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The Greatest Illusion of all time

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posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 01:23 AM
Humanity has lived on the brink of ceasing to exist for decades, and yet, nobody seems to understand how and why we, as supposed moral humans cannot fix our problems all by ourselves. When we were born, we were taught right and wrong by our parents, only to go out into the world where everything that we grew up knowing, now ceased to exist amongst us! As a society, we were taught to accept war, famine, death, and tolerence. What we weren't ready to deal with was just who was behind all of what we were taught, and why did they want to continuously keep us torn down as a people? I myself was always taught that if you worked hard, you would get that next promotion at work! But, it doesn't always work out like that now does it? Then, I have seen people get taken to jail, tried and convicted, all because another person swore out lies and a judge and or jury believed the lies. I remember the last job I had, this company I worked for had college professors come around and give seminars about how to keep your fellow employee mad at you, which would increase his or her work performance, thus increase productivity! Now how insane is that? What is it that makes humans so greedy, so deviously minded, so corrupt, and so destructive? Why does mankind say they want peace, and yet go out and build a bigger bomb, or develop a new gun that can kill 100 people with one shot? Why do our nations leaders say they want to help eradicate aids, and other diseases, and yet they won't let people choose where they can buy their medicine because it's cheaper? Is there a much larger than life figure running things that even the most sophisticated and intelligent
human can't detect its' presence? Well, the greatest illusion of all time has been pulled on all of us people here on planet earth, and this makes the joke on all of us. That illusion is that we humanoids fell prey to one of the most massive labotamies that has ever been given to any human species. Since reaching adulthood, what is wrong is now right, what is down is now up, and what is good is now bad! Let's take killing for example. Now, killing is against the law, yet our gov't does it with vaccines, packaged food preservatives, abortion, and sending our kids off to die in senseless wars! Now let's take child molestation. It's against the law to sexually abuse a child, and yet a parent can sign to allow her daughter to get married at age 14 if she wants to, and then we all know what happens after that don't we? Lying, now here's a biggie! GW Bush said Iraq had wmd's! Then after being wrong about that, said that we were there to liberate the Iraqi people, then he said, well, saddam tried to kill my daddy! THen he had the audacity to say, "God told him to invade Iraq"! So, 100's of thousands of innocent Iraqi people died because of that man's lies! But that's okay, it was all for a good cause, right? The force driving what I am getting at here is the same force that has driven man for thousands of years. But the problem here is getting the "masses" to believe just who is behind it all. Is it satan? Is it a space alien of some kind? Is it just some sort of weirdo who wants to divide and conquer the world and is using a grand scheme of religion, space aliens, and great stealth to accomplish this feat?
Was there such a person as Jesus? Does God exist? Our ancient predecessors left us irrefutible proof that there was a higher power, and yet many still deny this to this day! Ancient man has shown that they were as smart or smarter than even we are today and this can be proven with the discovery of what was considered to be the world's first computer, the "Antykythera". So, it appears that modern man is not as smart as he thinks he is now is he? I mean, look at Stonehenge, how did they get those stones up there without a crane? See the trend here? With all the science we have today, they still can't tell if the Shroud of Turin is authentic! I have noticed here at ATS, there are many people who feel that there is something strange and sinister happening, but they can't put a rational finger on what's happening, why, and who's behind it all. I have noticed many well thinkers, and others that are well studied in their fields of interests, but when confronted with something outta their element, their confusion comes to the forefront and anger is their next movement. Their walls of comfort have been breached, and they'll do everything they can to prevent being overrun at all costs. This is exactly part of the illusion! What's rational has now become irrational, and what is truth now becomes a lie. But what authority makes one person right and another person wrong? This is a very good question that begs an answer, and the answer to that question is that when one questions authority and what is right or wrong, this act alone proves that there is indeed a "higher" power than we have. Somebody had to be the originator of rightousness and intelligent design. Now, I am not going to argue spirituallity or religion here, I am just allowing the chance for one and all to realize that there is a creator! Now I know some of you are gonna say, well, if this is true, then aren't we all creators? And the answer to that is a flat out NO. Here's why. Our creator, stands alone cause he created everything we see, touch, smell, eat, etc outta nothing. Now, man, while not being a creator, is an "inventer". We take stuff like coal and make steel, we take steel and aluminum and make cars, boats, etc. See what I mean. We never created the natural resources to make the products, but we did use our brain to invent those items. This is the big finish now, and is the strongest of my points. Man has been duped by his own duplications and developed a society that is too far gone towards evildoings. He has used fear, lying, cheating, killing, and stealing as a way of total dominance. The powers that be have created a false paradigm that has sucked the others in soo deep, we as a total people have drawn lines in the sand defending the very ones who have deceived us, which by the way, was the greatest illusion of all, and by deceiving us, they have accomplished the most prolific theft of all times, they stole our very souls!

