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Internet censorship and media control dangers

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posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 10:22 AM
Does any one have any thoughts on the ability of companies like Google, Msn, and Yahoo to potentially control the internet ?
Becos i know a lot of people talk about in the future the internet being closely controlled, but isnt it already ?
I suggest people try alternatives like Gezzmo search, Dogpile, Ask, etc.. otherwise the big 3 companies will have too much power over the whole sytem..
...Becos they control who exists on their listings..
..if the above top secret forum was de-listed from the 3 major engines :then how could new people find the site ????
The search engines largely control your access to information, and can blacklist any web page that they dont like.
To discover information, you have to go through them. This is imense central power, and could be used for bad practices.

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