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(SXWC) Anna

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posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 01:48 AM
December 21, 2012: The Message

Anna Stuart gazed in awe at the deep orange sky as she sat in her favorite rocking chair. She leaned on it's arm rest and propped her long legs upon the porch railing. "This is definitely the most moderate winter I've seen in years, how could anyone hate global warming". she said. A slightly mild breeze began to blow in from the east when she noticed a single sheet of parchment creeping towards the porch from the west. She grabbed the glossy tan parchment as it sailed across her lap and turned it over.

Anna's jaw dropped, her soft peachy color collapsed from her face. The parchment slips from her hand. She looked across her lawn towards her neighbors daughter Keeyta. The child's eyes were fixated on a swirling orange ball in the eastern sky. Anna jumped up from her rocking chair and dashed to the front door. She managed to grip the screen door when the winds reached a strong gale force.

The unforgiving winds thrust Keeyta off the ground, her thin frame danced in mid air. Anna glanced across the lawn once more to witness the child's final moments. The skin peeled off the muscle, a black ash covered her flesh from head to toe. An orange light pierced through every organ in her body as flames burst through her mouth. Anna struggled to close the screen door against the winds but to no avail. The orange ball swirled even closer still. She pulled herself inside of the house with all her might and shut the front door....

Center Earth

Anna's crooked and weightless body rapidly descended into the unimaginable dark void. The blood curdling cackles of newly departed entities sliced through her ears. She felt her restless soul squirm beneath her chest. Thick red plasma rushed down her cheeks as she bit on her tongue, cursing her creator for the stabbing pain beneath her rib cage.

The sound of cracking bones echoed through the darkness. Anna's soul peeked out
at her. Ghoulish hallow eyes pried through her freshly mangled torso. It's ancient hands slithered towards the arch of torn breast bone, placing its grotesquely slender fingers on either side. The misty entity inhales the dark matter surrounding its host while lifting itself up and out of her pale body. Anna's soul ascended towards the Black Mountain of Judgement in the distance, crushing her chest inward with a single blow. Her ruptured body spirals deeper into the dark void a rusty iron dome waiting below to swallow her remains.

Anna crashed through the rusty iron roof, landing on a large hallowed out stone. A towering square fireplace sat in the middle, each side overwhelmed with continuous raging fire. A moat filled with sulfuric acid flowed freely around the stony fortress. Alligators swam back and forth in the liquid, rolling over and dousing anyone who dared escape.

Anna stands awkwardly taking notice of the unbearable heat, she couldn't believe her eyes! The believers and unbelievers were all here amongst the young and very old but how could this be? What was it all for? She doubted and even cursed her creators greatness at times but she remained devout. "I never thought this would happen to me, I can't believe I've sinned... but when, where?...I wonder how do I get out of here?" she said ......

All Continents Lock

Night cast its shadow over Earths' desolate landscapes. Violent earthquakes uproot every continent from its base. They submerge into the vast ocean abyss, drowning out all forms of life hidden in their deepest crevices. In the depths of the sea the continents collide, breaking down old borders and forging the new. Each nation wiped clean of any trace of human existence. Massive tsunamis blanket earths surface as the last continent locks in place.

A brief calm quiets the chaos. The moonlight shimmers against the abnormal waves. Time breaths a sigh of relief as the land mass beckons for air.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 01:50 AM
The Stairway to Heaven: Atlantis Rises

Earths iron heart swells with the remains of her 8 billion inhabitants. She's longed for this day since the Great Soul descension. She cries out to the universe for guidance as her heart begins to beat. The time has come to release the stairway to Heaven.

The rusty iron heart pounds against the land mass, forcing it onto the surface with every beat. Faster and louder it rumbles, shaking the entire planet. The waves crash and break on the surface, tossing their milky foam about. Whirlpools sprout in odd shapes and sizes too numerous to count. Magnificent bubbles of air balloon to the surface, spraying the warm atmosphere with salt. The giant rock has awakened Atlantis has risen.

Earths Iron heart swells even larger pounding against the base of Atlantis. A mountain peak stabs at its center, gathering all surrounding land as it builds. The mystical continent rips through all realms as it began stretching out towards the Heavens above. Heavy white clouds swirled around its peak. Earths' rusty iron heart slows down as the mountain strikes the gates of Heaven. Black blood seeps from its mouth. The Oceans boil over, lapping white foam against its base. Blue bolts of lightening corrupt the clouds swirling around the mountains peak, the beating heart stops.

