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Don't worry, be happy; coz every little thing, is gunna be alright...

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posted on Apr, 18 2009 @ 10:06 AM
Okay…once again…please forgive me for the “txt chat” format of a lot of this post…I was explaining to a friend using online, instant messaging why there is really no excuse for being unhappy and copied a lot…he is a very unhappy person and has been for a long time…he basically hates the world and says happy people infuriate him because there is no reason to be happy in this world and doing such is self-centered, is “rude” and shows no empathy towards those who suffer…he is quite a mean person and insults me and others frequently…I know most of the people reading this are going to be happy people because of where I have posted it…so we need to get this out there…anyone is free to copy and paste it anywhere…I have been through very depressing stages in my life, but I have moved on…and I have healed…I will not be controlled by hate and anger…letting it waste my life away.

What makes a person unhappy…and how does it affects this world…firstly…why is a person unhappy? It can be for a whole range of reasons…they have gone through hell…people have given them hell…they see what a hellish state the world is in and lose hope…they lack things others have and often take for granted…or a combination of all those things. If you are unhappy because people have treated you badly…and because most of the population is now uncaring and they treat others like crap…you are only adding to the hellish state of this world by being unhappy…and you aren’t making anything better for anyone…so you see…some people suffer and it’s fine to show empathy…but it doesn’t mean being happy is “rude”…should we all just be unhappy…should we all suffer…who shows us empathy then? We should focus on the positive and not the negative…and in doing so work to be happier people…it’s not our fault if things unavoidably make us unhappy…and that’s fine…but we mustn’t become obsessed with the pain and suffering we experience…we must learn to heal with time and move on…we must learn to focus on what we do have and not what we don’t have…no matter how bad the circumstances…

Bullies are some of the most unhappy people there are…they attack others because they are weak…they are easily broken and susceptible to attacks, particularly mental attacks. So they attack others mentally and verbally to stay on top of the game…if they can attack others before they get attacked and make themselves look strong…they are less likely to be attacked…they know that people are scared of bullies and bullies usually group and “gang” bully…it probably also makes them feel better about themselves…it somehow gives them the illusion of strength…but I can guarantee you that these people are the people who cry the most at night. What was that quote…”the bully is the weakest of all”? They are often infuriated by happy people…they just can’t stand happy people…why is this…could it be…they are angry and weak…and deep down…they hate it…they want happiness…they want to feel good…they want to be happy…and when they see people who have what they lack…it infuriates and angers them because they don’t have it?

You say: “I tried to be nice but everyone just attacked me…I'd had enough...I was sick of the pain...I felt...I'd rage against everyone...just to stay inside the safety of my shell...”

No...not fail to see that only the unhappy people treated you like crap...sure...they may have looked happy...but like I bully is happy...they only put on the illusion of strength because they are so weak...while you assumed "everyone" treated you like failed to see the nice, happy and caring people sitting in the background....must u just "attack" them for bullying u? Don’t go down to their level...your just becoming as weak and pathetic as they are...laugh at them...pick your self up...and move on...another brilliant old saying..."the best way to get rid of a bully is to ignore them, the bully only has power if you give it to them". There is ALWAYS help available...not EVERYONE is against you...why let anyone tell you who you are...why let anyone get to you...the only reason those bullies keep going is because it worked on reacted...and it gave them what they affected you...but if you encounter a case where no help is available…you must heal…which I will talk about in a minute…

Happy people don't need to be rude when attacked...only unhappy people will do that to stay on top of the game...when really they are the saddest and most unstable and they stay on top of the game because they are so unstable and susceptible to attack…that's how u can tell when a person is really happy...if u attack them and they don’t need to attack u back...they just laugh or something...and that happiness and inner strength usually angers the unhappy person even people don't just go around being mean for no reason...that's exactly what an unhappy person does...coz they are attacking before they can be attacked and to deter attacks... Happy people still aren’t perfect...but they are a lot more content and happy with who they are and it takes a lot more than sum bully to tell them different and break them down...the whole reason a bully is such a # is coz he's staying on top of the game to protect himself coz he is essentially more unhappy and susceptible to attacks...a happy person doesn't just go around being mean for no reason...they have absolutely no reason to and they enjoy being happy, being around other happy people and making others happy…and the mere fact that they are happy shows they are content with who they are and they don't need to go around putting others down to feel strong and empowered...they already feel that way...if you put others down...u are not happy...

No...I don't consider anything to be insult…rather an act of weakness...whenever someone tries to call me names...all I see is pathetic weakness...I happy person doesn’t feel threatened by verbal attacks because they are happy and content with who they are…and they don’t need to put others down to stay on top of the game and look stronger than they really are.

You might say “most unhappy people just want to establish they aren't going to take being pushed around because they've had enough of it...”

You are essentially establishing that you are weak and breakable and you are making sure you're not going to be broken...the people who attacked you initially were not I said the bully is the weakest of all and they are only doing the same thing...they are attacking and picking on people so they look tough and so that they wont be attacked...coz they are weak...and if they don't act in this way they risk being broken because they are letting down all defenses and they fear letting down all defenses because they are so easily broken. When ever a person is attacking others for no reason or when criticized...they are doing it because deep down they are the weakest…coz attacking is their only defense...they don't have strong shields...their person is weak and their shields easily broken down...

