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Conspiracy Against the Jesters

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posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 04:42 PM
Everyone can agree that the judges of today presume an a priori dominion over their areas of domain or authority.

And no doubt, when pressed, they would admit that their power derives from protocols both antient and arcane. We see the essence in our traffic courts of the USA, for example, wherein the King will have discourse with us. Indeed, as with the King of ye olden times, who would holde court, one could say that the favored guest in the King's court was not but two or three steps from the King's heart? guards could be evaded, and a knife thrust to kill the King. But today we see that the power is diffracted and diverse such that one judge or overseer --though he or she may hold sway in a certain area are themselves not the source of power, and so the assassin of today, has no King to strike at, and no foe to vanquish. Those who would strike at the administrators or paper-filers of the courts would do themselves the same disservice as Ted K did himself by living in the woods, striking at the system. Though focused and determined, in the end, he really ended up looking like a jackass and he brutalized some good people by taking advantage of the postman's goodwill. His actions thus comprise as grievous a breach of protocol as I can ever say I have seen in my life. But what made him feel he had no other action? How does a person become so un-represented in court or official stations of government?

How do a people become divided from their King?

One feels a sense of awe, when in court, be it that of a King, or an overseer of any kind. Yet if the latter is to base their authority on the removal of "Kings" or bloodlines suited to rule, then shan't they also include all the parts of royal court and not just those they choose?

I believe they have forgotten the role of the Jester. The Joker. The Everyman.

Be it known to all, that the modern economic world has laid out in terms of economic arcane knowledge and lending of sums which presumes each landlubber to be the captain of his own ship though it be docked in dry land not of his ownership, and though he mortgage himself and his family to float in it, they do not fear.

They need to laugh, methinks.

It is the Jester, who speaks for the Grandmothers. It is the voice in the back, the heckler, who is the messiah that you seek.

You see, in the past, The King knew that the people were a cantankerous bunch but if you made them feel represented and if you fed them (most of the time), they'd leave you alone, as King. So also, the people knew that the King lived in the castle, and had common people serving him food daily and so in this dramatic dance, the two parties had a common friend, The Jester.

When court was happening, the King would sit and listen to the news of the day (Sun's rising and Sun's declining) and during this time, the people would file in and the King would hear their cases which had been promoted within the Kingdom to be worthy of His Majesty's time.

This was the moment where the poor old man and woman remove their headcoverings and perhaps kneel face down before the King. It is up to the King, to make them feel comfortable. Their job is to lie face down before the power of the Sun, the Day, which is what it meant to be King, back then. Their job was to weep, at the beauty of the King and Queen. and so they did.

But it was the Good King, who understood the Jester, and promoted him to the position which really brought justice and common language to the people of Earth. The Jester was promoted in the back of the room, to mock anyone who came into court and felt a bit puffed up --and that included the King. This was the value of the Jester. He made the people realize that the King loved them, because they all wanted to laugh, and the old man and woman would go home and speak of how they stood before the King and Queen "--but the Jester was really the whole show!"

Yes, this I know, was the way it was. The Good King promotes the Jester in his court. Now the upside to this is that funny people could attain a good life for themselves and their friends, but the downside is that at times, being too much of a smart ass and doing it meanly, for example, can mean that the Jester becomes the entertainment as he is killed. Well, there's always a downside.

Anyway, I have typed this stream of thought without a single correction because I felt it important to describe a way in which the USA could become different overnight, and that would be to re-introduce the positon of "Court Jester" to every county, civil and uncivil and every damn court in the USA, immediately.

What this would accomplish is to blow the freshest sort of wind, into institutions that thrive in vacuums and staleness. A court Jester, allowed to mock the proceedings, would make every daily court worth watching. Listen to me very carefully. If you do what I am proposing here, and make the courts of today as close to the courts of the Good King of ye olden tymes, then you will never need another movie or TV show for the rest of your lives. The resulting entertainment from allowing a Jester to be ridiculing the proceedings and being generally contemptuous of court (but not tooo contemptuous!) would immediately create such a spectacle as has never been seen on Earth. All your courts would become lively and flowing with reality, much like the gatherings which people have at Thanksgiving and so on, in their own homes, at their own "Court of Family", there is always a Jester, who will put the King and Queen in their place, so to speak. I am mixing my metaphors and tilting at windmills, but you'll forgive a crazy man, I assume.

Now please picture with me, that you are sitting in traffic court, feeling the pervasive fear which they cultivate there, and all of a sudden, from the corner of the room, you hear a funny jester's rattle. It is from Grandma, who like many Americans, was surprised to hear their government needed people to come and make fun of the court, but she lined up right with them. Today is her day, and all she does, as Jester, is rattle the Jester Rattle which makes a funny noise and everyone gets to laugh at her. She knows her place, and she is glad to have it. Before this law, she didn't feel welcome in society. Now, she is loved.

Next week it will be my turn with the rattle. I will be the Jester. The judge doesn't fear me, and he has learned to live with the new law. He knows I have more compassion than Grandma does. I may be sarcastic and funny, but she'd probably actually eat him if she got hungry enough.

So yeah, every court needs a Jester. If there was an actual King on Earth right now, that's the sort of thing I would hope he'd say. Let me know what you think of my suggestion or if there is a conspiracy of fear in court. Thanks.

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posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 10:20 AM
One of my favorites.

It's funny because even when somebody lurks around the Internet and posts brilliant stuff, it means nothing.

No, I mean really, even if my idea above were given to me by some divine inspiration, humans just can't do it.

We're toast. I thought I'd come by and let you know.

But always, the JOKER is wild. The Jester, is a game changer, and I think you know that ATS.

posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 02:01 PM
I really think my idea above, to have a "Jester Rattle" in each court room, and to hand it out to a granny or some other meek person, is the way of the future courts.

Just imagine when some silent bull# wafts up in court and everyone hears the little rattle of the jester rattle. It's like everyone will laugh because lots of times, people know that court is complete horsecrap.

It'll be nice when they restore the jester rattle to the court. That's all you need to do to change court and makeit more human.

That is my point with this thread. Please respond as to the power of the jester, and specifically my idea, that the jester concept be re-introduced to court proceedings of today.


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