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Guns: A better buy than stocks

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posted on Apr, 18 2009 @ 01:03 AM
link Guns: A better buy than stocks

Forget stocks and bonds, the real money's in guns.

The Wall Street Journal reports artillery enthusiasts are stocking up on guns and ammo, not necessarily ahead of widespread civil unrest resulting from our ongoing economic swoon, but as an investment. These trigger-happy speculators are betting President Obama will institute a ban on assault rifles, which would crimp supply and send prices, well, shooting up.

For it's part, the Obama administration says it has no plans to enact such legislation and supports the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

During the federal ban on semiautomatic weapons from 1994-2004, prices soared. Recent buying has reached almost a frenzied pitch, creating backlogs for popular models and enabling resellers to list certain guns well above suggested retail prices. AK-47s doubled in price between September 2008 and the end of last year.

Ammo, as well, has become a hot commodity. As one supplier said, "(Ammunition) beats the hell out of money markets and CDs. You can double your investment in ammunition in a year."

Equity investors, too, are betting on Americans arming themselves to the teeth. Smith & Wesson (SWHC), maker of Dirty Harry's weapon of choice -- the .44 Magnum -- has seen its stock jump from around $2 per share to over $6 since Inauguration Day. Still, shares are off around 70% from highs seen as recently as late 2007. Sturm Ruger (RGR), another gun manufacturer, has seen a rise of almost 100% in 2009.

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Notice how news-corporations & government-shills are trying to lead many of their followers to believe that certain gun-owners, who disagree with Barry Soetoro (and his masters) are "trigger-happy extremists". The government is against all of those people, who own guns because they hate them & everyone else, who wants to have guns to protect themselves from tyrants (foreign & domestic) in government.

All gun-owners are not like "Dirty Harry", they're just smart enough to know that we are safer when we stay armed in this world of criminal-organizations.

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posted on Apr, 18 2009 @ 01:43 AM
reply to post by News And History

Something tells me you might get a response or two to this OP...

We all knew the government is inseparable from the industrial-military complex and the international arms trade. Now it seems the people are one with the gun manufacturers. If that's not a powder-keg I don't know what is.

Still, maybe there's an alternate outcome: firearms & ammo to replace the dollar.

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 05:47 PM
reply to post by pause4thought

I know what you mean. We are at war with tyrants in government. They hate us, and they want to enslave most of us before our people become stronger & multiply. I appreciate your kindness and help. Thanks for sharing truth.

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 07:26 PM
I've read in several firearms forums and have talked to friends who work in the industry, and Bushmaster, in Maine, is back ordered by 'One Million' rifles plus orders for other parts to existing weapons for spare parts!
DPMS is back ordered more than 14 months. Del-Ton has moved to bigger facilities to try to catch up. Olympic is as near backlogged because they are the only builders of left handed AR-15's. Seems that maybe there's even more to the mindset of buying than just investing. Peoples guts are telling them that what they hear from Washington ain't exactly what they have planned for us!

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 08:19 PM
firearms, guns, rifles, even ammo should be thought of as 'Commodities'

so you have a choice in buying/investing in Stocks/Equities
Commodities -> gold & PM, grains & grams, booze & wine, guns & ammo,
freeze dried foods & water purification tabs, etc etc


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