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Jackie Chan Says 'Chinese Need to Be Controlled'

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posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 01:56 AM
reply to post by pluckynoonez

He was programmed to think that way. How is it his fault? You can take a man out of China, but you cannot take the China out of a man. 5,000 years is a long time, a long, long, time (my Obe Wan Kanobie-fade).

Granted, Oh Wise One, (lol), but if anyone should fight for human rights and freedom it's J.C.

He's lived the American Dream.
He came here as an immigrant.
He left because he couldn’t *make it* to return to China, then came back 15 years later to *make it big*.

But -

He lived the American Dream.

And then to shoot it down?

bad on him big time in my opinion...

(Bows out of the conversation without turning my back)


posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 02:21 AM

Pluhease to suck cash and fame off the Americans',

Yes, he does. Just like every other entertainer out there.
You really think he does anything that entitles him to the millions he makes?
I don’t.
I don’t believe any entertainer or sports idol deserves the MILLIONS they get - for plying their trade.

Look at the professions honest hard working nose to the grindstone people have - where day in and day out they do their rotten job - for what? A pitance and maybe a week off a year. Do they get limelight and fame and millions? No.
The garbage man who picks up your waste - he deserved a hell of a lot more than a gymnastic little man who flips around on film like a monkey.

Guess what he is still going to make more money off Americans....why because most americans couldn' give a rats ass about what he says.

Yes, sad isn’t it when a movie idol can spout pure BS and everyone of his fans still kisses his hind end but your neighbor gives an honest opinion and is attacked for it.

I'm still going to see his movies.

Good for you. That’s some of the freedom you have isn’t it? You can go out and see his movie as they’re not censored where you live. Yeah freedom, who’d a thunk...

Also I assume you know nothing of Chinese culture, you may understand his remarks a bit more and it's not about the stupid simplistic view....

Assuming now are you. There goes any credibilty you might have had. You know nothing of what I know or don’t know of other cultures so I suggest if your stay here at ATS is going to peaceable and long you drop the assuming now.

gee well they're communist. Try living there and seeing what china is really about... instead of worshipping a few sound bites.

The question is - you speak like you know.
Do you?
Or are you spouting something you’ve read?

instead of worshipping a few sound bites.

Who said anything about *worshiping* the man?
THat's just too funny.
Talk about assuming and going on about something you have no clue about.
I said I was disappointed.
That’s hardly worship.
Thanks for my laugh of the day.

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 02:26 AM

Originally posted by dominicus
In a sense, philosophically he's right. If you give a society 100% freedom with no rules, you'll eventually get chaos like Lord of the Flies. Give people not enough and there will be organized revolution. There is a fine balance.

Of course it seems as if he was influenced by China to say that. I'm just saying philosophically he's right

[edit on 18-4-2009 by dominicus]


The Lord of the Flies pertained to children. Are you saying that rational adults need to be controlled as though they are children, unable to make rational choices for their own lives?

Give society 100% freedom with no rules = chaos? How do you know? Show the historical society where this has occured! Provide proof that a society of rational adults making their own choices and decisions without influence of government has existed and proven to not work!

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 02:32 AM
reply to post by silo13

I think, although I'm only guessing, that JC may be refering to the complete lack of regulation that the new 'captalism' has brought to China.

Did you know you can purchase a factory there for a few thousand bucks? Add a few hundred poorly paid workers, grease the palms of a few government officials, kick the original inhabitants off the land, and you're on your way.

No-one seems to give a damn how much industrial effluence you dump into the rivers - just as long as the bucks keep rolling in....

Ah, yes. Good 'ol industrialisation.... ain't it grand?


posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 02:39 AM
reply to post by jimbo999

I think, although I'm only guessing, that JC may be refering to the complete lack of regulation that the new 'captalism' has brought to China.

If that's what he's referring to then I hope he'll come out with a statement over the next few days.
He's been pretty quiet since he hit the headlines with his comments though...

And you may be perfectly correct - I'll just hope and hope some more he follows up with a statement clarifying his remarks and explaining himself comment.

I'll also try to keep in mind (if he does) that thought it may be a publicity repair work, a little spin put out after the damage - that his intentions are good.

Thanks for the post, it's always good to *talk* to people with different views or open minds without taking cheap shots and name calling.

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 03:38 AM
I guess Jackie Chan's real meaning of "control" is management and discipline which are important to China.

[edit on 19-4-2009 by gs001]

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 04:24 AM

Originally posted by logician magician

Anarchy never works, and control is measured.

