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Exopolitics HK: Jim Sparks, a comparison of E.T. groups

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posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 08:09 AM

I've been given permission to put up this paper written by Neil Gould on Jim Sparks, The Keepers, and the various different types of contactee experiences. It raises a lot of interesting questions... While it's short, it tackles a lot of the deeper issues behind contact, and aims to analyse the phenomenon instead of simply providing accounts and anecdotes. What's really going on? An objective, balanced take on the subject.

While I'm here, I'm going to try and put up as much exopolitics stuff as I can... Enjoy

- Quantum Cosmology

Jim Sparks Case. Book: The Keepers

13 April 09


This paper begins with a discussion about the structural hierarchy within the group of Aliens that abducted Jim Sparks.

It continues with an expose’ of a cruel inhumane “modus operandi”, in encouraging Sparks to react to various tests on board the craft; Sparks was rewarded for his compliance.

Powerful messages were derived from the abduction experience; putting them in perspective leaves the reader quite cold, but with some guilt?

Can Alien abduction be avoided? We peer into the technological abilities of the extraterrestrials and are left wondering if we are merely fish in an aquarium at some Chinese restaurant?

The paper attempts to make sense of abductions; the likely candidates appear to have a genetic lineage of great interest to the abductors.

Finally the exopolitical perspective casts grave doubt on the motivations of the Keepers; after all we are little more than an investment to them, the result of thousands of years of cultivation.

1. Who are the Keepers?

The Keepers, written by Jim sparks encompasses a lifetime of abductions by extraterrestrials that used intrusive methods to take him aboard their craft, exposing him to a wide variety of physical, metaphysical and psychological tests. The descriptions of his interactions with Aliens make it abundantly clear that Sparks is dealing with a vastly superior technological society, from whom evasion is impossible.

These beings are able to come and go at their discretion, walk through walls and create realistic multi-dimensional holograms. Human consciousness versus such technology is quite shocking.

Contactees such as Alex Collier, Alan Godfrey the Todmordon Police officer and others testify that a hierarchy exists amongst certain groups of extraterrestrials, with the reptilians at the top and the various Greys executing their duties within a disciplined pecking order.

Jim Sparks interacted with the typical hive minded 3ft Grey drones, a robotic biological entity. At one point sparks was reprimanded for calling one of them “soulless”. Perhaps this created a paradox within its centralized computer program. These drones work for a taller interactive species of Gray which oversee all the testing on board and conducted much of the intelligent conversation.

Towards the end of the book in a sort of summing up session at a carnival site, Sparks was met by a group of rather large Reptilians who used holographic projections of a human face; presumably to avoid frightening Sparks. The group of Reptilians had emphasized all the important lessons to Sparks. The Reptilians seemed to be in charge and the taller Greys, their proxies.

Sparks points out that there is a universal law which states that higher intelligences make use of lower intelligences, not unlike a farmer tending his cattle. However, with privilege of use comes responsibility of care. The keepers are the guardians of their investment on the planet earth. For thousands of years they have made use of humans as raw material. The survival of the human species is important to their needs; therefore the Keepers will protect their investment at any cost.

Should a farmer find his fields unusable, he will take both seed and cattle and place them elsewhere. If humankind damages the planet or self destructs, the Keepers would seed life on a new planet elsewhere.

This scenario was played out during a recent Hollywood movie starring Keanu Reeves; The Day The Earth Stood Still; “It Is only when man is on the brink, does he change”. The ETs took samples of every seed and species on the planet fearing man could destroy himself through a nuclear catastrophe or through irreversible biological pollution.

2. How was Jim Sparks trained to interact with his abductors?

Sparks refers to the aliens as “neither malevolent nor benevolent”; simply indifferent. “It is because they are not human and do not understand human emotion”.

The keepers had made agreements with the government well before the Roswell incident warning of great damage being done to the planet. Technology was provided, however the government allegedly failed to live up to them.

The aliens claim that this is why they went directly to the people; this involved mass abductions and subliminal education aboard craft. The government’s retaliated by censoring information with regard to the extraterrestrial presence and embarked on a strategy of demonizing extraterrestrials.