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 01:26 AM
Bravo, but The New World Order wasn't predicted by the Bible because it also says sex and lust without marriage are immoral. If it said the opposite I can guarantee everyone would embrace it. Remember I said this...

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 02:24 AM
reply to post by thewind

Its quite strange, we have a tonne of people now screaming wake up at others, yet when it comes to any religious viewpoint we hear the same person say that religion is a form of control from the elites. Yet the elites worship and why do they worship? Are they under control or are they aware of the script?

Its amazing that people are all saying "they" decieve, "they" control, "they" want your mind, "they" have created an invisible enemy to keep us in fear.

Who and why?

Who is this invisible enemy really?

Why is speaking about god now a taboo?

Who is really sleeping here?

Its not the people alone that this is against, that would not make sense.

Devil is in the details.......

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posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 02:45 AM
Thanks for your post. I read a lot of my "anti-mankind" rant here

However, don't perceive the world as a bag of crap. We are the result of a silent and tragic war between people who don't know each other, it can be you, it can be me...I explain, I think we all have a "tendency", either to commit murders or to create technology, or to sing, or whatever. The world is a gigantic "karma", and all of our actions good or bad, fight to level the balance between EVIL and GOOD. Once we're too deep in one of those concepts, something happens to make things even.
Am i clear?
I hope you'll find peace of mind. It took me 10 years to see the world with a little sun, instead of with a rainy fog

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 04:45 AM
reply to post by thewind

yuppers, i really don't know what to do with "my life". im 29 and am sick of jerking off. i think i might just ditch work for awhile and get some blowjobs and sex in thailand or something. then my life would be awesome. i am so deprived of women. i need a hair cut.

american women are such spoiled brats. i hate them.

soon, all the world will be enslaved and then killed off this way or that. don't matter. it will happen by 2020. all that 2013 crap is just a ditraction to get everybody to go along with the new world order and their in inevitable extermination. probably starved or wars.

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 06:24 AM

Originally posted by thewind
But what authority makes one person right and another person wrong?

That's exactly the question that bothered me for the last year. First i thought, as yourself, that it is god or some superiority in abilities, a big brain, spirituality or similar things.

But that does not fit to the "facts". For example: We believe in the stupid newspapers, who, in most cases, write superficial and selective. They write about all sorts of trash, celebrities, cruel incidents like bloody murderers etc. But no official newspaper writes about the grand problems, worldhunger or the fact, that millions of people work their whole lives all day long but end up with no money but broken hopes and bodies. While some other bank managers do nothing but fraud and earn piles of gold.

With one word, the major newspapers never criticize the system, instead they avoid to criticize the system. But why do we still believe, that the function of the press is to question the system, though we know that they obey the system?

Because of our culture. Our culture tells us, that democracy performs the will of the people and that the newspapers control the government and try to reveal the truths. They teach it at school, these are the maxims of our beliefs about how democracy functions.
But where does this believe come from? The answer is very hard to swallow, at least for me: At some time in history, people invented an ideal how their world should function. People believed in this utopia. They founded newspapers to control the governments, with the best intentions. They wrote the constitution so that the rulers should obey them. People founded the workers' representation, so that the workers have a chance to get fair salaries.

However, in the end it turned out that utopia simply does not function. Corrupt people get power and misuse it. That's easy to grasp. But why in the name of sanity does the people believe in the good will of the masses? Why don't they clearly understand that the newspaper agents don't strive for freedom and truth but for money and power? Why don't they believe, that the government is corrupt and robs the many countries of their freedom and money, out of sheer greed?

The answer is: It' our culture. The belief in the goodness of mankind is one of the maxims of our worldview. Otherwise, if we did not believe in the goodness of mankind, we'd be constantly suspicious of anyone and in the end we could not work together.

What i try to say is, that we base all our actions and contemplations on beliefs and belief systems. And what we call our culture, is simply the belief system on which we ground our decisions. The brain does not work in a different manner.

So what to do? Speculate about god? Blame some NWO? No, i don't think so. We must question ourselves and in what we believe. Do you believe in the good will of all humans? Do you believe in peace or in war, do you believe in freedom or in slavery? And why do we believe in freedom and in peace?
Over all, we must try to perceive reality and not some kind of mental illusion, that is shaped by the greedy news and the corrupt government. Build up our own reality. Reason about our belief systems. Proof and question the system.