Realm of Soul Ascension

The unimaginable dark void opens its eyes. Foul smog pours out of its black circles. The Heavens brace for war as 8 billion souls slither towards the light. The Archangel Michael commands the Angels. "STEADY ALL" the Angelic General screams, their swords glow with snow white auras. The soul ascension begins.

The weight of sin envelops the first billion souls, they plunge into the vast ocean abyss surrounding the base of the Black Mountain. Seven billion souls claw at the base of the stairway trying to grip its black bloody facade. The second billion perishes, unable to withstand the scent of their sins. Six billion souls begin to ascend the Black Mountain when the blood begins to talk. The horrible stench of dark bloody fumes takes shape. It tempts the souls with power and wealth. They're shown a life without poverty or suffering all they have to do is let go. The third billion lost their will to ascend, they succumb to the temptations of material Earth.

The souls become desperate to reach the light above they begin to disrupt the paths of the quickest entities. None have tasted the magnificence of Heaven since their brother led them to Earth, marking the beginning of the Great Soul descension. The fourth billion fall to their deaths, betrayed by their own as nothing will stand in their way. Four billion souls reach mid mountain as the unimaginable black void begins to speak in its harsh raspy voice. "Yooou're no gooood,.... they wooon't accept you up there" it says. "Why do you put yourselvesss through this misery, come to meee and I will make you feel worthyyy" the void said. One billion more fail to ascend the Black Mountain of Judgement, taking the empty offers of the dark void.

Three billion souls have conquered the Black Mountain of Judgement. They are ready to breach the gate. The window of time is closing in on this day of chaos.

Heavens Task

Three billion souls spread over the solid white clouds swirling around the peak of the Black Mountain, blue lightening flashes underneath the misty entities. St. Peter sounds the horn of war, the souls have entered Heaven. The Archangel Michael leads the charge, his mighty voice roars "ATTACK" . One billion souls fall into the black bloody mountain peak below, the purest light in the universe overwhelms their dark hearts. The angels slash and tear through the entities by the hundreds of millions, one billion more have fallen. Some misty entities escaped their death. They hid in the youngest of angels before the final blow could send them into the mouth of the Black Bloody mountain.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 01:53 AM
The last Earth souls stand up against the Angelic force, slicing off wings and chopping Halos in half. The young angels feel the squirm of hate beneath their rib cage as the humans did before them. One by one the young angels fall in battle their rib cages ripped open, darkness has filled their hearts.

Archangel Michael extends his sword, it glows even brighter with the purest golden aura. He lifts the tool of righteousness above his head, as it wobbles in a circular motion. The purest golden aura forms a giant ring above the war zone. The ring descends shooting metallic projectiles into the heads of the last billion souls. The golden ring closes in on the enemies of Heaven smashing their misty figures together. Time is running out.

Michael reads the Message

A single sheet of parchment flutters in from the west as a slightly mild breeze blows in from the east. Michael grabs the glossy tan parchment and calls out the names of the humans who will be released from Earths Iron heart in one breath. He found the grueling task given to him by the Universe to be quite easy. Michael received strict orders for this day, he was not to harm a single innocent Earth soul but there were no worthy clean souls on Earth. Not one. The next batch of souls were due in any minute now from a far away but much more troublesome Galaxy.

The Earth summons her defeated entities back home. Michael releases the misty figures and tweaks their dark hearts. A brilliant white void cradles her fallen children.

Atlantis descends

The dark blood recedes into the mountain peak as the Black Mountain of Judgement shrinks back into the depths of the ocean. The continents bend and twist releasing themselves from the Titan Atlantis. All seven continents simultaneously break free, each one levitates and hovers miles above the deep blue sea. A beam of solid cool light glides down the center of all seven landmasses, this day is almost over.

Anna lives

Anna Stuart scans her rusty iron prison up and down , left to right. There is no escaping this place. The walls are a rusty burnt orange and its ceiling is miles away. The alligators block the only exit. There is a dim light down the iron hall where the acidic moat enters the room but who knows where it leads. She stares at the multitudes of very young and the very old people laying on the hot stone, their fragile torso's oozing thick green plasma. None can talk and all of them twitch with seizures.

She wonders where her saviour is, then she remembers...... All of a sudden the dome begins to rumble, a blast equivalent to a nuclear bomb goes off puncturing the rusty iron heart. A cool comforting feeling vibrates through her dismembered tissue and bones. Anna welcomes the light.