Sparks refers to his predicament on board as a “boot camp”. Rough handling, lack of answers to questions led to his non cooperation aboard the craft. Alien methodologies seemed crude and cruel; his non response to their questions sent the air pressure on board, soaring, causing pain to his ear drum.

Over time the aliens slowly modified their methods by offering rewards for his compliance. Despite this, Sparks resented being used as a guinea pig undergoing various tests which included sperm extraction.

Initially the punishment was extremely strong and methods included paralyzing his body, sometime his lips, preventing him from screaming. As time went on the rewards outweighed the trauma. At times he experienced ecstasy as he was bathed in sexual energy amidst a three D. hologram. He would receive answers to questions in return for cooperation and allowed peeks into a holographic future. A heavy smoker, as a prize the aliens had removed huge amounts of tar from his lungs and presented it in a box in the form of a gift. Finally Sparks was able to experience all his abductions unrestrained and able to assist other abductees during a mass abduction of humans. Nothing however could compensate Sparks in knowing that they had created a hybrid daughter from his sperm.

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posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 08:11 AM
3. What powerful messages came out of his contact?

Sparks had concluded from his abductions that humans were a valuable resource for the aliens. Despite the haunting echoes attached to this disclosure, he asserts that humans are very special with unique capabilities. Some capabilities were yet to surface and currently dwelled as atrophied muscles deep within our psyche. Sparks saw a magical future for humankind. He learned that time was like a flowing river whose course could not be altered. It had a tendency to snap back again. He learned that the Keepers could travel in both directions through the river of time; so long as one had a boat that could go fast enough.

The messages and lessons were diverse; understanding human potential, galactic politics between government and alien and solutions in avoiding total destruction of the planet.

A heavy meat eater had changed to a diet of fish, chicken and vegetables.” There is no need to kill animals to eat” he was told.

The Aliens saw the planets as being alive; “we have cut off her arms and her legs and now we are attacking the hearts and lungs”, says Sparks, referring to the destruction of the rainforests. “The planet has difficulty cleansing herself”.

Sparks was told that the aliens had had no part in the loss of life caused by governments covering up the alien presence. The keepers emphasized that the government broke their agreements with the aliens, but they have the technology to help solve the problems of the planet.

The messages were clear, our planet is biologically polluted. The Air and water is contaminated, our jungles, trees and plant life are dying. We have an overwhelming amount of nuclear and biological weapons and nuclear contamination.

Author, James Lovelock, a proponent of the Gaia hypothesis stated: “that Gaia's self-regulation will likely prevent any extraordinary runaway effects that wipe out life itself, but that humans will survive and be "culled and, I hope, refined."

The Aliens want complete amnesty for the people in power who have suppressed the truth. This is necessary in order to work together to survive.

4. How do you think one can avoid being abducted?

Sparks commented that the Keepers were able to scan the deepest fibers of the soul without any ability to respond. Their technology gives them the ability to manipulate the human mind. For all we know we may very well be living within a controlled holographic reality?

Commentator, Gerry Pippin asserts that one can protest to the abductors and avoid the experience. The Church and the religious believe that a prayer using the name of the Holy Spirit would end such an attempt. According to contactees the abductors will use the path of least resistance and use ones religious leanings to lure the unsuspecting.

Sparks claims that he has experienced involuntary abductions by the military using teleportation technologies from which there is no escape.

One should be warned; that short of there being a hole in the fence, the cow cannot escape.

5. How do you think abductees are chosen after having read the Maurizio Cavallo story?

The motivations of extraterrestrials in abducting humans create controversial explanations.

Some appear interested in our genetics, thus making lineage (DNA) very important to them.

In the case of Cavallo, his mother was an abductee; abductions appear to run through the generations of a family.

Cavello’s Nov 8th 1981 Contact: “They are stronger than my terror” says Cavallo. “Yes, because I realized that nothing happens by chance, my mother had been abducted too. She knew the secrets of the stars too. This means that they have programmed us”.

Past life agreements, according to Billy Meiers, allows the Plejarens to track and interact with his subsequent incarnations.

Jim Sparks asked the keepers the same question: “Why me?”

Sparks was shown a hologram of a World War 2 setting, where he resonated with the image of someone working with the Nazis who looked like him. The hologram went back further in time, he saw himself as a Victorian factory owner, a person in medieval times, then during the Roman period and as far back as when humans were apelike.

