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Mainstream Media - How we are all being bent over, and shouting for more!

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posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 12:24 AM
As of late, my frustration with this forum and its back and forth stance on MSM has reached new levels. Anyone who has read my posts will notice my great disdain for MSM and it's use on this forum. Additionally, at the beginning of MSM' amazingly well planned, snuggle up to Conspiracy Theorists, I was outspoken about why they were doing what they were doing well others pushed their propaganda. My efforts though, have not been good enough as the forum is continually bombarded by MSM at every corner, and since my posts seem to be lost in lengthy threads, I am writing this in-depth thread to hopefully bring serious light to this issue and its importance on this forum.


Mainstream media has always had one main purpose. To sway public opinion to one direction. This goes really bad for the average person, when the people who own these media companies, are the same people lobbying in the politicians that write the laws for the average person. It is a situation that breeds corruption, and pushes media into becoming biased hit men, who's only purpose is to change your opinion, to one that suits them.

What we are left with everyday, is the MSM cramming useless information down our throats, as well as changing facts, destroying well meaning peoples credibility and the use of a multitude of gimmicks to sway your opinion.

Thankfully, to help illustrate my point we have just experienced the Tea Party 'event'.

What happened with the media and their coverage of Tea Parties?

Here's how it played out:

Cnn - Took the anti tea party stance.
Fox - Took the pro tea party stance.

At this point, even conspiracy theorists are confused. Why, why is fox backing them? Why is CNN attacking fox for backing them? So again, just like in politics, we have what appears to be "two sides to a coin", but as we soon found out, they are infact still the same coin.

What did BOTH organizations do when they got to their Tea Parties? They ridiculed people, made them seem extreme, and discredited them at every turn.

Another dirty trick is their use of a form of NLP on interviewees. I point it out in this thread.

Here's what I wrote:

This is a branch of NLP whether she knows what she is doing, or shes just doing what she is told. She askes a question, his subconscious delivers the answer to his conscious and he starts talking, this is when she immediatelly chimes in with a further, absurd question forcing his subconscious to scramble to pull out a good answer.

Now this is important, because when you watch the Video this is exactly what she does. She asks the gentleman a question, and while hes anwering she throws him for a loop so that he is now just babbling, appearing delusional.

This was her EXACT purpose, now why this is extremely important is cause 80% of the population, who gets their news ENTIRELY from the MSM, is now gonna turn off their TV with the mindset that "tea party attendees are just delusional morons with no point in their claims"

Which to me, sounds like Mission Accomplished.

CNN Clip I am talking about:

Now lets get back to Fox, which before the Tea parties were labeled by both conspiracy theorists, as well as other MSM media outlets (namely CNN), as supporters of the Tea Parties.

But, they too were only there to play the exact same game as CNN, ridicule, belittle, confuse. Leaving the viewer, with the exact same message, these people are morons!

Heres a great clip of that:

At one point saying "hopefully Obama is at home watching all these arrogant Americans"

So we can now see thanks to this incident, the first case of MSM coming into an non mainstream event, playing both sides, but both having the same goal. But hopefully now, as I am explaining this, you are also seeing how well planned and coordinated their tactics are and look around it works well.

MSM Snuggles upto Conspiracy Theorists?

Again, just as with the Tea Parties, recently we started to see Fox suddenly snuggling up to Conspiracy Theorists.

Alot of the people on the forum said, why? Why are they doing this? Others stood by their hate of these fraudulent fascists, and some others, fell into their trap. Posting thread after thread of MSM snuggling up to conspiracy theorists. This was when I really got concerned, cause for the first time they were making a blatent attempt at infiltrating the movement.

But what truly alarmed me, was how fast so called opposites, gravitated to support of Fox. How quickly they could go from being hated, to being put up with was soo startling.

And again, when it was all happening, I was outspoken. Because them snuggling up, is the absolute worst thing that can happen to this movement. I explained why in the past, and I will again here:

When mainstream media starts snuggling up, slowly but surely (as noted) they start to sway the opinion of truth movement and conspiracy movement, as well as other non mainstream movements.

