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Lawmaker: People will die without taxes for health

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posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 07:30 PM
Lawmaker: People will die without taxes for health

If the Legislature doesn't put the measure on the ballot, and if voters don't go along with the plan, "people will die," he said.

I find it hard to believe that they want to raise the State sales tax and are using fear mongering of death if we don't vote for the .3% increase.

I don't know what you all pay in other states, (excluding those who have no sales tax), but this would bring the State sales tax up to 9.2%

What'll be next?

More tax of course. The government, even at the state level just can't find it in them to budget their Congress-like spending frenzy.

I remember ballots such as for a Stadium that was voted down, yet with blatant disregard, was built anyways, allocating monies that were not voted for it's use.
The old Seattle waterfront viaduct has been the subject of debate for years, and although a proposed tunnel was pretty much rejected, guess what.

They're going to build it anyways.

The corruption and flagrant abuse of power is growing exponentially.

here are a few other recent examples from the Pacific Northwest area.

Judicial system:
Commission: Hecht violated code of conduct

The commission has charged the judge with paying a male prostitute to perform sexual acts on numerous occasions over a five-year period beginning in 1997, when the prostitute was still a minor.

Fort Lewis sergeant charged with pimping 2 teenage girls:

TACOMA, Wash. - A Fort Lewis sergeant has been charged in Pierce County Superior Court with pimping two teenage girls, who allegedly traded sex for money under his direction and control.

Sgt. Sterling Terrance Hospedales, 25, was charged Thursday on two counts of first-degree promoting prostitution. He's being held in Pierce County Jail on $50,000 bail.

The two girls, ages 16 and 17, came to the attention of officers on the Innocence Lost Task Force, a federal organization that focuses on juveniles involved in prostitution cases.

Missing Persons:
Search on for woman whose phone called 911

KENT, Wash. -- The search is on for a missing woman whose phone called 911 after she disappeared.

Family members said they have not seen 21-year-old Alyssa A. McLemore, who lives with her mother and grandmother, in more than a week.

Mortgage Fraud:
Brokerage co-owner pleads guilty to role in marijuana ring

SEATTLE - The co-owner of a local mortgage company pleaded guilty Friday for her part in an illegal scheme that allowed unqualified buyers to obtain homes for a massive marijuana grow operation.

Ha-Duyen Thi Le, also known as Holly Le, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering in connection with the mortgage fraud scheme.

This is just from one News source. I don't think I could bear checking any of the other local sources.

It is like a triple scoop ice cream cone with the government on top melting down along with the other scoops creating a mess that will stain the state in perpetuity.

The worst part is, this tax increase or die rant comes two days after the 15-04-2009 tea party held in Olympia, the capitol, where the protest was, as was the rest of the nations similar gatherings of fed up people who are already taxed to the bone.

What a belated insult.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 08:22 PM
So you pay 8.9% sales tax on top of state and federal taxes? The people where you live must be insane. Dont voters have to approve an increase in sales tax?

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