Anna's restored and weightless body floats towards the light, her Ancient cleansed soul slammed back into her body knocking her out of consciousness. The fierce pull of refreshing light brings her up towards the continent hovering miles above the sea. One billion souls follow her lead landing in their appropriate towns and cities.

Earth begins again

The continents have claimed their forgiven residents from the center of Earths heart. Their beams shut off as the last million are summoned home. The rest must wait in the dormant heart to be born again. The seven continents begin the journey home. The highways of familiar parallels, latitudes, and longitudes leads the way. The seven continents nestle back onto their jagged bases, the trees begin to grow, every species and every flower is put in its place the time has come to wake mankind.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 01:55 AM
11:59 pm December 21, 2012

A lively breeze blankets the greenish blue planet, the smell of fresh air awakens mankind. Some fortunate residents of Earth have made it through the darkest of hours. The Universe is pleased with the outcome and grants our planet billions of uninterrupted years to come.

Anna Stuart walks through the flowery patch of land where her well kept lawn used to be, praising her saviour with tears rolling down her face. The moons bright light illuminates the pristine landscape as she picked up the glossy tan parchment laying in the spot where her brick porch used to be. Anna bites down on her thumb and with a big smile she crosses her name out in blood, thinking to herself "I'll never doubt again".

The Funeral

"In loving memory, an ode to all of my family, friends, and neighbors. I miss you so much.... please... I wish you would all come back to me.." Anna prays. Her knees sank into the rich soil. She placed her hand over a red rose, caressing it's smooth petals. She inhaled the sweet smell of life, the warm rays of sunlight gently brushed against her skin.

The sounds of a simple organ played in the distance. Anna stood up and turned around. She walked slowly in the direction of the music. The faint notes thumped against her ears. "No one should be anywhere near here" she said. Anna drifts over a rolling green hill, the music abruptly stops. She cautiously approaches a little beige chapel sitting underneath a grand oak tree.

Anna walks up the cracked stone steps and twists the rusty old knob. The door creeks open. The room is empty, all what remains are worn brown pugh's and a shiny black casket.

Anna turns her back on the empty beige chapel, when all of a sudden the latch of the shiny black casket pops open. She shoves the old wooden door to the side and enters the room once again. Phantom butterflies begin to flutter inside of her belly, the old wooden door swings back and forth in the winds. She calmly walks closer to the casket, placing her hands on the chrome siding.

A young man is laying quietly inside, a triple black tuxedo adorns his body. Anna does not recognize him at all, she turns away from the stiff body and takes a step towards the door.

The wind begins to howl outside, the door slaps back and forth. The feeling of a dead close friend comes over Anna. Her stomach begins to quiver, when she feels a tug on her shoulder.

Anna turns around, she tells herself to be strong no matter what happens. The light bounces off her eyes from the chapel windows, a dense yellow light blocks her view. She loses her balance falling back a bit, the young mans frozen face meets her own.

His eyes were the blackest she'd ever seen, patches of decaying skin fell from his face. The pugh's filled with the worshippers of the void. They've been there all along, taking the shapes of the loved ones in her mind. They lurch forward , grasping for a piece of Anna's soul. "GET OUT!!!, GET OUT!!!, GET OUT OF HERE!!!" Anna screams.

The beige church disappears.

Anna looks towards the sky and remembers. ....!!

Be careful what you wish for in this world, you might just get it.

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 12:59 PM
Fantastic!! So easy to picture it all in my head, very good read! You did a great job my friend. Bravo!

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 01:03 PM
reply to post by stereovoyaged

Thank YOU< THANK YOU!!!! you ladies and gentlemen here have inspired me. I was told that I could be a very good writer by my ninth grade teacher if I ever decided to take a step in that direction.

So here is my imagination at work again ENJOY all!!!

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 03:23 PM

Fantastic!! So easy to picture it all in my head, very good read! You did a great job my friend. Bravo!

I agree with stereovaged. Fantastic descriptions!

Super Bravo OrangeJuice!
Keep on Writing with us.

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 05:19 PM
Interesting piece but are you thinking in the end it will only be about Christianity? What of the rest? What disturbed me was the cutting off of the Angels wings, kind of lost me after that...

I do agree with your teacher and think you should most definitely continue to share your creativity.

