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1992 ufo crash in Southhaven Park NY

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posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 04:29 PM
Jjust saw this on the mufon website. Wondering if anyone in the area know anything more about this.

in 1992 a ufo crashed into southhaven park in shirley long island. many witnessed the event as it is near sunrise highway, a well traveled roadway. the park was closed for three days. brookhaven national labs was called in. a large flatbed truck brought something large back to the lab. my brother, who worked on the lab at the time, told me that they had an alien, alive, on the lab property. he told me this shortly before he died in 2006. he told the same thing to my mother, and his family in real time., at the time of it happening. there are reports saying there there is film footage of the event. the spot of the crash is still obvious from ariel view. the trees are twisted and turned about. some of them are bent. and it is reported that there is no electro magnetic field where there should be there.

in order to corroborate my sighting information i offer you this report from the paranormal investigative group. long island oddities: i have also enclosed a picture of the twisted trees.

Southaven Park - the crash

The most Coherent information on Southaven was located in the LIUFON Press Release on August 3 1998. The actual crash occurred at 7:00pm on Nov. 24th, 1992. A man was driving east on Sunrise Highway heading toward WIlliam Floyd Parkway. There was a patch of trees separating Sunrise from Montauk Hwy. To the south of Sunrise he saw a large craft that he describes as, "tubular in shape with two large bright blue lights on each end with a bright white light in its center whose structure was composed of a dull metallic grey texture". He saw the object make a very tight right angle, cross the highway, and crash into the woods of Southaven Park. When it hit, the object emitted a dazzlingly white beam that was said to turn night to day for a moment.

The same man turned and came back on the other side of Sunrise to backtrack and find the source of the crash. He saw helicopters near the exit to William Floyd Pkwy. Neither the helicopters or the personnel that came to block off the westbound exit to William Floyd bore any markings or insignia and the men were dressed in plain black. Finally he went west on Victory which was closed off later, and reached the second turn on Gerard Ave. This street and its neighbors would soon report all manner of electrical glitches, phone ringing with no one there, and TV static. At this time though our witness could see a huge fire back in the woods.

At the same time someone also driving east on Sunrise saw an oval shaped object fly over the town dump hill, "on a descending course 30 degrees to the horizon which was leaving a green ionization trail as it passed". Could this have been part of its crash trajectory? The oval craft or one like it may have been scouting out the local area because there was an incident "reported over Islip Town which were seen on the Channel 12 News in March 1992 at the Bagatelle Road Exit of the Long Island Expressway".

Some researchers say even now that there are areas of Southaven that have the trees bent as if almost torn out of the ground at some point in their growth. On a scouting mission we think we found such a site. We also found a good aerial shot of the area that shows a large roundish area that has no trees at all. The photos are below.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 04:45 PM
Hiya Starwatcher

I also am a starwatcher, as well as a watcher of anything celestial.

If this event is verifiable in any way, it's an important event. Myself, I've never heard of it.

You noted that you included photos, but I don't see them. Also, if you could do us the service of linking the site from where the report comes, that'd be a boon to your thread.

On the surface of it, it's a fantastic account, and I'd like to know more about it. I'm sorry about your brother's passing.

Any links or additional information you can provide might give us a start on our own investigations.

Thanks much and............ peace.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 05:30 PM
Thanks for the bump. Looks like it is an interesting story. Here is the link:

This isn't my story it is one that I found on the Mufon website


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