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Exopolitics HK: Mary Rodwell- Support Groups For Contactees (40 min vid)

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posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 07:13 AM
Exopolitics Hong Kong

Went and met an interesting guy this afternoon, Neil Gould. Part of Dr Michael Salla's Exopolitics Institute, he heads up the Hong Kong branch from an unassuming office hidden right in the heart of the island's herbal medicine district. From what he showed me this afternoon there's some pretty interesting stuff coming down the disclosure pipeline over the next few months.
This interview is as exciting as anything Project Camelot have put out, if not a lot more so. A very grounded, interesting and revealing talk with a lady who has blazed trails in contactee research, being one of the first professionals to take the contactee and abductee phenomenon seriously.

Excerpts and Questions

"I believe that the theraputic community, until they start honouring this as a valid human experience, we will just not have the understanding that people need, and they will not go to these professionals... until they know that their experience is going to be honoured, so we have to break open, this limited psychological paradigm..."

How do Chinese people react to a U.F.O. sighting?

Can everyone see U.F.O's?

A cigar shaped object over Hong Kong.

What's it like living with a U.F.O. experiencer?

Is it cool to have a contactee as a Mum? As a wife?

Why does a five year old say "I don't mind going through the walls, and they teach me more on the ships than I learn at school." ????

Are children's imaginary friends really so imaginary?

Are whole families being abducted?

Cave drawings as evidence of ancient contact?

Are E.T's upgrading us?

What are implants made of?

Double blind studies on implants by Dr Roger Lear.

Highly magnetized silicon, metallic and biological implants.

Sneezing out implants.

What percentage of people have been implanted?

Should people be diagnosed as mentally ill if they believe in aliens?

How does a researcher enter this field and remain credible?

Missing pregnancies.

Russian research on the effect of language on DNA

Calm and knowledge without pharmaceuticals.

Stress as a major cause of disease.

Working in and around people's belief systems.

Check out the site for more info...

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posted on Apr, 18 2009 @ 10:08 AM
Thanks for the video's. Very interesting. S&F.

I'd love to see more videos like this and more groups doing the Project Camelot type interviews.

posted on Apr, 18 2009 @ 10:09 PM
Glad you liked it. I'm surprised it hasn't generated more interest. I honestly can't think of a more interesting vid. I am in touch with Neil and will be doing my best to release more stuff in the future.

posted on Apr, 18 2009 @ 10:17 PM
reply to post by HiAliens

Great. I'll look out for more. Yes, I'm surprised there hasn't been a bit more interest in this thread. I know that several abductees post as ATS and so I'm sure this would be of great interest to them, at least. Maybe it just needs a few bumps

posted on Apr, 18 2009 @ 10:21 PM
reply to post by HiAliens

Hi HiAliens. Interesting to see this name pop up. I have met Mary Rodwell and spoken to her extensively. She is a very genuine woman.

Are you in HK? I can't see the videos, the mainland is censoring youtube at the moment.

posted on Apr, 18 2009 @ 10:40 PM
These look really interesting. I'll be busy watching for some time. Thank you for your very interesting threads, they're very good and you're doing some wonderful work. Thank you.

Edit to add: What a wonderful interview. Especially the part where she says that a hallucination does not affect the rest of the family. I've said this many times, families don't have joint hallucinations, like when a craft is hovering for 5 minutes and oscillating back and forth. Or two people driving truck both experiencing missing time of 2 hours after seeing a ufo dart behind a cloud then exit a moment later, and their truck is 2 hours ahead on the road. I only wish this kind of thing was available everywhere and earlier because this certainly would have benefited us.

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posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 03:22 PM
In part 4:

starting roughly at 7:58 this is where skeptics and believers/experiencers often have a complete misfire of communication and understanding, because this is the very reason why personal experiences and testimonies are needed, and how we move beyond the crazy glue that limits us to a certain paradigm:

Neil: "pusing us into a new paradigm really..."

Mary: "well actually its the people coming to me that have forced me to actually start looking at this. This isn't something I sought but what seems to be unfolding. I find I'm constantly being challenged to open my paradigm even more than I've ever done before. It seems like this whole area is like the onion and that you're constantly unpeeling another layer or joining the dots to something new. But I can't dismiss it when enough people are telling me a similar thing you've got to say, well this another pattern. It completely challenges maybe what you've believed up until that point but I think that if we stop at where our belief system...where we're comfortable, we're never going to find out more about what we term multidimensional reality. And the only we we can do that, other than wait for the scientists to catch up, is to go with human experience and when enough people tell you one thing about whether or not its a dimensional experience or whether its experience to do..with the afterlife, if enough people are saying the same thing then you've got to start taking it seriously because they are people that are very very credible in many cases. And as you know I've worked with psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, social workers, and people from you know the academic paradigm being challenged through their own work even to take on this new paradigm. But this is what human experience is all about.

