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Are you afraid to know the truth?

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posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 09:17 PM
I have been a long time reader of ATS, i have posted in the past but it has been a very long time. The only reason i am posting now is because of a very disturbing trend that i have began to notice with people who are close to me and share many of the sames views i share. Let me explain with a story.

Recently i was at a friends house and browsing ATS on my friend's computer. He began to tell me that he occastionally takes a look at the forums on ATS and how he finds many of the posts frightening. We continued to speak about ATS and many of the conspiracys that were frequently touched on in the forums. He was intrigued by the amount of knowledge and reading that i had done on subjects such as UFOs, The Dulce base and other secret bases, goverment control of people and such subjects.
We then went on to research some of the subjects on other websites. My friend was very shocked and frightened by what he had read and didnt know that there was so much he did not know about.

After this is where my story becomes sad my friends at ATS. A few days later after showing my friend all of this information i returned to his house where we eventually made it to his computer. Immediately he told me that we couldnt look at anything we had viewed the other day or anything similar. His reason: he did not want that information displayed on his computer. He explained to me that he was in such fear of the government that he wanted no imformation looked up on his computer that had to do with government secrecy. He almost did not even let me go to the ATS website. He now afraid that he can be tagged by the government for just viewing the truth!

This is a major problem my friends at ATS. We can not let people feel like this. We must let everyone know that we can not and should not be afraid to seek the truth. knowing the truth about what is going on in our world is something that should never put us in fear, although the material may be frightening we must want to know the truth and not be afraid of being "tagged" or "monitored" by our government. Let the government know that we are seeking the truth and trying to reveal secrets that the people are meant to know. We are not slaves to our government nor should we be slaves to fear from our government.

If many of you are have similar experiences, you must let these people know that they should never be afraid of searching for the truth. Once we are in fear of our government then we are powerless. Let our government be in fear of us monitoring them in place of people fearing the government may be monitoring them.

Thank You

"the objective of war is not to die for your country but to make the men on the opposing side die for their's"

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 09:45 PM
Sorry to say this, your freind is an idiot.
There is NO way that any government department is going to concern itself with someone finding something out. They don't care if you know or not.
They MAY be concerned with where the leaks are coming from but that's a slim chance too. Whatever they're up to and whatever secrets they have doesn't really matter does it. They're in full control and even if millions of us knew their plans and had proof of them there would be nothing we could do.
The plans have been made, much effort has been put it over hundreds of years and over hundreds of generations of dozons of families. Nothing we 'find out' now can make a lick of difference. Their plans are not going to fail.
So, you can tell your friend there are however many million of computer terminals in the world, and many millions of people browsing stes like this and other related sites too, millions and millions of people are looking at this kind of information at any given time. Is your friend gullible enough to think they would bother tracking HIM? I'm sure there are bigger fish out there.
Here's their choice, 'should we go after this guy who's looking on ATS, or should we go after GOVERNMENTS who are accessing information on our secrets?'
hmmmm, big decision.

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 09:48 PM

this was true then, it has matured and now it is enevitible that we will have fight for our right to life - liberty and justice ... blind - indeferent - and not for sale .... greed killed America,


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