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The Theory Of You (and me)

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posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 06:26 PM
reply to post by townio

It would definitely require all of "us" to realize that everything we love, is from us, and everything we hate, is also from "us". Not an easy thing to swallow for sure!

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 06:43 PM

Originally posted by emeraldzeus
reply to post by justsomeboreddude

No, I wish it were insanity, but I think it's just growing pains of becoming more aware that coincidences aren't just coincidences, and our connectivity is far deeper than we imagined.

Without revealing too much pesonal information, there are times when I've experienced great emotional anguish over events in my life. Like clockwork, I will see something on the news, or hear a phrase in a song, or see a simple sign on the highway that gives a simple statement....perhaps an answer or a few words of encouragement that go above and beyond just being "weird". Once I started to notice it, it became more and more prevelant. Then it became common place. Then I started to test the theory. A year or a few years from now, I wonder where this will take me, because the more I discover, the more amazing it gets.

I think you summed it up perfectly there (in bold), although i still keep an open mind

When i bought my first car, i would start seeing loads of cars that were the same make and model as mine. The same can be said of the cars that i later bought, and that of my friends and family.
This wasn't confined to me, the same thing applies to most people i know.
The point is that it was because either myself or someone i knew had that make and model that we noticed the other vehicles - they would have been there - just un-noticed.

Here are my thoughts on 'you and me' :

WARNING - i wrote this a few months back when i was in a 'mental zone of my own' so to speak

I peer into the looking glass and who do i see, me myself and I staring right back at me. But Who is this that i am, who really is this before me I see. Who is is this listening and answering to me, hearing the sound of my voice, though i do not speak, I can hear me and yet you cannot hear me?

I look in the mirror and who do i see, me myself and i staring right back at me. You look familiar but also you do not, who are you? An Imposter, but one that is growing on me.

I see you now, there's no hiding now. Could it really be, that you are actually me, me is in fact you?. If the world is the mirror, then am i the reflection? You who i see before me now, are you just a projection of those reflections - that are me, you, Myself and I?

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posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 07:54 PM
reply to post by emeraldzeus


I can't find the thread I actually wanted to show you. It has a post of mine there where I talked about our thoughts being perfectly orchestrated with television, commercials, ads, radio, music, signs, peoples conversations, etc... What I find most appealing about your thread is that you are having the "EXACT" same experience that I went through in relation to the body and television stuff. It is so amazing, yet so odd! Many will classify your experience as Delusions of Grandeur. Don't listen to them, they don't understand what you are going through. I believe from another thread, you have said you are military, or ex-military. Brace yourself for the experience of a life time. What you are going through is a super heightened hyper sensitive experience, and it will take you into the spiritual.

My friend, be careful! The reason I heed warning is that you are obviously in a heightened state, and will become super sensitive. Please take the time to review my posts in the threads I have listed below. They are solely meant for you OP.

Your experience is going to escalate, and you will begin to notice much much more. Soon, not only will you receive these messages generated directly at "you" from the television and other applicable sources, you will also begin to notice other people's connections directly to you, physically, mentally, telepathically, spiritually, etc... You will experience a true oneness. I am very happy that you are spiritual, and have a christian sense. This is where I will tell you about going super sensitive, and all-seeing-eye, and sensing another spiritual "realm". You probably are going to see, hear, and experience many "spirits' and entities. One which you may have heard of is the devil, or demons. If they know you are spiritually heightened, they will torment you; and I am speaking God's truth. I have already experienced it and I only tell you so when it happens, "because it will", you will be expecting it already. Brace yourself!

Now, I know it is all about you! I know where you are coming from, and where you are going. I know what you will go through. Please, allow me to give you some of my wisdom, and may it guide your feet.

I posted something about my heightened experience here that I want you to look at.

Our thoughts and entities: On my Bizarre Abduction Experience thread:'

Strange Abilities Thread:

Seen Demons:

My Jesus and Godly experiences:

Stuff on Our thoughts and Inner voice(s): All on, who's speaking when we are thinking thread:

I wish you well. If you ever have a problem, please feel free to contact me. Remember, and believe me when I say, "I Know EXACTLY, exactly, what you are experiencing."

Peace be with you brother, and godspeed.

May God guide you through this amazing and unique experience.


posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 07:57 PM
reply to post by MCoG1980

That's a great poem, or post that you made. Very much a truth. That is a extremely tough zone to be in.

Everybody else remains in their zone, as you and I do in our own as well, I guess they can't tell. Is it you, or me, or them, and I, I know that guy, it's her and it is I.


I can write like that all day, but i think that will drive everyone nutz!

Peace Out!

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 10:51 PM
reply to post by onehappyangel

Enjoyed the reading, thanks! There's so much more that I DON'T post, because it would just be too revealing and personal.