If they break u down...their plan has worked...they have made you weak and therefore they have one less person to worry about...until that person also turns into a bully...but bullies often work see...they have a good system going on... the point is this...whether it's a bully who tries to break u down...or whether it's someone u matter how much they hurt learn to heal...u don't let them scar you...for if u do...the bully has won again...and although the one u trusted might not have intentionally hurt you in order to break you still happens...and u still need to heal...for if you let it scar...and you dwell on this scaring...u obsess over it...and u mope around in a puddle of self-pity feeling sorry for have essentially made your self weaker and u only begin to hurt and attack everyone around you...and u eventually become what u hated so much in the first place…a person who intentionally breaks others down and attacks others to stay on top of the game…you hated them for hurting you…should you now hate your self?

I don't hate my enemies...and that's the point...unhappy people hate their enemies...they can't just forgive them, heal, and see their attacks for what they are...weakness...

These are the points I’m making:

1) If you attack others and are mean for no reason a lot of the time…u are unhappy…
2) If you can't take healthy criticism and harshly react…u are unhappy…
3) If you can't learn to forgive those who have hurt you and learn to heal...u are unhappy...
4) If you can’t learn to heal any sort of pain and instead obsess over it and let it scar…u are unhappy…

because the weak are often hurt so easily by words...they often use harsh words a lot in order to stay on top of the game, thinking it will hurt others just as badly...but when that doesn't work on the happy people who just laugh or whatever...they resort to physical attacks...and the TRULY happy and strong person...will get back up...they will forgive...they will see the weakness and not feel hate but feel sorry for the person...and they will heal...they won't fall into the trap...the trap of the weak...a brilliant system...designed to bring others down so they can't bring u brings them essentially turns you into one of them...and you join their wonder the world is rapidly turning to crap filled with a bunch of's a chain-reaction of a-holes...

I'm not trying to insult and generalize anyone here…I'm merely saying it like I see and what makes perfect sense to me...if you read what I say and you attack me…or get angry...and let it affect you deeply...your defenses are easily breakable...what does that mean? I'm merely giving some healthy criticism in order to help... you think I'm sitting here writing this in an effort to anger people and insult people?

No matter what someone did to me...I would remain strong and positive...I wouldn't let it get me down…but if it did…I certainly wouldn’t become obsessed with it and let it consume my life...I could be just a head in a jar of water like on *insert well know cartoon here* and even not be able to talk, hear, see, speak, feel, smell or taste and still remain a happy person not taking my existence...and my life for granted... I would be happy and positive about the fact that I can THINK. Don't take what you've got for don't know what you've got till it's gone...and existence it's self is a's insane...why isn't there just nothing at all? How did the first life even come about? And how did life ever become so advanced that it started thinking for it's self and became aware of it's own existence...that truly is a rare and amazing thing...and we are truly lucky to even have this gift of experience at all...

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posted on Apr, 18 2009 @ 11:09 AM
I totally agree with you

i think people are so insecure about their own standings that they must feed off of the empowerment they get from dominating others through verbal and mental attacks, its quite pathetic

I have no enemies mainly because i dont get into trouble with anyone, and i am a very likable person,

of course i realize i am a likable person because of a few things:

- The fact that i listen really well
- The fact that i never criticize and always enforce the decision others make
- That i am humorous and i dont mind making fun of myself to get people to laugh, of course this makes me an ample target for people to start making fun of me

I find that the place i get these attacks from are my friends, except they dont do it openly they do it through the guise of "jokes". Its funny how no one will admit that they are not really jokes but personal attacks, mainly because no one likes to admit what they are actually doing and like to tell themselves its just for fun. Yet they get the same feeling of empowerment anyways. In this way its not just open bullies who do it, but almost everyone i would say.

And even though ive realized that they are doing this through jokes ive wondered why i kept reacting the way i always did (by either acting a little upset in a "joking" way or retorting a "joke" back), and ive come to a few conclusions:

- If you dont react and stay quiet then people will always be like, "whats wrong, come on you cant take a joke" or something similar

- I dont take it personally because i know that they need this in order to make themselves feel better and in this way they want my company more because it makes them feel good. Now this has several benefits, first off it keeps them weak and within their insecurity, and so that is one weakness they have that i can always manipulate and extort to my liking if ever the need arises. It keeps them ignorant of themselves meaning i will always be higher and more mature then they are. It creates a deeper connection with the person because they come to rely on me, and makes it easier for me to manipulate them into doing what i want of them. I have been using it as a tool for years and in high school and elementary school i used it to become close friends with the most popular kids in school, which i would never been able to become more popular without (not that i care for or consider popularity important anymore)

- By always being made fun of people will see you as weak and will greatly underestimate you, and if ever needed the element of surprise is a huge advantage in most situations.

I have become really good at reading people's insecurities, and agin i just see it as weakness, and let them do their own thing

now i want to do something more interesting, im going to start calling people out on these "jokes"

im going to show them how its really their subconscious (or conscious) insecurities finding a way to lower themselves

im going to put exactly what people dont want to hear right in their faces and show them how weak they really are

its going to be a lot of fun, because everyone has underestimated me so much, that im going to show them how mature i am compared to them

I think the most interesting thing is going to be to see who reacts badly and who reacts maturely to what i tell them, i think that will be a true test of character

btw whenever people are overly angry i simply and calmly tell them one sentence that usually stops them dead in their tracks

"I dont know why you are so angry, there are kids in Africa who havent eaten for the entire day, have no homes and are going through a war who are happier then you are."

posted on May, 7 2009 @ 03:56 PM
reply to post by CHA0S

I agree, but i think there are more options than just unhappy. People seem to get more agressive by the day. I think they could be conditioned without them really knowing were it comes from and even feel good doing it, or they could simply be lost.
That raises the question if someone can be unhappy and not know it.

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