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Jon Stewart's Stimulus Plan

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posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 01:59 PM
I like Stewart and I think he truly cares for the average American struggling to make ends meet, but handing out huge sums of $ to the people wouldn't solve any of our problems long term. His plan would:

Probably increase inflation;
People would continue to buy mostly foreign products which would further increase the trade deficit as money hemorrhages out of the country and further decrease the value of the $;
It would create very few jobs here;
It would still increase the national deficit;

Why not propose (with tweaking here and there):

Increased taxes for companies that outsource jobs beyond some agreed % of their total employees;
Eliminate tax incentives for companies that oursource jobs overseas;
Slap a tariff on imports equal to the tariff placed on American goods by foreign countries;
Tax incentives for building manufacturing plants in the U.S. and employing American citizens only;
Tax incentives and temporary subsidies for high-tech/cutting edge projects involving green energy technologies and all applications therof (look what the technology boom of the 1990's did: it helped the U.S. lower it's national debt, created tons of jobs, promoted economic stability, and few people whined).

Just an idea..

posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 02:18 PM

Originally posted by kawz1
Jon Stewart basically proposes that instead of bailing out the banks and financial institutions, we should give that money to the people.

Geeeze .... this guy is quickly falling from grace. First he spews the MSNBC Tea Party talking points ... and now he's hand-in-hand with Obamas 'spread the wealth' theft from the productive. :shk: And I thought he was above the politics .... my mistake.

Nobody should be getting any free money. Nobody should be having their hard earned money taken away to be 'spread around for the good of the state'. This is far left facism. It's certainly NOT the way to run a Republic that has a free market society.

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