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CONTEST- DeusEx- Remote Viewing, UFO’s, and What Lies Between: A Scientific View of Paranormal Pheno

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posted on Apr, 24 2004 @ 12:30 AM
Remote Viewing, UFO’s, and What Lies Between: A Scientific View of Paranormal Phenomena Based on the Works of Dr. Michael Persinger et al. And the Common Link of Electromagnetism

When one of us tells a normal uptight, upright citizen that we’re conspiracy theorists, they either sneer at us, or take two steps back in fear. We have acquired a reputation as crazies, with no particular grasp on reality. Looking around, sometimes it isn’t surprising. So-called psychics wave quartz crystals at the passerby, and crazed rednecks claim alien abduction. While there are people like that out there, for the most part this community has an absence of these antics. We go through daily life with the motto “Deny Ignorance”. As such, that is what we shall do. Many people don’t know the science behind basic things- cars, microwaves, even lightbulbs. The intent is to remove that sort of ignorance that surround certain conspiracy theories, in particular those revolving around UFO’s and psionics. Both were heavily researched by my former professor, Dr. Michael Persinger. In both cases, magnetics is the common link. Having sat through a year’s worth of his lectures, I intend to dispel ignorance of these phenomena using his and other’s research. While much of this may seem as if I am attempting to dispel the UFO myth, I am not. I believe that extraterrestrials visit this planet, but not nearly in such numbers as we have been led to believe.

The history of UFO research has been tumultuous at best. Constant inference, control, and repression coupled with hysteria and rumour-mongering have besmirched the face of UFOlogists everywhere. However, this may be due to a simple case of ignorance and misidentification. Many who see bright balls of light immediately attach the label of “UFO” or “ghost” to it. However, it is my belief that most of these sightings are simply tectonic strain emissions. When tectonic strain loading on rocks occurs, it is well-known that electromagnetic emissions occur. Depending on the minerals present, there can be a number of bands emitted, ranging anywhere between 10Hz (which is actually the cycling speed of a human being’s EEG in an alpha brainwave state) to 27kHz. When released, there is a high probability that his EM radiation would be in the visible wavelengths. Theoretically, these luminosities could get as large as two hundred meters in diameter. Many people refer to them as “earthquake lights”. In addition to these characteristics, these luminosities also create large amounts of static on radios, strongest in the 15kHz band. Much like lightning, they move to areas of least resistance.

Already, this bears a distinct resemblance to classic UFO encounters- a bright, glowing light, bursts of static, and bizarre feelings (most probably related to the electromagnetics- humans can sense EM field as low as 10kV/m). Depending on how close one is to the luminosity, the effects can vary widely. At a distance, the luminosity would appear to be simply a bizarre light. The closer one moves to it, the more pronounced the effects of the EM field become. They range from the sense of a cosmic presence much like in Dr. Persinger’s God Chair, to loss of motor control, amnesia, seizure, unconsciousness and even death. Again, the similarities between classic encounters with UFOs and these symptoms are uncanny- a person reports having a ‘UFO’ hover over them, sense a presence, and fall unconscious.

In a similar vein, the effects of electromagnetics on the brain also provides a great deal of validation to remote viewing, clairvoyance, and other psionic phenomena. In a study in which artist Ingo Swann (also known for his ability to RV) was the subject, Dr. Persinger came up with the theory that remote viewing, and other psychic phenomena are simply a byproduct of immersion of in the Earth’s geomagnetic field. Our brains function on electromagnetic processes, and through interaction with the earth’s own field, one could be able to commit such feats. Quoting the lecture he gave on the subject:

“Imagine everyone in the world was deaf, and that they concept of mechanical energy moving through the air hadn’t been discovered. Now, imagine you can hear. You’re in the middle of a city, and you hear a car a block away. You tell people, and they look at you sideways. Once it’s proven, they call it paranormal.. Hearing would be considered ‘paranormal’, but can be explained. Same thing with remote viewing- we’re just learning to explain it now.”

The mechanics of the operation work something like this- The human brain functions on the basis of a fluctuating magnetic field. That field, in itself, is immersed in a medium which is interacting with every person, place and thing on the planet. Now, suppose you could tap into that medium. In theory, one could read minds, view far off places, simply by correctly interacting with the medium. However, there is also ‘static’ to contend with. In a way, this entire theory is similar to the operation of sonar. It was discovered in 1977 by Persinger and Lafreniere, under the theoretical name of ‘Geopsyche’.

However, the conditions for proper interaction are rather stringent. Mr. Swann had considerable success in the remote viewing tests due to three reasons: brainwave activity, electromagnetic aid, and training. To begin with, Mr. Swann entered a brain state in which 7Hz complex wave spikes were observed in the occipital lobes. This is, to say the least, extremely unusual. Secondly, Mr Swann had a device referred to as an “octopus” on his head. An octopus is a series of eight electromagnets which are turned on and off in complex patterns in order to achieve a particular effect on the brain. In this case, the octopus augmented Mr. Swann’s RV abilities, through either reduction of geomagnetic ‘static’ , or through augmentation of his own brainwaves. Lastly, Mr. Swann had been training at remote viewing for a number of years. Without proper training and practice, I severely doubt that anyone could simply bloom into psychic ability.

This article’s purpose was to dispel myth and ignorance with scientific theory. TST and Geopsyche are an excellent beginning to explanations of phenomena that have recently become clouded with obscure speculation. With luck, the last veils of our superstition with be cast aside for us to accept the full knowledge of both these phenomena.


Remote Viewing with the Artist Ingo Swann: Neuropsychological profile, EEG Corelates, MRI, and Possible Mechanisms - M.A. Persinger et al, 2002 (published in Perceptual and Motor Skills)

SO that's my article. amantine told me to put it here...looks like I draw first blood. I'm all nervous like. Best of luck to everyone else.


EDIT: The asthetics.

[Edited on 24-4-2004 by DeusEx]

posted on May, 7 2004 @ 10:05 PM
Great job Dues. Thanks for all the hard work and research you put in to this project. It's your normal extrordinary work that we have become accoustomed to seeing from you. You truly are an asset to this group. My best from me to you.

regs out...

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