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Why so many DRAMA QUEENS..?

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posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 01:01 PM
As I sit here and read various posts through out the day, I have become perplexed. So many people talk a big talk about how the government is too powerful and restricting freedoms. I agree with that view but the problem as I see it is that when given solutions to the problem so many of you ignore the "solution threads" and go about over dramatizing the fanatical threads. There should be a rule in the sites guidlines that states if you are not going to try to find a solution to the problem or at the minimum discuss solutions, the thread should be deleted and all stars and flags retracted.

Quit being DRAMA QUEENS..! Start finding solutions. Below is a link of a thread that was a very good discussion and solution related thread that was swept under the rug. Why did more people not participate or add true value input?

Thread with value but little participation.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 01:10 PM
It is often more exciting to bang on about a problem rather than discuss the often much less interesting solution.
It feels good inside to vent some anger and the solution often goes less noticed because people want to carry on beasting... maybe even feeling sorry for themselves.

I agree, man. Totally. Although I would probably attribute much of the continuous dramatisation to the fact that one solution does not always suite everyone. Also the fact that there's a fair few of people who don't read full threads (understandable) and end up missing things which forces the discussion to go incircles.

I've often thought ATS should employ someone to read the big threads and every five or ten pages publish a completely unbiased summary of the thread, this could be at the top of the page maybe.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 01:30 PM
reply to post by LeaderOfProgress

Having read some of the tread you linked ,
i can only imagine that some people may be put off by the technical nature of the discussion regarding your Declaration of Independence & Constitution .
You have a good grounding regarding the context of both documents , i wonder does everybody ?

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 01:34 PM
So how many of you would like to just whine about what is wrong with the system versus how many of you would like to find a soulution to the problems at hand? It is very interesting to see some of the social problems that are brought up. What is even more interesting is seeing the solutions to the problems that the people on the forums come up with. Please do tell as to why you would rather whine and be complacent about issues rather than to solve them.

The true question is this, who is the sheeple now? I think their are two kinds of sheeple. There is the one who is ignorant or blind to the problems that are facing the world. Then there is the one who is very aware of the problem we face but chooses to whine and do nothing.

Personally I would rather be ignorant and know nothing than to be educated and inactive.

How many threads have been started about how the government is doing the common citizen wrong? How many of those threads are truely productive? Not many are striving for a solution. It seems to be almost a pissing contest to see who can come up with the most sensational story but yet fail to solve the problem.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 01:36 PM
reply to post by UmbraSumus

Then use the discussion to educate yourself and others. The key part of that thread is the fact it comes to a solution. The funny part about it is when it does start coming to a solution people become bored with it. The solution should be the goal of any political discussion, not how butt sore you are because you were done wrong. So many people tout how smart and educated they are on here, where are those people when a true discussion is brought to light?

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posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 03:03 PM
I find this too funny now. The obvious lack of feedback goes to prove the point. What makes it so funny is those that have read this know it is the truth so they go back to sticking their heads in the sand.

posted on Apr, 18 2009 @ 04:38 PM
Great post.

My opinion? It's human nature. It's so easy for us to sit on our duffs and complain about this and that, and then expect someone else to do something about it. Finding and complaining about something is easy, fixing the problem is the challenge, and most people don't want to be challenged.

So I agree with you...people, if you think something is wrong, get off your duffs and do something about it, don't expect someone else to take care of you.

this isn't directed at EVERYONE or ANYONE in particular, just the majority....myself included.

posted on Apr, 18 2009 @ 06:21 PM
I will describe what I struggle with, in hopes that someone can give me advice or perhaps increase understanding for others if nothing else:

- I am very politically...not well grounded lol I have a LOT to learn, and I am in the process of learning it.
- Concerning what I do think is going on, I still have no idea what steps to take to do anything about it - beyond what I do already: enticing others to look into the issues (eg. my boyfriend is now a 'convert' on several issues he would have never imagined lol, I email excellent links and sources to everyone I know) But that is just passing info around, just like we do here in discussions I suppose...nothing huge....
- Let me repeat - I have NO idea what to do about anything....
Maybe it is just the stage I am at with what I'm learning, or maybe it's because I haven't come across many good suggestions - because LOTS of people have no idea what to's tough...
- I feel overwhelmed with a lot of what's out there, not so sure what to believe and not believe, therefore uncertain as to what to act on in the first place, nevermind HOW....confusion abounds! I'm in no place to trust my judgment on several issues yet....
- Protests and sharing info are great, but now they just have cops beating people for protests and they are often badmouthed in the MSM and ignored by many as a fanatical nuisance. I am not saying protesting is worthless, I'm just saying, I hope there is more that can be done than demonstrations.

