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Roads end then New ones begin

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posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 10:21 AM
White knuckled and cussin' up a storm, my heart dropped as I realized that there was no way I could change the direction of the truck at this point. The black ice that had started the fishtail had thrown me into a complete 360. On the second rotation all that could be seen was the edge of the cliff heading down the side of the mountain. At this point I realized that maybe doin' 80 on a two lane hadn't been the best of idea apparant by my situation. Launching off the side of the cliff at a right angle gave me the impression that I probably wasn't going to walk away from this one. As the truck cleared the cliff, my ultimate destination of a "wonderful" landing strip presented itself in beautiful redwood forest that lay beneath me.

At this point gravity decided to show its true colors as the pit of my stomach was now nicely relocated to the base of my neck. Although looking through glass at the incoming landing really took my mind off it. Last thing I remember: the first branch that broke through the windshield struck me square in the head, and then it went black.

"Am I dreaming?", I thought, as I was standing on an open plain that some how was giving off light. It was almost as if the light was being produced by the plain that I was now standing on. Maybe one hundred yards in diameter and a blackness that encompassed everything around the plain for 360 degrees. A sudden shake of the disk I was now standing in the middle of dropped me to my knees. It was cold to the touch, with a surface that was made of nothing I have ever felt. Just as fast as the shakes began, they immediatly stopped.

Standing up I realized that there was a sweet breaze that had gently lifted the hair on the back of my neck as if to tell me something had changed. Glancing up, I see now that there are what look like stars in every direction. Some of them shimmering, some changing color from blue to red to green. Pondering about what I am seeing, where I am, and if I'm dead or alive. Startled by the sudden apperance of the woman now no more than 10 feet away, I jumped back.

Seconds after we made eye contact, I knew that there was nothing to fear. It was if all fear had left from my mind, my body, and my soul. Wearing what appeared to be a forest green dress that looked to be made from a mixture of cotton and some metalic like material, with flowing red hair waving down both sides of her tall slender figure. With a slightly darker complextion and those eyes...I coulnd't stop looking in her eyes. Bright green in color with a deep persistant glow that cut into your soul. It was like an extreme addiction.

Speaking with a voice that I can only relate to that of a Goddess she said, "It is not your time my child. There are those that have been left behind that still need you for you have not finished that which you promised. Be aware when you return that the thing you call time will not be the same."

As if waking from a vivid dream, I abruptly awoke inside some form of a dwelling. With the sunrise slowly letting light in, next to me I now see is a child. A little girl, maybe all of five, with waving red hair. All that could be felt was love for what I knew was my daughter. Making a loud sigh she was startled awake as I just gazed in awe as she stared back at me. Those eyes....there they green and full of love.

Then she spoke, in the exact same context as I had just heard, "I miss mom". As a tear began to swell with the pain of a lost love.

"Everything will be ok. That's why I'm here" I said as I held her close and embraced her with compassion.

Now I know why I am here.

My purpose

My meaning


Just felt like writing this morning. Sorry for grammer and spelling.



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