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Susan Boyle...the world is crying a river over you

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posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 12:13 PM
This woman has touched so many so deeply. I cant listen to her without crying.

She is taking the world by storm and deserves too. We deserve this hope also so I want to thank her for all this.

Here is her singing "Cry me a River" recorded in 1999.

Her voice is haunting in this song and you can feel her so deeply. Bravo Susan Boyle. Your beautiful inside and out.

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posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 07:00 PM
Looks like this thread died a lonely death. :shk: All except my little buddy that stared it. She is just so sweet. I just know it was her.

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posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 09:03 PM
What a song man! I love it, although it is hard to believe its her singing the song. I love that type of music. Good dinner music.

posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 08:48 PM
The funny thing is that if she was a moderately attractive woman, she would probobly be only considered an average singer at best. Her voice isn't any better than any other singer that has put in the amount of work she has.

People are just surprised to see that voice come out of that face. Not to take anything away from her talent, but it amazes me that people are amazed by her. It showcases the ignorance of people when they assume an ugly person can't have any quality talents. When people are suprised by her voice, it shows how superficial we all are, and that our preconcieved notions of unattractive people are so ingrained that we are genuinly brought to tears to see something different from the norm.

Want to see someone who has truly overcome adversity? This guy has probobly gone through much harder times than Susan Boyle. His name is Kyle Maynard, and he had the cojones to get into the MMA ring with professional fighters. Why such a big deal? Watch and find out.

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