The media already controls 80% of mindless Americans who simply gobble up MSM propaganda and spew it around every corner. So they aren't concerned with them anymore, what is important is for them to capture that remaining 20%, which includes the likes of me and you.

So as they pick up steam and start to sway more and more opinion, this is when things get very bad. Because the next time any major event happens, they are going to be the ones deciding the facts, deciding who gets to have their opinion displayed without being attacked, ridiculed, and belittled, essentially they write the history.

We need only look back 8 years to see the power of Media writing history.

Additionally, while they're not skewing the opinion of conspiracies and non-mainstream movements, they are busy distracting us.

Most can recall the bailout bonuses scandals, yes?

Now can we all realize, that not only did media waste a large percentage of several days arguing about this issue, but also this forum did as well.

The problem with that, is we were arguing over 100's of millions, at a time where 100's of billions were exiting our country, and going into everyones pocket BUT OUR OWN, while we picked up the tab. Does anyone see the problem with that situation?

What I want from this community

I just want people to please recognize what the media actually is, and understand that they are pushing the Agenda. Understand that when you are watching their shows, you are not listening to factual news reporting, you are hearing a slanted view every single time. They will attempt to use quick flashy stats, graphics and so called "experts" to sway your opinion exactly where they want it.

What would I actually like? If everyone unanimously quit watching MSM, if you actually want to make a difference in this country, the MEDIA HAS TO BE ON OUR SIDE!

How do we accomplish that? By forcing their change, if 90% of their viewers either quit watching, or started mass mailing demanding TRUE journalism from them. I think they would have no choice but to change their BUSINESS MODEL, and remembers, that's what they are, a BUSINESS.

I'll end on a quote, cause someone once told me that it's likely someone has said it better before - and a video, OUTFOXED, a must watch for anyone who frequents this forum.

Thanks everyone who took the time to read, and hopefully we can do our part in denying ignorance, and informing our friends, family and loved ones, that the MSM is not looking out for our best interests, and should never be trusted.

“The media tends to report rumors, speculations, and projections as facts... How does the media do this? By quoting some "expert"... you can always find some expert who will say something hopelessly hopeless about anything.” - Peter McWilliams

Google Video Link

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posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 02:19 AM
I agree with you 100%.

In fqct, I too find it rediculous that not only mass media spent rediculous amounts of time on the AIG bonuses, but Congress itself wasted precious days on this topic.

Even Ron Paul argued this amounted to squabbling over pennies in the scope of financial problems.

Even today, on C=SPAN, the topic was new regulation.

If you consider that historically, laws had been in place to intervene and regulate these firms, yet, the safety net of some legislation had been removed, and those still in place, systematically ignored.

I recently was debating these changes and non-responsive positions of both Congress and Cabinet, not to mention Treasury and FED.

I pondered the odasity (sp) of Congress to repeal earlier legislation of, in my opinion, a much more no-nonsense congress, as if somehow, this new Congress was much brighter, more learned, and superior.

Truth be told, they are the opposite.

Not only are they casting votes against their constituants wishes, casting proxy votes for absent legislators without so much as a raised yey brow from the house speaker, arbitrarily slipping in pork within unread bills while blindly voting AYE or when challenged, removing the suspect inclusions just to re-insert them into a future bill, thus completing the original intent of the task.

While witnessing addresses that severely scolded administrations for uncounted lies, while pursuing their agendas, ongress has repeatedly been treated with contempt by as example, having subpoenas ignored without ramifications of any sort.

There are so many flagrant abuses that have been documented within elected offices and private sectors yet, few if any indictments have been sought.

As this enabled such fantastic instrument creations, subsequently stealing tax monies and investment funds by legislating bailouts that again reward the greedy felonious practices of the lobbying firms and rewarding their own investments in these or entities that transfer legitimate wealth to them and their co-conspirators, The working class has seen retirement and other investments shrink to 50% or even less of values that are no longer safe from these preditors.

While this manipulation continues and mandated enforcement of laws continue to be ignored,
not even a whisper of these attrocities have managed to hit the airwaves from the MSM, and those who would attempt to stop these criminals are discredited through tactics such as infultrating a weakness, capitolizing on it using seduction, then blackmail, then if this fails, through condemnation and exposure using the MSM as the device to defeat the threat.

