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How do you spot an FBI plane?

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posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 12:54 PM
This is an older article "snippet" from 2003

FBI Plane Spies On Bloomington, Indiana: Peace Groups, Muslims and International Students Are Likely Targeted

Yesterday we reported that the FBI has been secretly flying a high-tech spy plane to monitor residents of the city of Bloomington and neighboring communities in Indiana. The flights began over two weeks ago.

The FBI is claiming this surveillance is routine. An agent told an Indiana University newspaper, “This one just happened to make the light of day because a plane flew too low.”

OK, so as a person in a "neighboring community" of Bloomington, I am wondering what these planes look like, Cessnas?

Beginning in 2005 I noticed an increase in aircraft everywhere I went, it seemed....was I paranoid? sure I then googled "aircraft, Indiana" or something like this and found this story. At the time I was a student, also, but not at IU/Bloomington. Just wondering what these high-tech planes might look like, as they have on more than one occasion, not cared about flying low enough for people to notice


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