I think probably a lot of people can relate to these points.
There are no doubt other factors as well, some not so good either....

But I would really really appreciate any ideas as to what I can do to work against rights being taken away, NWO, whatever....from anyone....
(Obviously continuing to learn more is the thing to start with, which I am already doing.)

I think we should put a thread together that is exclusively 'What you can do about_____" in maybe each section or something. Or at least, people collect stuff as they go along, and then put it into a post for others to copy, paste, throw into email forwards, send out to friends, whatever.
This has probably happened before, I just need to look around the board some more....

I have told my mom about many things that are taking place, had discussions with my father about them (learned most of it from him to start with) but it's a sad thing - I am wondering if people find it all so overwhelming and surreal sometimes, or something, that they just can't see the point of devoting tons of time towards change; they feel it would be worth a water molecule in a vast ocean where few others are contributing simultaneously. So they go back to life as usual, default..
I watch my parents live precisely the same way they always have despite anything they 'realize' or believe.... and sometimes it makes my head want to explode.

Concerning environmental/world poverty issues - I had an argument today with my mother. My sister is getting married, and my mom was carrying on about 'getting started in life' etc.
I told her I want to just live out of a large suitcase someday if possible, be able to move around easily and freely and live very simply; conserve, spend little - so does my boyfriend. Be able to be resilient, prepared for change....while using leftover resources to support good causes.
She took offense because I didn't believe what she was saying about couples with 'financial problems' being doomed, and how I need to have tons of stuff and have a huge list for my bridal shower when I get engaged, and so on....
I told her not owning an HD TV or blender is not the equivalent of financial's all how you see it.
She truly didn't understand what I was saying.
Yet she's the one supporting a family in the middle of a recession. I don't understand it..
And after all she claims to believe is occurring politically, socially....the state of the world....

It is very scary for some as well. To the point of people denying that anything is *really* happening out there that concerns their freedom or well being.
It's interesting anyhow.

posted on Apr, 18 2009 @ 08:07 PM
reply to post by LeaderOfProgress

You have mistaken my point , perhaps i was unclear .

I see your attempt to expand the "discussion" beyond the usual sound bites, to be a worthwhile endeavour. I applaud it .

I wasn`t knocking your attempt to contextualise said documents (U.S Constitution etc.) ,i just attempted to highlighted an unfortunate fact, that a lot of people zone-out when faced with the technical points underpinning an ideal. Preferring instead a lay-man`s overview of the subject.

I am not an American , so i am unable to exert any influence on events in your country . Thought i take interest in the political machinations within the U.S . With the complex level of integration built into the modern world , American domestic and foreign policy has ramifications for all countries.

I like to familiarise myself with what "the Empire " is up to ...... just as my forefathers did with the British Empire and theirs before them , the Roman Empire.

The lack of in depth political awareness is the bane of all Western democracies . Over time our systems of government how choked themselves in bureaucracy , leading to a sense of apathy and disconnect among citizenry.
...... though there are signs that people are starting to stir , and ask questions . This is encouraging .

We may inhabit different continents , but our goals are similar ......
.... educate ourselves ...... involves ourselves ..... ultimately sieze back control , all the while exercising responsibility for our actions.

Do not worry about the quantity of respondents to your posts , continue putting out quality instead.

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posted on Apr, 18 2009 @ 09:44 PM

So many people talk a big talk about how the government is too powerful and restricting freedoms

Yep that's true. What can we do ? You agree yourself.

I agree with that view but the problem as I see it is that when given solutions to the problem so many of you ignore the "solution threads" and go about over dramatizing the fanatical threads

There is no solution. People will try and only get so far. You think you're the first person so stand up and try to rally the people ? Hell no.

There's loopholes in the constitution , but this isn't a game. This is the real deal and good luck with that.

You will only get so far before you are told your say counts as nothing. We are mere peasants , we don't have a say. Increasingly so.
I do agree with you but if you pin point an issue that you think deserves to be stood up to maybe people would back you up on this.


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