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You Are Your Own Government

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posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 03:25 AM
The physical world is indeed troublesome. We are placed here to meet goals set by ourselves. Whether we set these goals in a dimension that is beyond us, is the question philosophers have asked for years

So why not do this? Instead of trying to reach beyond the quantum world, and instead of trying to figure out who you were prior to this physical incarnation, set yourself goals for one year at a time.

You are your own government. Your consciousness can start right now, tomorrow, next week, whenever you want. You just have to open your eyes and realize that you create your own destiny. Sure, such things as luck, synchronicity and opportunity exist. It is up to YOU how you capitalize on these aspects of life.

What I have done, for the past ten years of my quarter-decade existence is this:

1.) Based on the history of nations, I created my own doctrine, my own constitution, and my own moral and personal objectives
2.) Looked at my past, my present, and my future
3.) Asked myself, what holds true to what I believe? How can these beliefs be applied to better myself?
4.) Enact my own form of self-government through, what some may call, the soul.

Now, let's look at these points of interest more in-depth.

1. The History of Nations, Doctrines, Constitutions, Moral and Personal Objectives
- It doesn't take a brain surgeon to tell you that we are meant to learn from history, nor does it take a quantum physicist to tell you that history repeats itself. Mistakes have been made, and mistakes are meant to be learned from. For example, if you do something illegal - you are supposed to learn from this mistake. The problem is, that some people don't. People with a mental illness that cannot distinguish right from wrong are a prime example. Does that make them bad people? Well, that is up for the court to decide. And while that, in itself, is a sad justification, I assume that most of us here are mature and can decide for ourselves between right and wrong. For my first analogy, I cite the history of Germany. Myself, being German (born in Canada, moved to America at a young age) knows this all too well. Circumstances are different, and call for different reactions to specific situations. In order to apply this to real life, let's say that you are Germany.

- Your Personal World War I:

History books record that World War I started when the nations went to war to avenge the assassination of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand, the heir to the Habsburg throne, on June 28, 1914.

So say, the "Archduke" is a good friend, perhaps a lady/male - who to YOU has been assassinated through one of the following actions:

A.) Slept with somebody else
B.) Was raped by somebody else
C.) Died because of an acquaintances negligence (drunk-driving, BB gun, insert cause of death here)

This personal World War I can take various different paths down the time line of life. For example

A.) You can declare the "acquaintance" as a personal enemy for life
B.) You can talk to the "acquaintance" and try to reason with your own inner-self
C.) You can cut off all ties with the "acquaintance" and ignore the situation altogether

Obviously, all three of these actions will have a great effect on your life, as well as the causation itself. No doubt, you will be questioning yourself for a while - how long this lasts, is honestly up to the individual - I.E "What could I have done to prevent this," "What could I have done to change the time line," etc, etc. However, if you are strong enough, you will stick to your own morals, your own doctrines/constitution, and your own inner-soul's beliefs (or your self-governance). These will lead to various actions such as:

A.) Young, old, whatever you will attempt to engage this personal enemy in verbal, or even physical, disagreements
B.) You will attempt to converse with this personal enemy, perhaps escalating to something that will be worse in the long-run
C.) You will deny anything ever happened, and mourn the loss of the "Archduke" for a long period of time

Your own consciousness sets these standards, and that is where you come in. The three options outlined are obviously political in nature...option A being a more conservative approach - B being a liberal stance, and C resembles that of a pacifist/isolationist. The good thing is, YOU decide the path that you take. There is no election, no rigged political pyramid. YOU are the ultimate voice in what YOU feel is right. And the best part about this is? You can change your ideals, just as a democracy can change their own ways. Not happy with the isolationist stance (pre-WWI America)? Get involved, and move to point A! Not happy with the results from engaging an enemy (post-WWII)? Move to point B! And you can cycle this as your own life progresses. The trick is...realize what position your own life is in, and make the best judgment regarding your current situation.

