetic as to the disease running virulent through the mind of mankind, and how the wave will rise as a simple matter of course. Movies are like blueprints, or like predictive diagnosis. Can you see what I mean?


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