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posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 11:06 PM
Mandate of the American Taxpayer
By Craig Ross

Recognition of human nature, it’s complacency and propensity for corruption, is a natural and necessary attribute that has allowed civilized men to temper and guard themselves against the overwhelming proliferation of such evils, that we all must recognize as an inherit part of the human condition. At times, it becomes necessary to illustrate the existence of such foolishness, and take measures to ensure that complacency and corruption are kept in check. When such crimes against our neighbors become too oppressive to bear, the constituency shall invariably stir, wipe the sleep from its collective eyes, sit up and take notice, and take action. We presently find ourselves in such times.
Abuses by the governors of the governed have continually and increasingly eroded the faith, trust, and goodwill of the relations of governor and governed. The time has come for the governed to reassert themselves into the equation of a government of, by, and for the people. As elected representatives, we the people have bestowed upon you our collective voice. Too many times have we been surprised to hear our representative voice tell ourselves that we don’t matter. How, exactly, do you propose to know what is our best interest, when you no longer know or recognize us? Taxation without representation is not just some Revolutionary War catchphrase, an antiquity, a historical battle cry. It is alive and well in these United States, and we the people have no say about taxation, and even less about representation, especially in regards to how OUR taxes are spent. The time has come for the people to enforce checks and balance of the predators of our well being, our elected officials.
Our laws shall be respected. Our borders, language, and culture shall be preserved. Our wishes shall be respected. Our representatives shall be reminded that you serve on behalf of us, not in spite of us. The following shall serve as a course correction for those among us who have strayed from the path of well-being of the people, and shall be adhered to as a show of good faith, good will, and friendship between governors and governed.


ILLEGAL immigration shall be cease, immediately, and all further insurgency shall be punished as criminal trespassing, as it is criminal trespassing by definition. LEGAL immigration shall be fostered and encouraged with resources and funding diverted from the cessation of subsidizing criminal trespassers, i.e. healthcare, education, and welfare for trespassers. These diverted funds should be more than adequate to finance border security and traveler processing. Non-Citizens DO NOT have CIVIL rights by definition alone. No further discussion is needed, definitions are absolute. Any lack of clarity can be remedied with the use of the nearest dictionary.
Individuals granted entry into the United States shall be granted such permission and designated Candidate for Immigration by fulfilling four (4) essential requirements: (1) Candidates for Immigration shall establish a residential destination prior to entry. (2) Candidates for Immigration shall establish legal and gainful employment prior to entry. (3) Candidates for Immigration shall be the ward of a Citizen Custodian, an American citizen responsible for the accountability of said Candidate for Immigration. Any failure of said Candidate for Immigration to maintain accountability for continued eligibility shall be the shared responsibility of both Candidate and Custodian, and both shall be punishable by Law. (4) Candidates for Immigration shall perform service to the community, be it Municipal, State, or Federal, to maintain eligibility. Upon five (5) consecutive years of fulfillment, Candidates shall be naturalized as American citizens, subject to all rights and responsibilities of full citizenship. Failure to maintain residence, gainful employment, accountability, and service requirements shall immediately render Candidacy null and void, and shall disqualify immediate family members of prior Candidate from Candidacy.

Homeland Security:

Close the borders, North and South. Every inch. All seaports, West coast and East coast. All individuals entering the United States shall be accounted for, regardless of entry method; land, sea, or air.
Military conflicts shall be conducted with the sole purpose of absolute victory and absolute defeat of named enemy. Once approved, all military action shall be conducted by military personnel. No decisions or objectives shall be set forth by the legislature, and no decisions or objectives shall be negated by the legislature.

Sovereignty and Powerchecks:

The Tenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America shall be reinstated and strictly adhered to. ANY powers NOT specifically granted to the Federal government by Constitution shall be reserved to the States. Period. States governance shall have jurisdiction over Federal governance unless specifically enumerated by the Constitution of the United States.

Congressional Privilege:

Regarding failure of the legislature to adequately enforce the laws it has thus far created, there shall be no further excuse for failure to enforce existing laws. Congress shall no longer introduce or adopt new legislation without first citing ten (10) specific examples of enforcement of every single existing law. Each new legislative consideration shall stand alone, and shall be subject to enforcement requirements, meaning each new piece of proposed legislation shall require ten (10) new examples of enforcement of each and every existing law.

No member of Congress shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms, and shall serve no more than five (5) terms in their lifetime.

Congress shall no longer be permitted to enact legislation pertaining to increases in their own salary and compensation. Pay raises for Congress shall be considered by popular vote, every four (4) years, coinciding with term and Presidential elections, and shall be approved by popular vote alone.

Members of Congress shall no longer be enrolled in their own exclusive healthcare program. Senators and Representatives shall be enrolled in the private Healthcare plans provided to employees of their respective states largest employer, and shall pay into said plan at the same rate as said employees, without option to increase coverage unless the same increase in coverage is afforded to said employees.

Any member of congress with a ratio of Votes: No Votes exceeding 5:1 shall be immediately dismissed for Failure to Represent. Their states shall lose dismissed members vote for the remainder of that congressional term, until the vacancy can be filled with the next general election.

Any member of Congress voting to disarm or effectively disarm American citizens shall immediately, upon record of such vote, forfeit their right to arm themselves, afford themselves armed security, or armed response to monitored alarm systems at their private residence, place of occupation, or place of business. This shall include "sporting" or "hunting" firearms.

Any member of Congress voting in favor of energy usage restrictions shall submit, upon record of such vote, their personal utility records, in their entirety, for the preceding six (6) years. Records shall include residences, and any business owned in whole or in part by such representative.

Any member of Congress requiring travel within the United States shall do so by commercial means. Public funds shall not be used to purchase upgraded travel status, i.e. first-class upgrades, with the exception of private charter. Private charter shall only be authorized for official diplomatic business outside sovereign borders of the United States, and within the United States as a “group” excursion of members of Congress requiring 5 or more members to qualify for private charter, with the exception of upgrades or charters purchased with private funds of members of Congress. Validity of funding shall be approved before travel date.

All riders or “earmarks” attached to legislation by a member of Congress shall be automatically excluded without the Signature and disclosure of the member attaching such riders or “earmarks.” Any attempted attachment by any member of Congress without signature and disclosure shall result in immediate dismissal of member, and respective member’s state shall forfeit member’s representation and legislative vote until member is replaced at next general election.

Regarding Loss of Representation:

Any member of Congress engaging in behavior resulting in dismissal, and thus loss of representation and member’s vote, shall remain in effect until the next general election. There shall be no special election to replace disgraced member.


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