Just the other day, I watched CNN one morning, only to analyze their agenda, and cou;d only shake my head in disgust as I watched one and a half hours of a police pursuit of a car down an interstate.

All-the-while, anchors and guest "experts" were asking each other what this meant, what could cause someome to avaid police, what were the possible outcomes, how fast was their speed, etc...

As I watched, it was reminisceent of the O.J. pursuit a decade ago, and I just couldn't believe there was no other news worthy of trumping this use of airwaves.

If you consider this news, I sympathise for your plight.

In closing, the MSM, Gov't, Big industry, and contrived policies are hand in hand through TPTB lingering in the shadows manipulaqtion their reality at the expense of all others.

We were warned by the founding fathers, we were warned by JFK, we were witness to the demise of those who stood against them by standing tall for what is right and just.

We know who should be mentioned in DHS footnotes, we know DHS and other three letter departments should be dropped, we know who are the real National Security threats.

We know that poisons are in our air, water, food, inocculations, clothing, paint, materials, natural habitats, and in the weapons we make, use and sell throughout the globe.

We know that MSM supresses the agena of the real controllers of ,ost nations, and we know that they consider themselves as masters of us all.

We must stand united or fall devided. It is a dismal proposition, but even one man can change the world.

There is a glimmer of hope knowing that.

S & F and a tip of the hat to you.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 03:15 AM
Do some research into Edward Bernaise, check out manufacturing Consent, understand the role of Hills and Knowlton in the Kuwait war, CIA in feeding the Observer cover stories for the CIA front known as the Iraqi national congress, anthrax and mobile weapons lab, and yellow cake in africa.

Edward Bernaise - find out more.......

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 05:33 AM
reply to post by imd12c4funn

Well said *S*.

You can see what I mean by distraction. The country is literally crumbling and the media sensationalized the entire bonus scene, throwing the entire country into a pointless debate. All this squabling for less than 1% of the money the government had wasted that month. Yet it took up a much larger percent of peoples time and energy.

This is one example, the examples are absolutely endless though. That's why 80% of the countries opinions when it comes to politics esspecially, are just regurgitation of what the MSM portrays.

Another quote by Malcolm X said that the media is one of the most powerful entities in the world, it has the power to elect or not elect people, convict or not convict. It literally sways everything.

In fact, for a large amount of people in the population, almost their entire life has been shaped based on what is being pushed mainstream. They believe what they think is the norm, and you can always figure out what the "norm" is supposed to be, by watching the MSM push the hell out it.

I really wish more people would not get afraid and hit the back button when they see a thread that is more than a couple paragraphs. A few minutes of reading to potentially learn something is too tough for some on this forum. It's a shame

GL imd, thx for your input.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 02:49 PM
S & F

This is a very important message right now. I have been trying to break the left/right illusion amongst my friends and family.

The MSM are nothing but mouth service for the elected officials, democrat or republican. Their purpose is to perpetrate this illusion to polarize the American People who are waking up to what's happening.

It is their job to misdirect, and to present to the public misguided arguments while not reporting on news that might actually be significant, and they do their job very well.

The Presidential Election of '08 is a prime example. Here the MSM presents the argument of who should be elected President and they give the public two choices, Obama and McCain, and there the argument begins and is presented as:

Either you Vote for McCain and help the rich or
you Vote for Obama and help the poor.

That's the argument presented and reported on. The option of picking someone entirely different isn't given, and most of the people don't think about it, and pull the lever for their "guy."

Another example in the reporting of the Presidential Campaigns. Because it seemed that Obama and McCain basically ran on the same platform, the MSM had to try real hard to over-report the differences which basically culminated into an argument about taxes and then was presented to the people as:

If you Vote for McCain you want to lower the taxes for the rich and corporations.
If you Vote for Obama you want to lower taxes and help "the little guy"

Basically the entire campaign polarized into "who do you think should be taxed?"

But the idea of reducing the scope of Federal Government, so that nobody has to be over taxed is never even presented as an option.

