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Image Analysis Requested (please)

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posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 09:22 PM
Ok, I really don't like how I'm going to start this thread off here, but I cannot hold off any longer. I have a handful of photos and one movie of a daytime "sighting" I had on March 21st of this year, and I have been trying to figure out what the heck to do with/about them. First and foremost - I apologize for the length (lack thereof) and the simple fact that I am literally hurrying this post. I have been waiting to pick my parents up from the airport all afternoon, and I now finally have to leave within the next 5-10 minutes

However, I am on the west coast, and I want to try and get this up before the east coastees hit the hay. Here's the scoop:

On the day in question (3/21/09), I was smoking a cigerette outside on the pool deck, when I jumped outta my seat due to a pesky bee 'attack' (note-anything involving bees buzzing in my proximity warrants such a response, as I am rather allergic to them/their sting). I was standing half/half of in the shadow of the overhanging roof and the nearly noon-high sun...I'll have to check the pics for the exact time...anyways, I'd heard an airplane seemingly overhead/nearby, and scanned the skies to locate it. When I glanced to the area of the sky nearly directly overhead, I was taken aback naturally by the direct sunlight. However, something caught my eye. BIG TIME. I glanced back up and saw these two objects you see in the 1st picture. Without hesitation, I ran to my room ala Usain Bolt and grabbed my camera, and ran back with equal lack of abandon. I got out there, and managed to capture a handful of images of these.........things. They were bobbing and moving in the sky in such an erratic manner I could barely compose myself. They would move out of my sight occaisionally, only to pop back in seconds later.

It was absolutely the oddest thing describable. Anyways, I lack any form of photo editing software (outside the standard MS Paint and Microsoft Office Picture Manager, which were of little use), and I can't tolerate just sitting on these anymore! Haha, seriously, it's eating me up! What I am hoping to get out of this is perhaps someone with the proper tools to analyze this (with equal curiousity) and chime in with their opinion.

Anyways, I have run this way too long, their flight lands in....oh, 8 minutes! But just for the record, I have spent the last near-month looking through every UFO Report Database, Google search, any and all of it-simply for something matching the description or having a similar photograph. I have found nada. This spiked my curiousity even more, to the extent that I am rushing this post: both hoping the picture will pique some interest, and hoping ya'll can forgive me for such a lack of detail re: the sighting. I assure you that when I return home from this, I will get back on here and continue/expand the story behind these pics.

I am including 2 pictures at the moment. These are so very, very real that I have had reservations about showing it to ANYBODY. I fear that doing so without placing a Copywrite literally ON the picture, I could be making a costly mistake. Again, I saw these with my own 2 eyes, at which point I didn't have my camera. (rare these days, I take pics of all kinda odd planes...I live only miles from the Boeing fact, my UFO craze began last year when I started seeing what later turned out to be-and which I'd deduced/identified as UAV's, finding out weeks later that Boeing had 'just been awarded a Govt. contract for building UAVs lol) I have approximately 8-10 pics, and 1 VERY solid movie, which shows them clearly, as well as showing them bobbin' and weavin' about. If anyone can reassure me I'm not costing myself any (potential, yet unlikely) $ by doing so, I'll gladly share it with the folks of my new favorite place.

Be back in a bit...oh, by the way, I live (and this occured in) Mesa, Arizona. The 2 pics I'm attaching are untouched. I look forward to any/all responses!


posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 09:29 PM
Crikey! It does appear that I underestimated the requirements for posting an image on here! I just attempted to upload it to my member account, but I'm still 17 posts shy of having access to my upload space! Hmm...I've never opened an account for this anywhere else, I will try one really quick however. Upon success (hopefully) I will return immediately and edit this post with the promised images.

That's right, I said promised.
I give my word that I will back this claim up with the evidence I claim to possess...if anyone knows any other possible route please feel free to u2u me at any point.

Thanks again folks, I feel like a real boob for posting that before coming to realize all this! If I could, I'd post a Chris Farley pic grabbing his hair goin' "Stupid! Stupid!"

***EDIT: SUCCESS! Luckily my lil' sister was home and I musta caught her on a good day, because she actually offered to help me out! (And go pick them up @ the airport) Anyways, without furthur adieu...

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Ok, here 'tis....if the quality seems poor, perhaps I did/didn't do something I was supposed to in the uploading/etc. process. If that happens to be the case, any pointers would be most appreciated.

Thanks again!

[edit on 19-4-2009 by Birdman Jr.]

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 09:37 PM
You could always post them on a photo sharing site like At least until you get enough points to upload pictures.

Cause we all know, the only people with photos to post are current members. No one new would ever make an account just to post pictures of an encounter....deny ignorance?

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 09:51 PM
ATS media doesn't have a post limit does it?

Just make sure you post the original, unedited copy of the photos wherever you upload them.

If you are worried about copyright U2U myself or someone else first the links to your images and it isn't hard to add a watermark to the image, although if you are willing to go without, it is better for the photo analysts to have the original image.

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 10:31 PM
Glad to see the pictures are up!

They strike me as those 'Rod(s)' that were all the rage a few years back, even seems to have the "multi-winged" sides.

I look forward to the other opinions of the members. And I wait, with anticipation, for more table scraps

On a final note, even if it turns out to not be a true UFO. I want to say, great quality of picture! No little blurry pinprick of light, or some blurry black blob. A++ for clearness!

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 10:51 PM
Something else is in the picture. I just darkened one of them up and right next to the roof line there is one fairly visible white dot with 2 others, but you have to really zoom in. I've definitely seen those before. Check my media profile I've got a few video's of those. I found a picture of one that someone on google earth had found. They are white globes with light tails...probably Ionic.

None of it is alien, they don't exist, but they sure throw people off. It is likely with your location that you witnessed a top secret vehicle of some sort.

Good job.


posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 11:37 PM
My not so expert opinion is that they are reflections off strands of spider silk, or maybe some other fine thread. Spider silk reflections look a lot like this. Unless they did anything weird, that's probably what they are.

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 11:50 PM
Interesting pictures, and thanks for sharing.

It's hard for me to say anything, even though the pictures are good quality, there isn't really a point of reference (ex: tree, et c) to judge the size and other details of the object.

But there are a few things you can rule out in my opinion, and these are: helicopters, swamp gas, weather balloons, and the flying dutchman.

Anyways, thanks for sharing, and if you get a chance, post the rest of the pictures.


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