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Birdman of JFK

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posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 06:00 AM

A single bird can take out a jet engine, with potentially catastrophic results. There is, however, an ingenious and natural way of keeping the birds out of the path of airplanes...

When a plane crashes from intake of one or more birds *usually on take-off),

Disaster strikes.

With a large amount of fuel onboard, even if the plane can crash land without serious injury to passengers and crew, the igniting fuel can cause serious injury and death.

Without a way to detect birds as they come and go at any given moment, this is a great, if not the greatest hazard to an airplane and those aboard.

In less critical areas of flight such as landing, a pilot can negotiate this occurance with a high success rate, but still, destroyed engines and other damage is never easily remedied and causes delays, expenses and hazard to other craft from lack of control and debris.

In it's third year, there is an effort to thwart the potential devesation of birds around airports.

The results of this method have been proven effective to a high degree, which is great for safety and although not a 100% perfect method, it reduces the chance of birds damaging aircraft dramatically, without harm to the birds that potentially may cause this type of disaster.
See the short video explaining how this works. (link above)


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