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Tea-Baggers Didn't Wear their 500 dollar Suits...

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posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 01:58 PM

If we really are in a fiscal crisis tantamount to an economic "Pearl Harbor" as many economists have described its scope, why is it that the wealthiest 10 percent of Americans don't wish to contribute more of the enormous profits they made up to the point of the last election, if only to help restore the country's stability, infrastructure and good standing among world nations?

The wealthy got their tax cuts, lavished upon them to the tune of over a trillion, budget dollars and this during a time of war, when we could have easily predicted a drain on federal dollars from the nation's coffers that would precipitate huge deficits for the foreseeable future and, cascading budget disasters for the states.

But they promised it would lead to more jobs and higher incomes for Americans, rif you recall.

They got their de-regulation too, opining that nothing other than the un-shackeld, free market could lead to further prosperity, promising a boon to the nation's economy. Yet, here we are, eight years later and shamefully far behind where we were as a nation then, with a multi-billion dollar budget surplus and poised to eliminate the entire debt by the year 2010.

It seems that the greatest disaster to this country, even more so than recent terrorist attacks, was the flawed election results of Bush vs Gore in 2000. The course we have only now set upon under the current administration, towards green energy, 21st Century Education planning and infrastructure, universal healthcare, was being laid out then by Al Gore and by now, would have been in full throttle.

We would not even be talking about the nation's debt or clamouring for taxation redress, but instead, leading mankind to ever greater social and technological hieghts, busy protecting and restoring the planet and conserving its resources, finding cures for disease, eliminating world hunger...the rest of the world marveling at the capacity for good that Americans have heretofore laid claim to possessing in greatest measure, against all other nations.

But that was then, this is now, our treasury has been looted in passing and we are currently facing the prospect of open rebellion, misguided "Tea party" demonstrations heralding revolution and yes, even talk of secession (see Texas Governor's recent Ceccessionist Rant) and all because of an impending, three percent increase in tax rates for the very wealthiest citizens of this country.

I didn't see anyone dressed in 500 dollar suits at those tea parties, yet people who make more than $250,000 a year were likely the ones behind it all, because they are the citizens upon whom a lot of the burden of restoring this countries way of life, its stature amidst the world's economy, and its fiscal soundness will ultimately fall, when the Bush tax cuts expire in 2010.

But who knows what will happen to our economy and country before then? A total collapse? Civil war? Hardly anybody's wealth will mean a thing at that stage. I can just hear he pangs of regret by once wealthy businessmen and stockholders, Americans wishing desperately that they had been accepted a three percent tax hike, over martial law, chaos, hunger and an end to the last bastion of democracy.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 09:15 PM
This week there were tea parties. Good. Nice. I liked the approach.. It was nice and fun to watch actual protestors that I could actually root for.
But this can’t stop now.
Now, I couldn’t make it to any of the parties in my state. I chose to be a greedy capitalist and worked instead. But don’t get me wrong. I liked the whole anti-tax increase thing going on. I liked the fact that people who have never protested a thing in their lives found the time to get up and tell DC that they were wrong. It was fun to watch the media (aside from FOX) snarl, spit, fume, and rage against these innocent men and women who were just exercising their first amendment rights.
I guess that first amendment rights ONLY happen when you are a leftist, abortionist, pot-smoking, bra-burning, socialist, commie, fascist, flag-burning, narrow-minded, myopic, moronic, mouth-breathing, MSNBC watching, CNN reporting, inbred idiot.
(Just last week a reader wanted to argue with me the abortion issue, I asked him how it felt to be in the same category with Himmler.)
It can’t end here though. It was a nice start but if Washington said, “Well, they know we’re pissed, I guess that’s good enough”, then we’d all still be singing “God Bless The Queen”. (Although the way this country is going that may not be such a bad idea, hey Britain, call me!)
If the patriots, after they dumped the tea in Boston Harbor, said “Ok, King George III knows we’re pissed, we don’t need to do anymore,” then, “Rule Britannia, Britannia Rules The Waves. . .”
If Mel Gibson decided to film Lethal Weapon V and NOT film “The Patriot”. . Well, you get the idea.

There needs to be more. Much more.

The problem is that we have millions of people who don’t know how to protest. Thirty Code Pink broads can get front page headlines every time. We have to be loud, consistent, and as obnoxious as those leftist weenies that scream first amendment rights every time they don’t get more than fifty minutes in an hour long Keith Obermann Show.
When is the next rally? And the one after that? And the one after that? When is the BIG march on DC gonna be? People, don’t stop.
Please, please, please, don’t stop.

It’s so much fun watching the democrats squirm. To watch them get defensive. It’s kinda cute really. Like watching lobsters right before they hit the pot of boiling water.

But even better than that, it’s fun to watch people, for the first time, learn about our country. Learn about what we can actually do to make changes because, believe me, we can make a difference. We can change the way things are. And if you don’t believe me then just look at what the liberals have done. They changed the country to what they wanted. They have the socialist country that they have always wanted.

Now it’s our turn.

Lets get it back.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 09:39 PM
Would you mind changing the title a little. It has a totally different meaning then the one that you are trying to use. Not such a good thing I promise.

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 04:20 PM
I think this thread needs to go in the Rant forum becuase this thread is just some guy thats all upset at the world and blames Bush even tho he is no longer in office

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