The dreams, the coincidences, the strange occurances at night (which I have experienced as well, but not in the same manner as yourself), among other things, are really driving me nuts, because I know I'm not imagining these things. I have never considered myself an abductee, but there are clearly some things I cannot explain.

A very simple, funny, yet almost scary "test" I did on the "signs" being everywhere was with my spouse one day in the car as we were driving. I revealed this in a joking manner and even suggested we try it. So I said, "ask any question that you want an answer to". So the question was half in jest, "OK, how much money will we win in the lottery?" (We normally don't play the lottery, so this was funny in and of itself.) As we drove, I stated that the answers would be obvious. Sure enough, just a few seconds later, a massive billboard with a simple $1 on it was the only thing in site. Oh boy, we laughed at that one! But then things got serious as the next billboard came up. As God is my witness, it said, "Stop reading billboards." Well, that freaked us both out. I'll add that we were out of town, driving on roads we had never been on before, and I've never seen billboards like those before, or since.

There have been COUNTLESS times, especially recently, when I've watched the news, and suddenly the correspondant or main pesonality changes the dialog and talks directly into the camera using the word "you", as if they are speaking directly to me. Now, this is nothing new, and is a common technique. However, the things that are said "to me" have been extremely startling at times. While I can't relate exact details, rest assured that these instances have far outweighed the above story I related about the billboards. As I said earlier, it goes above and beyond mere coincidence when it happens continually.

I never had frightful experiences in my dreams or in a dreamstate, except in one residence which needed to be blessed by clergy, since the entire neighborhood was talking about similar experiences with ghosts and/or ghostly occurences. But I have had highly abnormal "experiences" that were localized in one particular geographic area. Never happened before, and hasn't happened since. This was on a military base. Now, I'm not implying that the military had anything to do with it, as I've lived on many military bases without those experiences happening...I'm just stating that these experiences only happened in this location.

So for what's it's worth....

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 11:59 AM
reply to post by emeraldzeus

Great post and I would definitely advise you to check out any information you can find on Dimethyltryptamine ('___') and astral projection.

'___' is our doorway into the higher dimensions and most people don't even know that that doorway is there.

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 02:20 PM
reply to post by emeraldzeus

Well thanks for the excellent read. I sure hope that you will continue to post here as your experiences progress.

I believe that more and more people are going to experience that which you are going through. it might just have something to do with the evolution of our conciousness, or perhaps we are nearing some sort of phenomena such as enlightenment. I'm not 100% sure exactly what has been happening, and that's the most honest answer that I can give; but, I know it is happening (the thoughts, the questions, the answers, the occurences that are not coincidental.)

I'm sure all the answers that we seek will be revealed in due time.

Take Care


posted on Apr, 25 2009 @ 02:11 PM
6.7 billion different worlds, sure. It's not the first time that thought has been uttered.

Listen to the lyrics in the bridge:

But that doesn't mean we make our worlds. Otherwise every world would differ greatly in its external elements. And they don't really, do they? They've all got elephants in them, all elephants look pretty much the same and the never fly except on on record covers. It doesn't matter whether elephants are explained differently in every world; they're still the same elephants.

So no, your bowel movements don't create toxic industrial spills, though it might feel like that after a strong curry.

posted on May, 18 2009 @ 08:17 AM
Dang you beat me to the gun... when i was a kid people would always talk about parallel universes and i thought what if every THING on this world with enough intuition to recognize its surroundings had its very own universe . everyones is different and maybe a whole new world compared to yours is like the definition of maybe a circle is so much different looking feeling and meaning are all different but in your own world it all just converts back to your own universe.

But something against this theory is what would happen to the universe if the person would to die. does that mean that its the end of the universe and everything in it . that would conclude you me and everyone you know has been destroyed millions of times in their own realities. I know its hard to understand but i just thought of the second paragraph and im baffled if this were to be true. Think of yourself being killed millions of times all in a big explosion or just the world going blank to you in all of your universes.... but anyways great post

posted on May, 19 2009 @ 12:20 AM
The following is in response to the OP:

I have heard a lot about the "you create your own reality" stuff lately. I love the way you explained it. I was thinking really hard about how, if each person created his or her own reality, would that work with 6 billion people in the world doing the same. for example, i want to create the reality that i am super rich. but it doesnt mesh with the other 5999999999 realities out there so that never somes to fruition. if was you say is in fact the case, then if everyone worked on creating their own reality, humanity would be a lot happier on the whole

posted on Apr, 20 2011 @ 12:42 AM
tonight i have been stalking ATS for threads like this one. What you are describing is what is called "universal mind" and i think that it may be exactly what we are all experiancing. there isnt much about it on the internet that i have found but i do have some links saved. here is a good essay i found, digging into this thought!

Universal mind

lets talk more about this. i love this idea and way of thinking. i think that Princeton university's global consciousness project (google it) may be proof of a universal mind?

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