It's all smoke and mirrors, the MSM gives you the ILLUSION of a choice, when in fact they have already made all the choices for you.

It's like getting on a bus headed for Boston, and the bus driver giving you a choice to sit on the left or the right side of the bus. It really doesn't matter which side you choose if where you need to go is New York.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 03:37 PM
reply to post by DrZERO

Yah exactly, it all boils down to perception.

They have to be the people who create our entire perception of the world around us, even though what they force us to perceive doesn't resemble anything close to reality.

Thanks for bringing up the election, you're right and I have even mentioned this in one of many threads that I posted in and brought up the MSM foul plays. They always have to appear as if they are showing all sides of the situation. But the media acts in concert, so that for the entire day, the whole country is discussing whatever has been thrown on the plate.

Sometimes its distraction, but as I mentioned above, they are just appearing to be on both sides so that they can each attack the subject in different ways, trying to discredit opinions which the MSM does not like.

Every single major event that this forum has argued about over the last several years, was perpetrated with the ASSISTANCE of the MSM! EVERY SINGLE TIME. To stop what is going on to our country, to stop what is going on in the world, to end this road to tyranny, it all starts with returning media to its roots. Where it works for the people, not for the government and it's fascist friends.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 06:55 PM
reply to post by king9072

People do depend too much on MSM to form their opinions for them. The only part of your post that I take issue with is:

At one point saying "hopefully Obama is at home watching all these arrogant Americans"

He was referring to Obama's comment that America has been arrogant and dismissive towards our allies when he was giving a speech. He wasn't putting the protesters down, or ridiculing them.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 07:08 PM
Good thread.

Yes the media often feeds us just what they want and they aren't afraid to edit and twist things to fit their ends.

In the grand scheme of things, pro-wrestling doesn't amount to a much at all. But in the case it gives us a good example of just what the MSM will do.

The guy that runs the WWE is not really a fool. So, when CNN wanted to interview one of his wrestlers he had another camera running. Just in case CNN decided to edit the interview to put words in his star's mouth regarding steroids.

Would CNN do such a thing?!

Oh, you bet they would - and did...

John Cena on CNN - Edited and Unedited Interviews

At the link above is a couple of clips. One of the unedited interview with the wrestler John Cenea and the other the version that CNN aired. There is quite a difference.

“I can’t tell you that I haven’t, but you’ll never be able to prove that I have.” That’s what they have John Cena saying in this footage, in response to if he uses steroids.

That’s a pretty damning statement by itself. So damning in fact, that it could seriously hurt John Cena’s career…but it’s not true. When John Cena was asked if he had ever used steroids his answer was much longer, and started with “Absolutely Not.”

You can see both at the link above.

I'm not trying to promote WWE, Cena, pro-wrestling or anything like that. It was just the first example that sprang to my mind of a MSM outlet twisting what was acutally said to make it fit their purpose.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 11:11 PM
Very good thread!!

As we climb closer to the top of the MSM pyramid of power we find The "Big Six"

1-General Electric

2-Walt Disney

3-News Corp

4-Time Warner (CNN)



You can find out out just who owns what at

It is frightening to see that our day to day view of "reality" is pre-packaged by these corporate entities.

NLP is mentioned, so true. The very act of watching TV sedates the mind into an alpha state of brain activity, a light meditation. then whatever message our corporate rulers want to dump onto us is readily absorbed and "learned".

We then go out and spread the message like a virus. People easily accept what someone tells them if it is followed with "I saw it on CNN". They then go home to their own TV and hear the same or similar message on Fox and it is reinforced. It must be true.

Public opinion has now just been swayed. It is nothing less than mind control. The subtlety of it is so sinister many people can't believe it because it is so unlike the mind control ray gun that turns everyone into order following zombies that they had seen in the movies. When in reality it really is the same thing in a very deceptive picture box that is likely the focal point of your living room.

We are subjected to this in everything. There are always sides, choose your side and oppose those of us who have chosen the other side. It's divide and conquer pure and simple. While we argue with each other over two sides of the same coin we are easily controlled because the argument are created for us. We are so caught up in the argument that the real agenda slips right past us. Over and over again.