Are you telling the truth?

If you are, please provide us some examples of strictly anarchist societies and cultures that 'never' worked out.

There must be so many failed anarchist societies.... Post just three examples.

Thanks in advance.

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 09:34 AM
I think what Jackie's getting at is that the mind benefits from being checked. A lot of people view freedom as doing anything without restraint. Most of the social perversions have come about because people progressed from one degeneracy to the next in the guise of freedom. We all benefit from being corrected at time.

We each operate from a "plane" of consciousness and from that plane there are certain freedoms and certain restrictions. Serial murderers, for example, really don't belong in a human form. They can best express their nature by loosing human birth so they can be reborn in the form of a predator of some kind and more freely express those inclinations towards exhaustion. Checking the mind is a good thing. Authority can be a good thing. But, as we know authority can also be a very bad thing. How to have noble authority that cultivates virtue yet maintains the proper tolerance for individuals karmic conditions and rights is the elusive goal of a republic I would say. Total "Freedom" is chaos for sure. The problem with the NWO for example is that they would not recognize the natural laws and have violated them throughout their existence.

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 10:29 AM
Even with all that so-called "freedom" that America enjoys.. that a look at the prison population. Then imagine anarchy....

BTW, Freedom is mental perception. Culture plays a great part.

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 10:40 AM
I get a little frustrated when I see some of the ignorant responses on here. Let 1.2 Billion people go do what they want... that's a 6th of the world, with more technology, and more brains than you. Not smart. Chinese need to be kept in check.. or soon your GM owner that's signing your paychecks' last name is going to CHUNG, and you'll be layed off as soon as his cousin makes it over the border.

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 10:41 AM
He sure made a lot of money in the West ... with his FREEDOM. :shk:

If he really feels that way then he should write the Chinese gov't a check for every last dime he FREELY made in the west and he should put his money where his mouth is ... go live in China and make only films there that the Chinese gov't approves of.

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 10:53 AM
Jackie seems to be voicing a lot of Americans feeling on the matter also.

Since Obama took office the Federal government has controlled the American people with little or no resistance. Promises made to the common people have been broken, and federal spending has been without listening to the common people.

Then a small group of common people decide to voice their opinion on the federal out of control spending in unison on Tax Day, and they are labeled as racists by the media and another group of common people, and potential terrorists by the Federal government.

Now President Obama is forming a Federally funded volunteer-for-payment organization to control even a larger proportion of the common people through both greed and fear. Either you comply voluntarily to Obama's plans and get paid for your service, or you comply through fear of being reported by one of his volunteers and be labeled a potential terrorist by the Dept of Homeland Security.

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 11:48 AM
reply to post by silo13

I agree with him, not everyone is ready for freedom, and if countries like china are ever ready they will stand up for it and get it.

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 12:31 PM

Originally posted by silo13

Jackie Chan Says 'Chinese Need to Be Controlled'

The 55-year-old Hong Kong actor was participating in a panel at the annual Boao Forum when he was asked to discuss censorship and restrictions on filmmakers in China. He expanded his comments to include society.
"I'm not sure if it's good to have freedom or not," Chan said. "I'm really confused now. If you're too free, you're like the way Hong Kong is now. It's very chaotic. Taiwan is also chaotic."
Chan added: "I'm gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled. If we're not being controlled, we'll just do what we want."
(visit the link for the full news article)


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Mod Edit: fixed Headline.

[edit on 4/18/2009 by JacKatMtn]

Of course i want to be "free" as well as you all. But jackie chan is RIGHT. We must be controlled, with 6.5 billions people, there is no other way. People are all different, and if you give them total freedom, you will see that "compassion", "solidarity" and "love" are only words. We are all different, some seek for a "happy" life (the stupidest way to live IMO), others seek the good of others (does this "kind" of ppl still exist without having personal interests?), some others want to dominate and be the top above the others, and a lot more. If you give total freedom to human, you can be sure it will irreparably bring dictatorship, PLUS, without our governments of today, it would be chaotic as he says, human is unable to coexist with something different from him, if he is not limited by some rules and laws, humans are barbarous creatures. The crazy "pros-freedom" are a bunch of dumb that cannot think far ahead, and are irrealistics. And these, with their illusion life are already doomed.

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 01:25 PM

Originally posted by Alora
I say this with respect and curiosity only: has anyone here ever been to China?

Maybe he has a point and just worded it too bluntly. The merchandise: how many recalls have we had in just the past few years from items from China? Not just because they didn't work, but because they were toxic in one form or another.

