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Ever wonder what it means when someone 'classifies' your post as "Libertarian"?

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posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 03:21 PM
I apologize in advance, should it turn out that this has been posted before. I 'searched' and found no equivalent.

Occasionally, discover that one aspect or another of something I said, fit's into other members' idea of what it means to 'be' a Libertarian.

Personally, I never want to be associated with any particular group for a simple reason; 'groups' of adherents to political ideology must acquiesce to the notion of accepting that group's particular collection of 'ideological principles' as a whole. Not having been indoctrinated into whatever that group believes can lead to unpleasant surprises. I avoid that possibility by recusing myself of belonging to any group more specific than human, in principle, and an American citizen, as a matter of practicality.

If any out there where ever interested in discovering the "Libertarian" flavor or patriotism, I offer this find; it is a collection of what among a large group (apparently) is considered the top 100 Libertarian blogs and websites...

The top 100 Libertarian blogs and websites

1. The Official Website of the Libertarian Party (U.S.)
2. The Official Blog of the Libertarian Party (U.S.)
3. The Cato Institute
4. Cato at Liberty (The Cato blog)
5. The Ludwig von Mises Institute
6. The Mises Economics Blog
7. The Acton Institute
8. The Acton Institute PowerBlog
9. Reason Magazine
10. Hit & Run - The Reason Magazine blog
11. The Foundation for Economic Education
12. The Free Man Online
13. The Institute For Humane Studies
14. Liberty Guide
15. The Adam Smith Institute
16. The Adam Smith Institute Blog
17. The Competitive Enterprise Institute
18. The CEI Blog
19. The Independent Institute
20. The Beacon (The Independent Institute Blog)
21. The Heritage Foundation
22. The Foundry (Heritage Foundation's Blog)
23. National Center for Policy Analysis
24. The Ayn Rand Institute (with apologies to Ayn Rand)
25. The Institute For Justice
26. Library of Economics and Liberty
27. Bureaucrash
28. The Free State Project
29. The Prometheus Institute
30. Capitalism Magazine
32. Ron Paul's Perpetual Campaign for Liberty
33. Young Americans For Liberty
34. Liberty PAC
35. Cafe Hayek
36. The Libertarian Alliance Blog
37. The Austrian Economists
38. Marginal Revolution
39. Will Wilkinson
40. Samizdata
41. Libertarian Christians
42. Advocates For Self-Government
43. The Fraser Institute
45. The Coyote Blog
47. The Freedom Factory
48. - Americans for Limited Government
49. International Society for Individual Liberty
54. Libertarians for Life
55. Liberty Maven
56. Libertarian Rock
57. GOP for Liberty
58. The Entrepreneurial Mind
59. The Libertarian Party (U.K.) (thanks, Richard)
60. Megan McArdle
61. The Liberty Papers
62. Libertarian Republican
63. The John Locke Foundation
64. QandO
65. The Big Picture
67. MindBodyPolitic
68. Acre of Independence (recommended by NYU Law Libertarian)
70. The Agitator
71. The Freedom Association
72. Chris Moody
73. The Freedom Revolution
74. Freedom Politics
75. TennZen
76. Liberty Watch
77. (recommended by SWGA Politics)
78. Libertarian Papers
79. Foundation For Individual Rights in Education
80. Libertarian Meetup Groups
81. Chris For Liberty
82. Libertarian Leanings
83. Thoughts on Freedom
84. Reform the LP
85. Kole Hard Facts of Life
86. The Volokh Conspiracy
87. Local Liberty Online
88. Liberty vs. Leviathan
89. The Classic Liberal
90. The Holy Cause
91. Skyler Collins
92. MainManX
93. Strike The Root
94. David Friedman
95. Ron Paul Blog
96. The Atlasphere Meta-Blog
97. Positive Liberty
98. Light of Liberty
99. Henry North London
100. The Humble Libertarian

The top 100 Libertarian blogs and websites

I hope other members can find this list as useful a resource as I do.

Be well,


[edit on 17-4-2009 by Maxmars]


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