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On the subject of love

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posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 02:19 AM
Ok im dwelling in past romance again. Da**it. I hate this. I cry and sob for lost love. When their totally happy and im like..WT*.

But life is life. Well this is my premise for this thread.

Love. What is it?

Yes were all experts and willing subjects is the search for it. We all have our ability to accept or deny it. Is love lust or is it deeper. Does love merely represent time spent together, or does it go much deeper. Down to a human scale of reality that when reached by a mind which sees experience in context of itself, understands. Sees what love truly represents.

It does not in my mind, represent objects like rings, or even memory like weddings. As divorce rates make this implicitly clear. It shows me a deeper yearning. For intance if you take all the human or creature..rather..representations of love and view them in against your own higher intellect, you may come to find love for you has become, in context of an external world, contrived in a sense.

Being with someone, doesn't represent love anymore after a long time of separation. And prosperity in love does not always derive itslef accordingly to past human doctrines. So again, what is love?

For me in the past it has come in the form of lust initially. not just of body but of intellect, in fact I find the fairer sex at her best when she is witty, on similar but not the same wave of thinking, but thats not love, thats getting along. Sos is that all love is? getting along? Sex aside..thats a perk of course. But from that new life can be achieved which would generally be seen as a return of some kind. So is sex then defined as interdimensional in the sense it creates something out of self satisfaction, in a natural sesne?

Im not trying here to undefine any modern perception of love seekers, just trying to understand other people views on how they view the subject.

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posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 02:51 AM
reply to post by mastermind77

I think this is quite a good topic as many will find it difficult to explain because so few people are actually in love or have experienced it.

In my opinion love takes many forms.

Loving your neighbour. How many people would you find that would help you if you were stuck or hurt these days without getting money? Not many, people are too busy judging each other but there are still some who do just because they do. That is love.

Ever just went for a walk just to go for a walk? Its amazing how many people you will bump into who will share there life problems with you, need your help, need your support and kindness.

Love on a couple basis is based upon the above but more intense. Someone who is there for you no matter what, someone who will share there secrets with you, someone who will encourage you, someone who will help you. Its a bond that makes you stronger and them stronger. How many people would walk half the earth for you to meet them at the other side?
Just as important though, would you do that for anyone else?
When you meet someone that would do that for you and vice versa then you will know what love is really about.

Anyways enough of this rambling

If your upset about an ex I would say to you that they were obviously not for you that they went past you because of all of the above that I have just written.

Go for a walk, you never know what will happen. Would you take a punch sitting down? Life will hit you if your in a chair, it wont knock you down if you are moving and standing up.

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posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 03:18 AM
Do bees feel love? Do plants love the sun? Is the essence of humans love?

I think the answers are yes, yes and yes. Love is much more than any outward signs, like rings or sex or nice feelings. Love is, for me, one of the things, that reminds us of our purpose in life. That is to bring peace and harmony to our planet.

Humans are superior over all the other living creatures, because of our brain. But the brain is only a tool to become aware of what we in reality are: Beings with a responsibillity for our planet.

Love is the reminder and the motivation behind the true destiny. Love is absolute sincerity, harmony with the self and the outer world and a glimpse into the future. Without love, everything in your life will fail, but with love, every failure is only a motivation to do it better, next time.

The funny thing is, that every great spiritual person taught that lesson: Every religious founder, Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus, Moses and Mahatma Gandhi, the Bhagavad Gita, even the (german) constitution says in the preamble: Every human has the same rights. That is love.

Sadly, people just don't listen. Distracted by all the futile attempts to rob people of their freedom and sovereignty. All these attempts will fail in the end. Because love and freedom and life are much greater forces than greed and hatred.

Just my two cents

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 03:58 AM
ok i want to say it's great to see men getting dug in about the term love, we female go around basically taking it as our own and men dont get it.

When you come out of a relationship dont dwell it just eats at you and makes you worse, instead just think of it as your mum and she is on your case about something you did wrong then the tables turn.
Then go blow 600 pounds in one month on drinking every night just to help your soul, and cry about it when you've stoped and realised youve spent all your money and life is just # cause it just takes everything yo have away and everything you put in it.

Thats love unexplainable, funny, sad, miserablly sad but fun at the same time.


posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 07:15 AM
I always though it was an imaginary concept, mistaken for strong strong affection or mutual infatuation. But the question reminds me.

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