Right here on ATS how many times does the Republican/Democrat thing pop up or the FOXNEWS/CNN bickering? How persistant some of the regular fighters are. How truly, madening it is to see it over and over right here.

There is a certain saftey in the fog. It's a comfort zone that many are afraid to leave, afraid to confront the fact that the side they've chosen is really just a mirror of the other side and facing the truth of how enslaved we really are is unsettling if not terrifying.

So on we fight, by design. Always against each other never against the enemy.

This is a direct result of the conditioning that we experience our whole lives through the corporate MSM and especially TV.

The wrestling was a great example, something that millions of viewers watch, their Monday night program is second only to Monday night football during the season. A lot of people watched that and came away with the opinion that was designed for them to have. These first impressions really stick and later finding out that it was doctored to present the lie does little to erase that first opinion.

I thought it was a brilliant move to roll his own camera during the interview, but as I said it's the first opinion that sticks. CNN knew that, so even though they must have known that the true interview was on tape, they doctored it anyway and aired a ficticious lie. Knowing it would stick in the minds of the viewers.

I only watch TV for entertainment nowdays. I do like movies, and a few shows, some sitcoms make me laugh. Thats all fine and good, I even put on the news sometimes but rarely, just to see if anything shocking is on. I never have faith in it's truth.

Here in Madison we are locally represented by the big 4, and the same guy even owns two of the stations. At 10 you can flip from one to another and catch the exact same stories on all, try it sometime. Heck, for a while those two stations with one owner even shared a couple news readers so you could watch your favorite guy on both channels spewing the same sript at a different camera! I'm not making this up.

Great topic...

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 11:45 PM
This is all the more reason to keep an eye on the mainstream media. Know thy enemy and what their plans are. Keep your eyes and mind open, read between the lines and look beyond the rhetoric. The MSM sways public opinion and it is of the utmost importance to know in which direction the next sway will go.


posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 11:47 PM
See this is the stuff I'm talking about!!!!

I started a thread late last night:

Why some tune out to conspiracy or questioning government

For example

"Hey, you've heard of the NWO, right?"

" No....what is that?"

" (explaining NWO....)"

"Oh really? I wonder who just got voted off of American Idol last night"

You catch my drift? I did some research and already knowledgeable about Tavistock, the use of Fluoride and the CIA 's infamous MKUltra, I stumbled upon this:

A ‘slide’ is a prefabricated, ‘politically correct’ blanket ‘pop’ ‘opinion’, ‘view’ or ‘take’ upon a particular issue of general interest which is designed to preclude further consideration, analysis or investigation of the issue in question. In other words, it is a ‘collectivised’ mental position which is never to be questioned. This is precisely the ‘product’ of the Deputy Prime Minister’s insidious neurological linguistic control programme ‘Common Purpose’.

Anyway, this made for another sleepless night of interesting reading......

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posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 03:48 AM

Originally posted by Butter Cookie
See this is the stuff I'm talking about!!!!

I started a thread late last night:

Why some tune out to conspiracy or questioning government

For example

"Hey, you've heard of the NWO, right?"

" No....what is that?"

" (explaining NWO....)"

"Oh really? I wonder who just got voted off of American Idol last night"

Haha, I have experienced similar conversations a million times.

It's hilarious, cause if you've seen it on the news, its real, if its in a movie it's fake. Its so brilliant, aliens cant be real I seen them in a movie, etc etc etc

Too the person who brought up TV and hypnosis. Good call, you're very right, and any hypnotist will tell you that a trance is a very common thing. They only try to speed you into a suggestive trance. But we go into trances every single day, totally oblivious to them. A trance is anytime that your subconscious is auto-piloting for you. OFten people will go into trance while driving, they dont have to think about it, their subconscious does all that while they conscious thinks about whatever it wants.

Going into a trance is just as easy watching tv. How many times have you been trying to talk someone whos 'fixated' on the TV, staring right through it. You talk but they cant hear you, cause they're in a trance.