World War I Cause

Okay - so you've conquered a big event in your early life (your World War I - maybe even your own personal revolution - freedom from parents, freedom from drugs/alcohol - freedom from television, or whatever the case may be) You, as your own governing body has created a Constitution, a doctrine, or a set of rules that you want to abide by to succeed in life. Congratulations, you have the foundation for your own self-governance. This Constitution can be religious, scientific, social, or human/life oriented in nature. Hell, if you are sick it can be sexually explicit or murderous in nature - if that is the kind of person you are. There is no right or wrong answer to what you believe in, for it is your belief. That being said, there is obviously socially acceptable behavior, and anti-social behavior. Whatever category you fall into is entirely up to you - and that is the truth of Self-Governance.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 03:25 AM
Now, let's move on to point

2, Looked at my past, my present, and my future
- This is obviously, a harder topic to discuss as there is a diverse history for Germany. I can cite several examples

The Future of Germany
The Alliance and Future of Germany

These are in-depth looks from a Western perspective on the future of Germany itself (sticking with my original analogy.) But, forget Germany, let's take a look at your Past, your Present and your Future. Take a look at the path you've been on, the various paths that have lead to where you currently are, and the path that you wish to take. This is directly related to your goals.

A.) Want a new career/job
B.) Want a new career/to find a life partner
C.) Wish to stay on the current path I am, and ignore all options

Again, these choices may seem political in nature. And these revolve around point 1.) Your own Constitution/Doctrine/etc. So take point A, you want a new career/job. Perhaps you fear financial stability in the future, and you want to further your education, or hunt for a new job. Nothing else matters. Your social life, your friends, etc, you just want to be finacially secure before you make any large decisions regarding relationships, etc. This is entirely up to you! Go on a job hunt, or perhaps attend an online school for a flexible education. Pick the position which will help you advance financially.

Then, take point B. You want a new job, you want to finally settle down - or find somebody (male or female) that you can relate to, and can see spending the rest of your life with. This is, obviously, a huge decision, and since the divorce rate is currently clicking in at over 50%, you are naturally cautious of who you date, who you decide to pursue an "alliance" with. Your own judgement comes into play here. As your own government, you have to ask yourself (or your "constituents") tough questions such as, "Do I see myself growing old with this person, and lasting for forty-years, possibly more," or "Are we going to get divorced within five years of marriage, realizing that this was not the right decision?" These are personal predicaments that you, as your own government must deal with.

Of course, there is also point C. Stay the course, whether it be at a dead end job, or a wonderful career, and attempt not to ruin anything by getting involved with anyone?

All of these decisions have implications on your present, and your future - but what about your past? According to your own government, you will gauge past relationships, jobs, whatever - on how you act in the present. Thus leading to your future. Therefore, you must analyze all of these points, your past (relationships), your present (potential relationships/jobs/career), and your future (where do I see myself and 'X'...whether 'X' be a male/female/job). It is a self-evalutation, something that big governments do every six months.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 03:25 AM
3.) Asked myself, what holds true to what I believe? How can these beliefs be applied to better myself?

The government you appoint, whatever that may be, Republic, Democracy, Monarch, Tyrant...has to ask him/herself this question. What do I believe? How can these beliefies be appplied to better myself?

This obviously is a HUGE question, and probably the most important out of the four aspects of self-governance. This is something you have to decide for yourself. I am not here to jduge beliefes, I am not here to discuss beliefs. Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, whatever. BTW: Most of them say the exact same thing with different names, events (that are similar anyways), so by now most above-average intelligent people can figure out the following: all religions are the same, so it is most likely a spiritual event occured on this planet at one point or another...

In any case, this is the biggest part of self-governance. What do YOU believe in? WHat helps you get through the 9 to 5 grind? What helps you get through 12 or 18 credits per semester at school? What interests you? Did President (Insert Your Last Name Here) create a law that says "We must go curling every week" ? Did Monarch (Insert Your Last Name Here) create a law that says "We must attend so-and-so church every weekend" ? This is the best part of self-governance that exists, the ability to believe/see whatever you want to believe/see.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 03:26 AM
4.) Enact my own form of self-government through, what some may call, the soul.

