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AP; Fed tests harder on regional banks

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posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 01:35 PM
C.O.P ?

The government's "stress tests" of 19 large banks take a harsher view of loans than of other troubled assets, according to a Federal Reserve document obtained by the Associated Press. That approach favors a few Wall Street banks while potentially threatening major regional players

upon further examinaton the financial oligarchy and the fox's in the henhouse maybe sacrificing the regional banks to the short selling wolves....oligarchs don't like competitiion....

The methodology "certainly penalizes those banks that are more involved in traditional banking, which frankly have been performing better in recent months," said Wayne Abernathy, a former Treasury Department official now with the American Bankers Association.

He said banks' loan portfolios have lost only about 5 percent of their value so far, whereas the value of complex securities are down 30 to 40 percent

it is becoming increasingly EASY to read between the lines with this administration as an extension of the last (beholden to wallstreet).....just
*think like a white collar criminal and you will see the intention*

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