Do you have any idea what the balance of trade has been like between China and the US? Do you have any idea how this balance of trade had the potential to undermine the $US? Do you understand the lengths that the US will go to protect its currency?

While I might be generalizing here - but ONLY people in the US would actually believe the lies and dirty tricks that were used to try and disrupt imports from China as having any basis in reality.

Surely - just the AIR-TIME on your propaganda media should have lead you to understand what was actually happening?

China was being cleverly attacked by agents (almost certainly CIA) from the US who wanted US citizens to STOP BUYING CHINESE goods.

The fact that supposedly AWARE people on this forum can overlook such an obvious ploy - well, it only reinforces how far under the matrix you are, and how difficult it is for you guys to actually get out of it and understand the truth.

I can tell you some things that are total lies that you are being fed by your media;

1. Iran is a threat and pursuing a nuclear arsenal - LIE
2. North Korea is a threat and has dangerous or expansionist ideals - LIE
3. China is a military threat - LIE
4. Afghanistan is a threat and harbors terrorists - LIE

Whenever you see these things - please - dig deeper, understand why you are being programmed this way.

Here are the real reasons in the same order;

1. Iran is a threat to Israel - whom they hate, and who are an expansionist state who attacked and occupied Palestine illegally - that's why the Arab world hates them - if they get out of Palestine, no-one will threaten them
2. North Korea will not fall under the $US hegemony - nor will it accept a foreign central bank or foreign media - Kim Jong Il KNOWS about the elite globalists, and is resisting them
3. China is a TRADE and ECONOMIC threat - but is peaceful and not expansionist (though it might like to re-unify with Taiwan - it has basically ruled out the use of force to do it)
4. Afghanistan is the source of most of the worlds opium - the Taliban, when in power in 2000 burned the opium crops - cutting supply by 94% - immediately the US responded by sending troops. The CIA run the distribution of opium out of Afghanistan - it is purified offshore, then imported into the US. The WAR ON DRUGS is an operation designed to increase the PRICE of the final product.

Don't believe in what your told - go and find out for yourself - don't believe what I'm saying, go and verify it yourself

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 01:56 PM
reply to post by Amagnon

I’d really like to see you begin a thread about the issues you raised here - specifically the USA (secretly) undermining and sabotaging Chinese import products.
If you do and I miss it please shoot me a U2U would you?

If I could send you an *applause* I would.
Fantastic post.
Thank you for adding to the thread.


posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 02:41 PM
reply to post by Amagnon

How do you know these things? Who/what are your sources? Please provide further information/references/links in support of your claims.

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 02:53 PM

Originally posted by star in a jar
Oh no, no Jackie Chan... No... I too liked his movies... Until now.

How could you think its not good to have freedom, Jackie?

Oh so your definition of freedom means Jackie CANNOT say what he thinks?

China has had a LOT of problems, most of which get hushed up. They do need more control. The baby formula scandal? The pet food scandal? The AIDS problem that arrose when "black market" blood bank dealers were siphoning plasma from the villagers?

And most of it NEVER comes out. All sorts of crazy things go on over there and the government can't begin to control it. Do you think it would be fun to live in a country where you worry that everything you buy could be poisoned? Because that is a BIG concern for many over there.

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 03:33 PM
Well - some people want more info - in reality there's plenty of circumstantial evidence out there - but I may as well start a new thread.

Don't expect any smoking gun style evidence though - no CIA operatives phoned me and told me their story ..

But economic warefare is nothing new. Take for instance the case of where Reagan authorized CIA operatives to supply faulty software to Russia that blew up its gas pipeline to Europe, also there is speculation that faulty software from the US (and payoffs to safety technicians) were the cause of the Chernobyl disaster.

Lets see if I can find a link on that anyhow -

While the Chernobyl connection is only speculation there is some circumstantial evidence - see if I can find a link on it. If it were the result of espionage, the documents are unlikely to be declassified - ever.

This one isn't really a credible source, but the idea is speculative anyhow -

Guess I'll go throw together a thread and some info on my comments above now.

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 03:49 PM
Jackie chan was just giving out random thoughts, what if's, maybe's, this is how ideas are created.

Also he does have half a point, is a country as a whole better off with more control? Is it safer? He's just thinking about it and for good reasons, the way the world is, the problems etc. A lot of thinking should be made.

I don't think I agree with his opinion, but we all think about things every now and again, who cares, he has that right.

There is nothing wrong with thinking about these things.

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