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Questions about Auras - weather, Kirlian, etc

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posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 02:16 AM
Today there was a bit of a rain storm, very 'spring like' as opposed to a rush of cold winter air as we've had for the last several months........complete with freezing temperatures and terrible things like snow.

Ok here's the thing....
I see what so far meets the description of 'auras', but only faintly....until certain types of weather fronts come through.

This is why I believe there is some scientific, boring old basis for seeing auras lol....
If it was some magical paranormal gift, I should be able to see them regardless of the weather, or at least....I'd think.....

But EVERY time there has been a storm, or muggy/warm (usualyl southern, I do lack meteorological understanding, but I know what they feel like haha) for as long as I remember, I see colorful auras to a level of sometimes frustrating distraction and annoyance, not just on people, but just...everything.

Is this possibly just something else?
Usually they consist of very large, dark grey streaks in the corner of my eye, and that is what gets my attention, then when I look straight on I see crazy colours, almost...light, really....
I have done tests to make sure they aren't that whole...residual effect of staring at something for too long - you know, how there will be an image of the opposite colour or whatever, kind of stained into your vision for awhile...which is completely normal to anyone....
Plus it happens on everything, at equal intensity, even if I've only glanced upon something, and doesn't consist of the right colours to be that...

So are there any other scientific explanations?
If Kirlian photography is completely legit, I don't see how seeing aura's is 'paranormal', its just a matter of varying sensitivities in eye components structures, and/or visual sensitivities...some eyeballs just see more of what is simply....there...big deal....

And of course, my other question would be....does anyone else who sees auras experience a change in their intensity due to weather, or any environmental conditions, or anything like that?

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posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 03:06 AM
wow what a gift you have. I think your very lucky. I have only seen my own around my hands and that takes a lot of intense meditation, the weather connection is very odd. Maybe its to do with energy in and around things thats easier for you to see in weather thats charged?

posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 03:43 AM
First of all let me start by saying that nothing is "truly paranormal". Everything has a (as you put it) "scientific, boring old basis" for it even if the scientific community has not found the "scientific, boring old basis" and may be even assuming that the said paranormal ability does not exist or whatever.
So scientifically its probably some sort of EMP or something that affects your brain patterns or such and allows you to see more auras.
Non scientifically... I don't have an explanation but it still lets you see auras.

As for me it is based on my emotional level. If I an emotionally worked up (i.e. angry, sad, etc) I cannot see auras, at "normal" times I can see them if I try/want to, and just after meditation or such I can see them whether I try to or not.

Hope that helps

posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 04:19 AM
I don't know why exactly but I find it really unsettling that seeing auras is linked to meditation for many people....

I mean, partly because ... meditation is not really part of my belief system, at least not in the form that is commonly spoken of/taught...
And partly because....I'm probably a pretty bad skeptic when it comes to paranormal stuff, I mean, I'll look into stuff and ask questions and talk about it and enjoy it, but a very very small percentage do I ever give much mind to, truly....
So there is absolutely nothing inherently 'special' about me that 'deserves' or see auras...and probably never will be. Nothing outside of the pure and simple fact that I see them....if that makes sense, I dunno....

So I guess ultimately it's because it challenges my whole belief that there is some relatively simple scientific basis out there to be discovered....
Or,(more likely now that I think of it) that it's not as simple as I imagined, I guess.
If some people just see them and others have to put tons of discipline and work into meditation and all that stuff to see them (and I lack discipline, I am ashamed to say...) then there is probably some connection (with meditation) there that has to come in to play...
Maybe meditation activates parts of the brain to do with vision or something in a way that is not commonly found?
It's more than just eyeball parts...or sensitivities or something (not that I know that much about the simple basics of vision to start with, after
But yeah....
Actually, come to think of it, that could support the idea that we only use a small percentage of the brain, and that meditation might have some part in activating more portions/creating certain useful connections.
I think I've pinned the unsettling part lol....if the above is true...
Well I am certainly no more 'enlightened' or anything than anyone here, at least I don't feel like that one bit...
So if somehow I just see auras without any work/effort, that means 'that' part (accounting for some percentage) of my brain is activated - but seeing as overall ( at least assuming) I have no more than the average percentage of my brain being 'used' than any other person it means that I am probably lacking in some other
That explains my social skills!!!!!! OMG!
And I suck at math....and probably have ADHD.....

