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Die Glocke, origin of the ufo's? Are ufo's just terrestrial craft with extra-terrestrial origins?

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posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 07:08 PM
Die Glocke.this I believe is the source of the phenomina of ufo's yes ufo's I also believe that most ufo's we see are indeed of terrestrial origin.
It's a big call but what if, what if it were true- I say yes.

Firstly if you've discovered a new technology that doesn't require a source energy of a consumeable origin then everyones like "oh sh#t!! Where do we make our money from if this becomes the new method of transportation.
Many things need to implemented first as sustain economical factors considered with new technologies. This takes time. So to bide there time or as to secure a positive release of a totally new concept of propulsion systems and anti gravity as such they would classify these craft as ufo's. Thus no need to claim responsibility for incidents of negative nature.

So I therefore believe ufo's are of terrestrial nature with the possibility of extra-terrestrial origin. That another story though

I know this is a bit ruff I'm currently on a job at the moment so I don't have the time to punctuate everything correctly... I'm just sheadding light on issue I'm currently trying to resolve
, cheers guys

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posted on Jun, 1 2009 @ 11:42 PM
"Die Glocke" could indeed be the craft that crashed at Roswell. This theory is supported by some members of MUFON. It was the right time-frame for the incident, and the crash location would provide an interest to east german intelligence.

I'm extremely curious about the propulsion of the craft. I've read that it's vertical takeoff is derived from the anti-gravity effects of counter-rotating radioactive blades. I am not an expert in radioactive physics. No idea if this is jibberish or feasible.

The ceramic buildings that housed the craft in Poland and Germany indicate that some elements of the bell could have been radioactive or harmful to humans. It's alleged that the bell is housed in a similar building at Wright-Patterson today.

What's even more curious is the pagan script surrounding the outside of the metal shell. It's known that Hitler was involved in the occult. He trusted his occultists more than his military advisors. Does anyone out there know the meaning of these symbols?

Igor Witkowski - the Polish military historian who claims to have been in it's presence. And there are pictures of die glocke on the web. Check out his book: The Truth About The Wunderwaffe

The alleged applications of the ship: Overhead surveillance and reconnaissance platform, "prophet" vehicle that could display events of the past and future, space probe, anti-matter bomb.

I'm very interested in the Nazi's crude expiramentation in physics. Hitler had the belief that dark matter was attainable and containable in his time. I wonder if this could have been the medium that he chose to contain it.


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