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Is Kari Byron Pregnant?

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posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 07:43 AM
The perfect combination of beauty and brains culminates within a single woman on the discovery channel. This dreamy redhead captivates the hearts of Mythbusters fans and then dazzles them with the pure intoxication that only science combined with high explosives can deliver. But are the adoring fans of this braniac beauty to soon be crushed?

In the latest episode of Mythbusters, I noticed something about the vixenous Kari. Loose clothes, this is a dead giveaway for a beauty with a bun in the oven. Also I notice something about her neck that always has given me the intuition to know when a woman is pregnant. Could my hunch be true?

Also notice in this episode quite a few more head up shots on Kari than typical. A TV trick used recently to hide the fact the Law and Order Star Mariska Hargitay was pregnant.

Are our collective geeky Mythbusting hearts about to be broken? Is Kari with child?

It appears that this myth is confirmed...

"Guess which one of us is actually pregnant?" fellow "Build Team" member Grant Imahara asked in a video released on the show's Discovery Channel website.

"That's right! I'm busting myths for two now!" Byron announced as Imahara and third "Build Team" member Tory Belleci removed fake pregnant bellies from under their shirts.


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