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Lets kick the banker in the Arse... Here Is How... this is no joke

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posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 04:50 PM
ETF these Bastards with there own system. TY, a real American Phil Grande
I put this in the form of a future story (PURE FICTION before you freek on me)
this is the current story according to various story leaks... Additions should copy edit and post things so we have a final Story Ok... well first this is how they win all the time... dont listen to TV maybe do the opposite of what ever they say. basically, this how to get in when they do - or dont - ok... they go in Volume Up. easy huh ... very low volume usually is the turning day from bull to bear or vs versa occurs. they have very expensive software that does all of this for them with preprogrammed money formula. they dont even look - they know. big difference. but its all just digits in a computer system somewhere... and they are not expecting we all know they are fixing to drop this thing like a rock in a week - May at the latest. check out reverse index funds and long metals and commodites.
*Note I am not a professional trader or any thing of the sorts, I just know this and I know its like stealing so I dont like thieves... I accept no liability - none what so ever. use it at your own risk... ok.... now back to the story ...

They are currently sucking in all the peoples nickles and dimes, as well as the 401K are sabatoging their clients as we speak... now, the system I was taught by a very rich friend. You Use the Slow Schlastics with MACD, as a tool.
3min 5 min. 15min. 30min. 60min. charts. time it, for finding stocks use your daily chart to keep your eye on the 50 + % movers... using these tools they allow you to time the market. when both the MACD and SS are past bottom, If you see a Bulls Head or a upward sloped W, these stocks they control for Profit, these stocks trade 1> million shares daily if you go long wait till both are under 20 to buy and over 80 sell. do not think, Bulls make money - Bears make money -- Pigs get slaughtered..."Greed is good, properly controlled excellent... if the stock does not go down with Indicators, wait for pull back to cover cost of transaction and get back in when your tools tell you too, these stock use a 20% stop and move your stop up as the tools tell you to. for fast cash look for stocks with a short interest of 7.5 a fast short covering rally is highly likely. that means it would take 7.5 days of average daily volume to cover all the shorted stock. highly volital. use a trailing stop so it stops you out close to the top. this varies according the stocks price. Trade $10+ Stocks ... Sell any stock below $5 ...

Lets Predict the Future ... this is the current Internet Story ... help me fill it in. copy - edit - repaste the latest version. this is also an attempt to see if we can actually do anything but read and post. --- Lets Predict the Futre according to You TUBE... verbal ....

FYI -- The ETF's were created for Americas Final Days, it allows baskets to be manipulated. prior to the release of a deadly virus they are labeling Avian Flu....

they did a control release with news releases so that they can have a small out break, so everyone will know who to blame it on, and that will be a plane load of chinesse business men coming to America to purchase a business.
in the following days, it crops up in every major city, they will declare a state of emergency - institute Martial Law, under UN Quarantine procedures, - they will use this as a reason to arrest people. (If you can not be bought, you will die in a work camp). all commerce stops, dominoes tumble - banks forecloses on all mortgaged properties. evicting tenants who can not find work to pay. most of the Guns have been confiscated and Agressive Check points, cause civil unrest with planted car bombs they will control everything else. they attack themselves so they will cause great harm on peaceful people.

[edit on 17-4-2009 by BornPatriot]

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 07:38 PM
Actually, I disagree. I think that they let Americans have as many guns as they want...and they will create different "militias" and have them fight "official army"...and all will die in a stupid war. Meanwhile, they will also control food supply, and poison us the same way they are doing today...only everyone will eat junk as there will be nothing else to eat.

They will do similar scenario as they did in Yugoslavia. Leaders of all nations in Yugoslavia were trained in America (or by American "experts")...prepared for a bloody war. Nothing controls people better than war.

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