And now, it's all up to you. Which path are you going to choose? Love, fear, hatred, ignorance? I'm not trying to promote the first, love - perhaps that is not the best for you in the course of your life. Maybe you create a Monarch - a line of men that rule over your own consciousness for decades, sticking to the same doctrines, the same constitution and the same rules of engagement. Or perhaps you are like me, and every May 1st - you hold a self-review, in which you review what has transpired over the past year, evaluate it, and then reset your goals and standards (socially and morally) for the year to come. This isn't a New Years resolution where you say "I'm going to lose 5 lbs. by February." This is a self-revolution where you say "I am sick of the way I behaved the past year, I want to change it seriously," then you go out and do it.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 03:28 AM
My Personal Experience

This information has not been shared with many. However, in order to reiterate the above points - I wanted to spill, basically everything, to those that prowl the ATS forums. This will be written in a historical context, and I hope most of you (after reading the preceding posts) will be able to understand it. However, I have placed, in parenthesis, what the passage means.

Year 20: It was a time of change for my people, as we were economically strong. We entered in to a new way of life. Our own nation met and formed numerous allies, and almost no enemies - as we helped to ally most of our comrades under one flag. Despite the positives, our nation became addicted to a terrible prescription - designed by an enemy that at this point is not known.

(20 years old, college life, moved into a hotel environment with 30 transfer students, and a few other friends of mine. Immediately hit it off with these people and became great friends. Became addicted to a prescribed drug for ADD)

Year 21: The union formed in the past year, collapsed. Addiction to the prescribed medication continues for warfare purposes.

(21 years old, college life continues. Moved out of the hotel as new management bought it out. My former friends were dispersed around campus. Continued addiction to a prescribed drug to engage in social activities)

Year 22: Created a more intimate union, with various allies. Addiction to prescribed medication takes control of school life.

(22 year old, college life coming to an abrupt close. Made and strengthened close friends in current dormitory. Thanks to them, I was saved various times from police encounters after acting insane on the medication I had been prescribed)

Year 23: The Third Union is created, finally falls due to addiction. Psychosis follows, leading to paranoid delusion. Paranoia includes, fantasies of hidden cameras and friends watching me being paranoid. Year ends on positive note.

(23 year old, senior year. Made a great group of friends in a new apartment complex. Had a great girlfriend (ally), but destroyed the relationship through addiction to a prescription drug, which induced psychosis. Psychosis included the paranoid delusion that I was on a Dateline NBC show revolving around college kids who did prescription drugs [not as funny as it sounds, was genunienly terrified at the moment])

Year 23.5: Rebirth. Thanks to my self-governing nature, I ousted the old - power and drug addicted regime. A new age of governance has taken over. Had several "out of body experiences," which has lead me to research new age, and quantum philosophies. Researched sites such as ATS, Spiritual Evolution, etc. After being an Atheist for ten years, this has opened my eyes to new possibilities. Could my former drug addiction, followed by "relgious" awakening be linked? Almost seems like "too-perfect" timing. Interesting stuff for sure.

(Five months after I came clean, I started to have out-of-body experiences, lucid dreams, and becoming conscious/aware while my body was still asleep. Researched several credible sites, which lead me to believe that there was more too life than having a girlfriend and physical addictions. Was an amazing period in my life)

Year 24: [Still being written]

So there you have own - self-governing experience. I have been able to change myself from an Adderall addicted psycho one and a half years ago, to an intelligent being of whatever energy creates our consciousness. I would love to hear any feedback, contradictions, or additions you have to this thread, and would appreciate and stars and flags I can get. Oh, and one thing you can do to corroborate my seemingly insane story...notice that I actually started posting on ATS during 23.5

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