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No dream...

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posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 06:56 AM
I can honestly count the number of times I remember having a dream with my fingers, for some reason I don't dream, or at least can't remember my entire lifes worth of dreams, except for a handful. The funny thing about the dreams I do remember, is that I cannot forget them.

So I give a brief summery of the few dreams I have had in these past two decades of existence. They are not in chronological order.

1.) This was when I was younger, mid 1990's. It started out on what looked like the surface of mars, or a desert of some kind, but it felt other worldly. Me and my father were trapped in a cave by a violent sand storm or some kind. Then my father just disappeared, I started to make my way out of the cave to look for him, the storm was still progressing. A few moments after I left the cave I was thrown off balance by an earthquake of some sort, I then noticed a large shadow come over me. I didn't look back to see what it was, I just ran from it. I heard a great deal of noise behind me, it wasn't loud, it was just erie, as if every sound I ever recollect hearing came together to make one sound. I kept running, when I came to a valley, I hid along the wall of the valley, the last thing I remember was this great big rock pillar. It looked natural, except it had a circular cut straight through its center. I was hiding, looking at the stone, then I woke up.

2.) This was more recent, mid 2006, I am standing on my block out in the front of my building, NYC, there was an unusually large ammount of people walking outside, but I took little notice to the fact. It is a beautiful day, I am with my youngest sister and we are happy enjoying the weather. I heard a loud bang, at first I didn't see where it came from, then I looked up and saw hundreds of what looked like commercial airliners, huge, all on fire tumbling and twirling to the ground. The rest of my family was in my building. One of the planes hit the building, the entire block exploded, me and my sister weren't hurt. Everything around us was on fire, I told her to stay where she was so I could check to see if my family was alive. I started to run towards my building. Then I woke up.

3.) This one is harder to remember. This dream scares me, because I didn't know I was actually dreaming at the time, nor could I wake up to end it. So the dream begins as a regular day, mid afternoon, but in the dream I remember waking up in the morning, even though it never actually occurred in the dream. I was at work, everybody seemed normal, I drive for a living, so I was in my car, all of a sudden I felt a massive wave of depression come over me. I started to lose track of time. I was driving down a regular road, the road actually exists in real life, it is straight but begins to curve towards the end there are trees and brush on one side of the road, and a highway running parallel on the other side. For some reason I decided to floor it and drive straight off the road on purpose, as if to commit suicide. It all felt so real, I am not suicidal at all so I did not understand nor ever feel this saddened emotion before. It was so real that I even felt my stomache do a flip as the car drove off the road towards a bunch of trees. I seriously thought that I had just died, it was completely black, I woke up a few moments later in a cold sweat.

Other than these three dreams its pretty boring. My average night consists of falling asleep at night, then its a blackish blur for what seems like only a few minutes, then I wake up and its light out. Everyday its the same "damn, is it really the morning already?" feeling that I get.

posted on May, 19 2009 @ 03:46 PM
reply to post by raj9721

Greetings raj9721,

I think it is pretty normal to experience blackness when you sleep, but that's actually not a bad thing, in fact it's a good thing. It means you are getting deep, uninterupted sleep. Then of course you probably are dreaming every night, but are just completely forgetting the dream ever happened when you awake, that's pretty common too.

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