That's what i wanted to say. Very nice thread and keep up your independence. Ah, and sorry for my imperfect english, but what the hell needs to be perfect?

edit: the reason why i say, that its purposeless to speculate (about god or NWO) is that you must remain capable of acting. Maybe it's good to build up a counter-power, that functions with different rules. But only when you atill can interact with the system you want to change

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posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 09:54 AM
reply to post by XXXN3O
I began this thread not even having a title. I was ready to go to bed and something struck me to write it. So, I started typing, and not knowing what word was going to be typed next, just kept typing and typing! How strange is that? Then, after about an hour and a half had gone by, I was finished! Boy was my wife glad, for she had been asking for quite some time if I was ready for bed! Well, after finishing what I had written, I went back and actually read it! One thing I noticed real quick was that when I read the thread, it made me think, who are we as a people, what are we doing here, and why, if we are soo smart, can we not as human beings learn to live together and get along! Why is there so much struggle for control over stuff? Money, oil, precious gems, gold, etc. While all that kind of stuff is here, who put it here, and why? Then something hit me that I had already known for years, and it was the fact that I had accepted the fact that there is a higher power than ours! Is it a God? Is it maybe just a force of some kind, invisible, undetectable, untraceable, or is it simply one of the biggest "mind-screwings" of all time?
Many people here on earth have allowed science to be their determining factor when questioning things like the atmosphere, plant life, marine biology, and even physics. Now why is that ya reckon? The same people who use science to answer their own questions when it is relevant to them, reject the same science objectives when it comes to spirituality! Now why is that? I can tell you why, and the answer is so obvious, and I know that even a lot of you readers of this thread are gonna disagree, but you know I speak the truth when I say this. The reason man rejects most everything when it comes to proving or disproving anything to do with God or spirituallity is because he (man), can't control the outcome, nor touch the actual spirit! Man is uncomfortable with anything he can't see, hear, touch or smell! Now, did ya notice that one word there pertaining to man and his ways? That word was "control". Anything man can't control, manipulate or alter, he throws away most of the time and has no use for it. This is where faith comes in! Look at athletes. Watch any player doing an interview after a big victory, and one of the first terms that comes outta their mouths is: Ahhh man, I had faith in my teammate! I knew he was gonna catch that pass, or steal that ball and hit the game-winning basket! I just knew it! Why did that athlete say such a thing now? I can tell you why, he could see his "faith" in action! Now, go outside and look around. See the trees, the flowers, the waters flowing in the creeks and rivers? Hmmm, who makes all of this happen ya reckon? This is where all the scientists use their little brains trying to explain all of nature and how it got here. Well, they can explain the process, but why can't they explain who is making this process work? Remember, behind every action, there is an even greater "reaction"! This applies to man also. You said yourself that we are screaming trying to wake others up, but to what? Somebody who knows the script and how to play it? Somebody who is using religion for their advantage to control us, and they have created an invisible enemy to keep us in fear? Well, you're right on both counts, but they are under demonic control, and they are using religion to gain control over everybody else that they can deceive! I'm not trying to shove God down anybody's throat here, cause I have tried myself many times to prove that there is no such thing as God even after I was saved, and I couldn't! Man has proven that dinosaurs were on earth, and even cavemen, and yet the proof is there citing the authenticity of Jesus walking the planet too, but they wanna deny this, and all because they can't touch him(Jesus)! It is well recorded history that when jerusalem was sacked in 70ad by the romans that there were more than 6000 scrolls in the library of that town, and only about 600+ were saved from being burnt. Man will believe anything if it will gain him wealth, power and control, but offer him truth, honesty, and love, and he'll reject it quicker than one can spit! This is because "Lucifer" is the God of this world, and the bible specifically says this too. One scripture stands out alone and explains this fully. It's in 2nd Corinthians, chapter 4, verse 4, and the opening line to the verse says " And the God of this world". Well now, if God hasn't set up his kingdom on earth yet, and Jesus hasn't returned yet, then who does that leave as the "God" of this world? Well, the bible says that God cast satan and his followers outta heaven after lucifers' great rebellion down to earth! So I guess that would make satan the god of this world then wouldn't it? I can honestly say that I wrote this thread under the influence of the "Holy Ghost" because I didn't know what the next word was going to be as I typed it all down. I just typed. Now you fine people can believe what ya like, but the global elite are driven by a force that is demonically driven. Ya'll can laugh at it, embrace it, whatever ya like, but the facts remain that satan is in control until Jesus comes back, but we as a people can do something about it if we will. That's why God has no time clock. It won't be an easy task, but we can get the job done if we all just work together!

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