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Mom: Video adds more pain

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posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 05:59 PM
reply to post by Sonya610

I can not speak for others in this thread, only for myself, so you will have to ask the others individually.

You would be right there, i have never done that. If i go out to a restaurant or bar i'm there to have a good time and enjoy myself and believe me that doesn't consist of discussing my job, my boss, my ex, etc. I am just of the belief that there are certain things that you do not discuss in public, as there are certain things that i do not wish to have to listen to others discuss while in public.

He wasn't crucified, he's on paid leave. Sure there's some public outcry over it, but no crucifixtion yet.

Maybe you should reread my posts the meaning seems to have been lost on you. I did not judge him harshly. I know full well what LEO's see every day and that it's hard to deal with. However when he needs to vent it should not be in a public setting. The public can not place trust in an officer that they see behaving and speaking like this in public, especially when they are joking about they way someone died, and the mother's reaction to seeing her dead child. He is a public servant and as such must use a little decorum when discussing things of this nature, especially in public. That type of behavior in public will cause the public to lose respect for and trust in LEO's.

I wouldn't say anything behind my bosses back that i wouldn't say to his face. If i did i damn sure wouldn't say it in a public bar, especially in this day and age when everybody has a video camera in their cell phone just looking for something to plaster on you tube. I, unlike that officer don't have to worry about what the public thinks about my comments or my behavior as i am not a public servant, he is. Maybe he should have thought about that before he started jackin his jaw.

And quite honestly my main concern is not what he said, but rather, wether or not he was in possesion of his firearm while in that druken state.

I have never proclaimed to be special, a saint, or superior, i just expect an LEO to keep his venting out of the public eye. YOU may want to take a good look at YOUR own posts before YOU start accusing people of proclaiming to be superior.

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 06:37 AM
Thanks to the few who kept this on-topic : the cop was unprofessional and in bad-taste discussing this...

just as a doctor who did the same thing discussing your own mother's surgery and her organs flinching as she died.

He is a moron, who I am glad has been suspended off the force.

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 10:12 PM
reply to post by suzque66

I find death funny. I'm sure most do. But this case is probably not good to laugh at.

Of course, being a veteran of fake wars on video games, I periodically laugh at how corpses land and dance the dance of death. It's funny when a leg separates from the limb and goes flying and hits another enemy, killing him.

That's funny to me.

But when it's real life, that's different.

Of course, he is on his own time. He's in a relaxing time, and probably drunk. So why is it expected he would be honorable?

Drunk and honorable are not interlocked.

When exactly does one stay honorable and well behaved when drunk? That's probably insult to the cop. Drugged, how else would he act?

[edit on 21-4-2009 by Gorman91]

posted on Apr, 23 2009 @ 05:46 AM
reply to post by suzque66

"We are not responsible for this guy's mental status ..if he cannot handle his job, he can get help or quit. simple.

like I said..unprofessional, childish and moronic. "

Spoken like a truely inexperienced know-it-all individual...

However you would probably be one of the first people saying "How could this happen???" When this cop holds everything in for a couple years then turns from a good cop (no evidence to show that he is not) to a cop that disrepects the public to the point of abuse and/or has questionable uses of force!

posted on Apr, 23 2009 @ 07:13 AM
I am sure many would think of me as a sick individual for my thoughts. But I don’t really care what most think either.

Personally I do not see the cop as doing something wrong. Maybe he did it at the wrong time though. We could say he did it at the wrong time because he was in a bar and drinking? I have yet to meet anyone that can drink enough to get a buzz and not start doing a few things that others might find “off color” or “out of place”. Some get boastful, others just loosen up a bit and might dance, some just tell jokes they normally would but in better suited places. I am not saying he was drunk but that is possible and if so he certainly was not thinking straight. To repeat another poster honor and drunkenness does not go together they never have. To think someone will act as a perfect model when drinking or drunk is ignorant to say the least.

As for the gallows humor, what of it? Oh boo freaking hoo someone was joking about a stressful area of their life, God forbid if people try to relax a bit and relieve stress. This whole PC thing has gone way too far. Again he could have done better with where he was talking about it, but let’s not forget he was in a bar. I already discussed why he might have been talking about it in a bar. If you cannot figure that out by now maybe you are trying to see a shiny world that is not there.

I often find death and injury humorous. But only if those are due to situations that people place themselves in that they could have avoided. For example this guy made the choice to live a life on the streets and hang with thugs. Others jump from perfectly good planes or try to skate board down stairs. I find it funny because they were doing things the average human brain tells us we should not do. It is survival and following that instinct of listening to our mind telling us not to do it that keeps us alive. Disobeying that voice and getting hurt/killed means they should have listened. Darwin awards are some of the funniest deaths out there. I could say I feel bad for the people, but really if they were not stupid they would not be dead. Life is full of choices you either make bad ones and pay the fine or good ones and keep going another day. If you make a choice you know to be stupid maybe you have been listening to the voice telling you not to.

This man’s life style put him in the hands of death. That life style was a choice. Maybe he should have chosen differently.

This cop did nothing wrong, maybe the wrong place to do it, but nothing wrong.

Also where is this idea of all cops being serial killers coming from. The cops did not even kill the guy, his stupidity did.


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