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Cross-Media Coincidence, or Prepared Propaganda?

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posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 05:45 PM
The Media have the majority of all developed nations tentatively hooked, spoon feeding them in preparation for the next opinion poll. Occasionally we're bombarded with movies, TV shows, and other forms of 'entertainment' which all work together to hammer their square shaped message into our rounded brains.

It's an often sidestepped oddity which it's widely accepted as par for the course that social bubbles and short term trends or fad's appear because of current affairs... but occasionally it appears to be the opposite way around... for example;

Earlier this month I noticed an advert on TV for a CD - "101 Pirate Radio Hits"... so I giggled to myself of the thought of this down-on-his-luck music distributor pulling out his dusty 'pirate' reel2reels and mastering to CD for the sake of piggybacking on the word 'pirate' being back in fashion - don't get me wrong, it's a great collection of tunes it really is, but why now?

I'd all but forgotten about that until I remembered that there was a film due for release, and sure enough:

OK, ok. Somali Pirates and Pirate Radio stations are in no way linked. However, this film which has gone through a minimum of a year since pre-production planning to release on 1st April 2009, coincides with the release of the CD which is being heavily advertised in the UK after a decade since the last "Pirate Radio" collaboration was mass released, which both coincide with the lead story in many news outlets. Tell me that's not even remotely odd.

Perhaps "Pirates" are big news after all... perhaps they want us to be thinking about the Pirates more and more... are we going to invade Somalia? Public opinion says "oh yes I've heard all about those pesky pirates, string 'em up, the lot of 'em"...

Pirate's, particularly around Somalia have been active for a long, long, long..... time. Why now are they all over the news. The activity hasn't increased drastically year on year... what are they trying to impress, or what else is being suppressed??

I've always been attuned to oddities used by the media; subliminal messaging, neuro-linguistic programming, product placements etc. This is a strange example... it would maybe be more pertinent to show a wartime cinema listing (there's an idea), but if you think I'm right, wrong or plain delusional or simply if you enjoyed the post, please reply with any similar instances you can think of and, of course, your opinions

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posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 06:15 PM
i agree with you that the media use movies music ect to influence our views and that the pirates kidnappings and hyjacks are not to give a hidden messege to our brain or what ever its just what the public are interested in right now so they give it us, more and more to feed our needs. However i may be wrong

last year it was dog attacks thats died down in the new but has it stopped happening no probally not.

Lets hope we dont invade anymore places. we need to look after our own countries before we can judge to help others.

Many thanks

good post great read

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