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An eye for an eye will make us all blind

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posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 07:23 AM
It often strikes me to see that in almost every NWO related thread here, there are always people posting something like that:

We have to fight the NWO!! We will get guns and fight Teh Evil NWO!!! Guns and war against NWO!!! War on NWO!!! War! War! War!

Ladies and gentlemen. That is why you will fail.

Wars will only create more wars. Negativity will only create more negativity. Destruction will only crate more destruction. And all of it will create what?


And fear is the always a perfect weapon. And while you will be thinking that the best way to fight New World Order is to get some guns and lock and load, you will be gravely mistaking.

The only way to fight New World Order - or any oppression for that matter - is positivity. An eye for an eye will make us all blind, remember? If you will contribute with fear and destruction to the world that is already filled with fear and destruction, you will only serve the NWO's purpose.

The real fight, (although I don't like using the word "fight" because it's negative), so let's say the real way against NWO and oppression is to be positive and to create positive events, gatherings, movements and initiatives.

Positivity will spread and infect everyone as cancer - as long as you will concentrate on it. What you focus on, will become bigger. If you focus on positive things and positivity, it will grow and infect people. It will move mountains. It will change history. But as long as you are concentrating on negative things, thinking negative thoughts and speak of negative and fearful things, you are contributing to NWO's strength.

But the funny part is that you can stop it from one moment to another. Just by rejecting the negativity in your life and welcoming the positivity.

Destruction is never the answer. Creation is.



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