Perhaps the holograms were a graphic way of explaining to sparks that it is his lineage (DNA) that is of interest, thus answering his question. Sparks called it “Genetic Kinship”,

In a manner of typical alien indifference Sparks was left with one more message with which he had to come to terms with. “HUMANS ARE OURS”.

Are the Keepers holding the universal key to our cosmic lock, till we are ready to cross the threshold as matriculated students? The reality might be totally different!

Exopolitical perspective

The hyper dimensional universe creates life at every conceivable level of consciousness. It is inevitable that all life forms will judge and categorize others as good or bad, benevolent or malevolent.

It is my humble opinion that the Aliens that interacted with Sparks are indeed spiritually indifferent to us humans. They view us as a useful resource to serve their own purposes.

These beings empowered and gave technology to the military, entered into secret agreements with them and many a scientist or activist who came close to the truth was eliminated. Yet the Aliens claim that they had no hand in this matter!

Sure they want to keep our planet healthy, as does a farmer, his herd and crops. The Keepers created hybrids from human fetuses in the event they had to repopulate the planet. Hybrids could endure harsher environmental conditions!

The reptilians were presented as caring; instead, they could have been “Greeks bearing gifts”. Was Sparks chosen as the Keepers propaganda machine?

The Aliens gave nothing to mankind; only to the military. By keeping mankind enslaved they sustain their control.

Let us compare true passion and true cosmic love by examining the demeanor of the Venusians and other Human looking ETs. The testament of contactees such as Orfeo Angelucci, Dino Kraspedon, Billy Meiers, George Adamski, Dr Frank Stranges and Dan Fry depict these ETs interfacing with humans on a pure spiritual level. Painfull medical experiments are rare and their philosophy is educational in regard to the dangers of pollution and nuclear contamination.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 08:13 AM
Their concern is that humans do evolve spiritually, breaking free of the 3rd density. Their goals are about enlightenment and spiritual elevation. There is no force feeding of education in front of consuls.

They resonate with us at soul level; Spark’s Aliens are concerned about our physical aspects, ensuring continuity of their resource. Sparks moved from “resistor to cooperator”, believing he has become trusted by the Keepers. Did he see a magical future for mankind or was he sold one? This question is out to the jury.

The Aliens might fear an approaching shift in the frequency of human conciousness. Do they fear our final emancipation? Is Sparks’ abduction a manifestation of a last ditch attempt to absolve the Keepers of any wrong doing with our military?

Messages of “amnesty and forgiveness” are too frequently highlighted.


posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 08:51 AM
Their article on his experience was much more negative that he himself feels. I have his book "The Keepers", when I was researching ufology for the first time concerning one of the crafts I'd seen years ago, his interview on project camelot was the first one of their interviews I watched.

This one is a lot more positive, and both Jim Spark's and Bill Holden are referring to greys here:

It was Jim Spark's script that caused a huge emotional discharge in me, and brought all the pieces of my involvement together so that I knew what it meant.
I don't believe the script is designed to wake up another group either, but ones that interact with their species and agendas. They're not the renegades. Jim Spark's feels a strong sense of mission to protect the rain forest, the lungs of the planet, something life on earth depends upon. And the ets that he experienced are pushing for disclosure.

My sense of purpose aside from getting people to wake up and ask for the help of positive ets relates to the moneyless resource society and living in equality. Though Jim sees them as somewhat neutral in kind of positive/neutral way, he doesn't truly offer conversations or reasons for this.
What I experienced involved these guys and nordics. They seem to cooperate with each other frequently enough. And I see a more positive end goal, related to saving this planet.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 09:04 AM
Bob Dean's interview on Project Camelot fits right into everything Jim Sparks has said as well...interesting stuff.

Bob Dean on Project camelot Part 1

Bob Dean on Project Camelot Part 2

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 09:05 AM
Bill Holden says at 16:15 roughly in the video above that on separate occasions he was given a message: Tell them to stop destroying mother earth. Second message, tell them to learn to love one another. Thirdly, increase your mental and heart to a higher level. He then says, "we only use 3-5% of our brain and they're telling us, use it, learn how to use the powers that you have within yourself."

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