And this post is an example of my sleep deprivation letting me type things I'll feel ridiculous for later.....


By the way, thankyou both for the interesting responses. They give me lots to think about

posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 05:10 AM

I don't know why exactly but I find it really unsettling that seeing auras is linked to meditation for many people....

well thats the only way I can see mine. And its not every time, I have to have a deep meditation to do it. Actually I think if I saw mine and others as I walked around I may find it distracting in a way, it might actually take the wonder away from it if I saw it all the time.

I know there are techniques to increase the chance of seeing them but they never really worked the ones I tryed and I certainly have never seen anothers aura.

Do you sense energies as well as auras in others? I sense energy in certain people immediatly but others I dont.

posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 05:17 AM
Oh my...
Well I have had 'bad' gut feelings around certain people and not others before.
I have experienced where a whole apartment no matter where you went in it, felt depressive and empty and strange because of certain people hanging out there, and relief when they left.
I chalked it up to some psychological unease, knowing they were there, but still to this day recall the 'sourness' in the air and wonder about it....
I don't know if that qualifies lol....
Most people I know have had gut feelings about people and were right at some point or another, so as far as that goes, it could be a completely normal thing. But as for experiences like I had in this apartment, that feels bit different to me.

That's the best answer I can give really.....
Great, now that it's on my mind, I'll be imagining I sense all sorts of crazy things around every person I encounter tomorrow!

EDIT: (I always end up editing...bleh...)
About thinking it would be distracting to see other's auras...well you're right.
It's very distracting. It gets annoying. Especially if you're like me and so far don't see any purpose in
It's horrible trying to drive, especially during the weather I've described, particularly before thunderstorms. EVERYTHING has 'stuff' around it and I want to look at it or it flashes past my eye in the wrong way and apparently wondering 'what the hell was that!" never gets old....though by now you'd think it would.
Maybe there is just something wrong with my eyes lol....who knows....
Other annoying scenario - when in class, when I was still at Uni. They are much more distracting when a person is moving a lot. Professors/teachers tend to pace back and forth across the front of the room and the walls behind, past the whiteboard/blackboard, depending on the room, provide great contrast...
The aura always seems most dense directly above the head, but the definition there seems to wobble around a bit, sometimes streak, and change slightly, if a person moves and don't ask me why, but becomes brighter often. THAT would drive me nuts in class lol and no doubt they were often wondering why I was staring above their heads at times. It's hard to look away, at the same time, because they are subtly different on the same person, on different days, for instance. And you can't help but want to see how.

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posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 05:37 PM

Originally posted by phoebeflakes
About thinking it would be distracting to see other's auras...well you're right.
It's very distracting. It gets annoying. Especially if you're like me and so far don't see any purpose in

but there must be a purpose to it, nothing happens by chance, maybe its up to you to find deep within you WHY you see these auras.

Recently I have found nothing happens by chance, all is planned , its planned to help us but we need to listen...LOL thats the hard part!!

posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 06:17 PM
Well, whatever the case, I won't shut myself off to learning more, and if there really is some purpose, I'm sure it'll become apparent....some day lol

So...nobody else with weather affected 'aura-seeing?' haha...


Hey how come Kirlian cameras can 'see' auras?????
They aren't living 'spiritual' beings or whatever...they are CAMERAS!!
But then...
I guess that's like asking how come microscopes can see microbes........
It doesn't mean that it's going to be a natural ability of humans to see microscopic things with the naked eye.
Erm. Something like that. I just dunno...

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