Previuosly the talk about the child who said they were dolphins when they touched him really interested me. This is what I've been saying about greys, through one of my mind contacts when they sent me love when I was conscious. And I immediately recognized in their positive encouragement and love, a strong sense of dolphins. And then I watched Dr. Michael Wolf's interviews and was not surprised by his testimony that dolphins were et life in our oceans and that greys shared a common ancestory or came from this tree so to speak.

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 03:09 AM
yes, breaking the old mold ,many who are stuck there will find it difficult. Yet, those of us who already know will except it with open arms.

i just hope that mass contact is with the collected confederation of aliens instead of just one race. since the black ops /shadow gov folks want to stage a fake et contact which will lead nowhere. the real mass contact will eventually lead us to a green planet where people will be healthy happy and wise

posted on May, 10 2009 @ 01:30 AM
I just found this interview as well:

This is invaluable information for anyone dealing with these issues, and there are so many. Especially someone who feels fear or trauma, but not to limit it to only the negative. She's shining the way for others, I only wish this kind of support was available everywhere.

posted on May, 10 2009 @ 11:37 AM
A transcript of part 5 of the above interview is really revealing, and just from seeing another piece of script that was drawn by one of the experiencers initiated a wonderful moment of deep awareness, and connection with the symbols. I was aware that the coming changes were positive, not the negative stories we are told, but a time for an upgrade, where we will receive instructions from the non-terrans, eliminate all poverty, caretake the world, and become enhanced. It was really positive!

These are the notes I took on part 5:

Mary Rodwell pt 5
(coast to coast)

...And what I found was some of these scripts was being done by many many many people all over the world. The two documentaries that I did actually show visually some of these scripts and I've had people writing to me from Alaska, Japan, who have said, "Mary, I used to do those. And I didn't know why I did them." Many of them have a sense of them, have a sense of they're saying, but some of them say to me,

like the young lady on my second dvd "expressions of et contact; a communication and healing blueprint". She said not only did she learn her healings through her et contact but some of these scripts are hollographic information. She said like one script alone is enough information to fill a room with encyclopedias if you like so it seems like they're bringing through information in a hollographic way, in a quantum way almost, which in some form is there for data storage for whatever we are going to need down the track.

And this sort of brings me into why are we being given information of this kind of nature through contact experience? What does it mean.

So, if we were to be, if you like, educated and upgraded into a higher awareness then we would need programs to run from and I think this is exactly what it is. Its almost like we're being prepared on some level for a shift in consciousness where we will have the information available that we need to operate from that higher shift in consciousness.

(experiencers) say this information is important. They say they've got a mission and many of them see themelves as conduits of this information."

[my words: on her dvds she has drawings of over 40 different species or types of ets that her clients are experiencing, ones that are seen all over the world, and example she gives are the feline humanoid ets that James Gililand has also experienced as well who are very loving and supporting]

Mary again: "they come out with some of these really complex geometric script. .....manifest some of these languages, which is fascinating as well, (many differing people from around the word say) that I spontaneously come out with these languages, they feel more natural to me than (my own language)...the people that speak often have found that what they speak have been recognized by people around the world!!!!....

....(asked about coming away with psychic powers, healing gifts etc) Its absolutely enormous for some of them ....they seem to be aware of energy and how frequency works... in the beginning I was...trying to look for patterns because thats all I could many ways now science is coming to the party ...some of the things my clients would be telling, for ex., some of the frequencies they're bringing in are here to change our very dna for and upgrade homosapien sapiens into homonoeticus...we need certain frequencies and they're bringing these frequencies in through the languages...through the drawings...through the crop circles. ...

...the latest research in Russia, our very dna can be changed by language, by words and frequencies, and this was mindblowing because it fitted in so much with what the experiencers were saying....we don't acually need to splice out 40 genes, we just need the right language to reprogram our dna and here we get experiencers saying they're here to change things, to help humanity and they're bringing in all these languages and frequencies..

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