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 05:28 PM
reply to post by antar

Hi antar

This character Anna is a wavering Christian so she isn't a very religious person and she carries some doubts with her through the end of this story. So this is the only religion I'm used to and that's why I focus on Anna. But don't worry all of the young Angels get their health and wings back

[edit on 20-4-2009 by OrangeJuice]

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 10:08 AM
For everyone else who is not like Anna you are not alone either. I am no where near that sort of mentality, and all you have to remember is that your real name is special and it carries a permanent identity so that the Universe will know you exist.

Everyone comes back to Earth eventually, some before others though. Our Earth is about to clean house to get rid of all toxins, man made poisons, and bad habits. Let's make sure we help clean our planet and it won't have to work alone

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 01:54 PM
Excellent story my friend, I hope you do well in the contest.

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 04:58 PM
I read your story on a flight in from Russia and noticed similarities to an experience I had while looking at the ground from in the plane. All of these continents look like they are alive in some way. 2 thumbs up for you.


[edit on 21-4-2009 by cheEYEdd]

posted on Apr, 23 2009 @ 08:46 AM

Excellent story my friend, I hope you do well in the contest.

Thanks mrwupy,

I'm proud to be a part of this website. I can't believe something as good as ATS is hiding in plain sight on the internet!! The civility here really adds a touch of harmony to the discussions going on...

you guys and gals are the best.

posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 06:29 PM
Ok everyone,

Here are my credits thanks imbed instructions from Ant4AU, with idea from MountainStar!!!


posted on May, 8 2009 @ 12:39 PM
First thing I HAVE to say is this: If I was a famous movie producer and wanted to make one which required the skills of an army of CGI experts, all feverishly trying to perfect the scenes this story puts forth, I'd want YOU, OrangeJuice, to be there every day to tell them to keep trying, they just might eventually get it right.

You've a talent for vision and the vocabulary to express it.

Secondly, you've managed to pull together, in one short story, the personal trial of a single woman, Anna, and the judgement of the entire human race. Not an easy task.

Keep writing... you never know what it can become for you.

posted on May, 9 2009 @ 04:50 PM
reply to post by masqua

Thank you masqua,

Your sense of perception is AMAZING!!!! How do you know so much

I try to capture all the scenes my mind puts forward into words. I want every sentence to feel alive.

So you notice I like to WATCH what I'm reading
I'm more likely to pay attention when a story plays out like this.

I really like this place HIGH FIVE for you

posted on May, 13 2009 @ 01:48 AM
Anna came in fourth place at the box office on Sunday and the new found actress that plays the leading character is thrilled with the news. Anna Bella Pacino discusses her role as Anna Stuart and scenes she loved the most.

"Well there is a part that was left out by O'Jennah Giovanni, she really loved this scene more than anyone and gave me permission to describe what happened so here it goes.

The black mountain of judgement has pierced the gates of Heaven and the dark souls are battling the Angels. So OJ began to run the next scene as Earth turning into a good witch. Her hat is the mountain which is Atlantis and the Ocean becomes the brim and body. The heart is iron and the blue lightning is a static ozone layer going off in all directions above the mountain peak.

The Earth breaks free from her orbit and stands to face the unimaginable dark void. The fabric of space is torn open throwing huge meteorites, asteroids and small planets in the direction of both battles taking place. This whole time I'm inside of Earths heart in absolute misery from the pain and sweltering heat plus those alligators were real you can clearly imagine why I'm so tense in the following scenes....

Earth breaks off a beam of light from the Sun and uses this shining rod to defeat the dark void. This void has all kinds of hands and mouths coming out it's body, the thing is just horrible and tries to swallow planets whole. The space fabric finally lets loose after Good conquers Evil in all realms revealing a brilliant white void that swoops into Heaven with the tan parchment leading the way and it cradles the purified souls...."

Well thank you Anna Bella for stopping by our studios today, we know you have more reservations to attend to,....

"Yes I do and I enjoy talking about this role, See you on the Red Carpet!!!"..

posted on May, 13 2009 @ 01:50 AM
What movie doesn't leave out scenes?

I decided to give a few more deleted paragraphs to the story. This contest was TONS of fun

posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 01:34 PM
reply to post by OrangeJuice

goodgawd are you related to JRR Tolkien by any chance? I can't fathom a few sentences into a paragraph sheesh. Very epic and adventurous you are clocked in at way over a million words.

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