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The youtube mega-corporate takeover

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posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 11:04 PM
I watched a youtube video, regarding changes in youtube policy which is beginning now more

than ever, crippling small channels views, but not affecting large channels by cutting size to 25%

of what it was and other changes.

With tabs catagorizing Movies, T.V. shows, Music and Videos, respectively.

Why? If companies such as Disney and other large entities emerge in force, they will starve out

the small channels and control most of the now global youtube online giant media source.

As ratings become hidden, popular, top rated, most discussed links manipulated to showcase the

items as MSM now manipulates what was once journalism,

Also it is a concern that should your content not produce advertising success, your content will

be removed.

If the goal is, and I believe it is, to reduce independent producers of content to mere consumers,

then the internet will have fallen into the clutches of the same mega-corporations that have,

over the last 50-plus years taken control of Hollywood, Cable, Television and radio air waves.

If this occures, then the viewable content will be completely controlled by the same propaganda

mongers that control all other media.

What has arraoused my suspicion?

For one, this informative youtube video,

YOUTUBE... FUBAR... BIGTIME! (Phasing the YOU out of YouTube)

which makes one begin to wonder.

But then I have to ask myself, "If this were true, there must be some way to provide an example

of any claims that by partnering with these media giants would increase revenues to youtube

dramatically, but would go further and exceed such projections, thus insuring that a deal would

be reached.
I mean, how could anyone in this day and age turn down an oppertunity to increase their wealth

to a status that one could only dream of, but now could be realized with 100% certainty.

If I was the one to perform this task, I would want it to manifest in biblical porportion, and since I

had access to the most dominant forms of main stream media, I would use those to my


Here is what I would do.

I would utilise a prime-time platform that has already been proven to command a huge record of

great success.
I would produce a show within this platform with all of the components neccessary to impact a

vast interest that touches people of all ages, genders, beliefs, races, and traits, that no matter

what preconceived notions may exist, will penetrate the psyche of each and every soul if not

through content or performance, then through subliminal visuals, appearance and create a

feeling relative to ones own accomplishments, or lack thereof.

I would also chose an existing popular youtube content for comparison. I would chose one of the

all time highest rated, most viewed, talked about and advert paying effort on the site.

Then, I would air my test production, take the footage and upload it immediately to youtube,

regurgitate it over all the medias under my control, use moles to spread it on the web in all

domains possible, and watch.

In a matter of one to two days, I would overtake most content that had compiled ratings over

much greater lengths of time, and then,
I would face my youtube partners-to-be, raise my arms, turn and let them bask in the glory of my

now proven sample offering.

The production that I would create for this feat?


posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 11:07 PM
This is true. I've had a highly edited movie uploaded to fit a music track, it goes for about 4 minutes, and it hasn't been removed. Been up for a year. Had about 10k views. Yotubue deleted one of my other videos of police brutality but kept my obvious piracy one. Probably because I made mention of the artist and movie. $$$$

I notice this a lot though. If I had made it terribly it would have been deleted.

posted on Apr, 18 2009 @ 01:14 AM
Yeah, I've been dealing with some of the crap tonight they've been pulling. I had some difficulty with uploading a viral video I was posting. This is irritating beyond recognition.

Edit to add: I am now starting to feel that Youtube needs to die

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