But I truly believe, that there is not ONE topic that deserves more coverage right now. Because ultimately the media decides everything, and if theyre never on our side, it doesn't matter how many people we assemble, or how well informed they are - media will make us lose everytime.

So everyone on this site needs to understand that fact, and you only need to hop into any other thread to find that this site is far from the end of its quest to deny ignorance. It's rampant.

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 07:31 PM
good post.......

I'm not sure if human nature keeps the world in a perpetual state of societal ups and downs......even without going that deep i realize we will never be "perfect" no matter what kind of revolution may eventually come about.....but i believe there is an opportunity to slide back toward LOWER levels of corruption which could help us avoid a Fascist Gov't overtaking the world in a slow motion power grab that helps solidify their wealth at a time when the current economic standards of living does not appear sustainable.

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 12:42 PM

Originally posted by cpdaman
good post.......

I'm not sure if human nature keeps the world in a perpetual state of societal ups and downs......even without going that deep i realize we will never be "perfect" no matter what kind of revolution may eventually come about.....but i believe there is an opportunity to slide back toward LOWER levels of corruption which could help us avoid a Fascist Gov't overtaking the world in a slow motion power grab that helps solidify their wealth at a time when the current economic standards of living does not appear sustainable.

Just imagine, instead of the government being aided by the Media when they are pulling off these robberies of the American people. That the media was asking the real questions, demanding answers and not giving up or backing down.


posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 01:14 PM
You know, OP (and I'm not sure but we might be saying exactly the same thing here), I think if I had to aggregate and sum up what bothers me the most about the entire scenario is that initially Above Top Secret became the greatest in it's field simply BECAUSE the vast majority refused to succumb to Mainstream medias' stranglehold on public information processing and it's inconsistencies.

Pointing out these inconsistencies are precisely where conspiracy theories (which often can lead to incredible enlightenment) are born. However, and it becomes more and more prevalent these days, that a lot of the same people who post here and have been in this community for years (and I mean a LONG time) have now begun to cite these same institutions which were once adversaries in the information world, as their end all, beat all authority on what's what and as if they could possibly do no wrong.

Me, personally, I never forget my roots...


posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 05:26 PM
Very good thread.

Just to add a little, I think that Fox's defending the tea partys and other "conpiracy" beliefs is just an attempt to coopt the movement. Lets not forget how low the approval ratings for the last president and congress were right before Obama was elected. People were livid. Then Obama seemed to stifle all of that.

Now, people are seeing beyond the facade and getting very angry. This scares the powers that be. Until they censor the internet more (which will happen) they have no choice to use their mouthpiece of the mainstream media to poison the message.

So Fox tells part of the storys, leaving out that big picture facts about the Fed and how both parties are controlled, and makes it seem as if the Republicans are actually saints that have our backs. This then allows CNN and MSNBC to lump all people against the fed as Republicans, and talk about how bad Bush was (which has nothing to do with the point).

So the average person at home then gets to make a choice based on the facts that have been spun to them: Am I angry about the bailouts and the economy, if so I side with the Republicans; or Do I think these protests are just Republican sponsored drivel, so I vote Democrat.

You see what happens, even though those of us in the know understand that both parties are to blame, the average person who only gets their news on tv never sees that. So they think they only have two choices, and the cycle repeats. Mark my words, when this president is done, the Republicans will be hailed as the party of Change.

All the while, the men behind the curtain laugh hysterically.

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 05:31 PM
reply to post by Grambler


Very correct. Note the following part of my post:

What did BOTH organizations do when they got to their Tea Parties? They ridiculed people, made them seem extreme, and discredited them at every turn.

That was the whole reason Fox snuggled up, and CNN (among others) backed off, thats the beauty of the scam, is that they can take whatever stance they want cause once they get to the party they're all on the same agenda.

"They ridiculed people, made them seem extreme, and discredited them at every turn."

posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 10:06 PM
THANK YOU good sir. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! i dont start many threads, due to the fact that i dont know how, because it always takes me to breaking events or whatever, but i was saying this since i saw that cnn lady with all the hostility there. and how republicans are trying to make it out to the ignorant as if they were the ones that set up the tea parties. and guess what? somewhere near 90% of the united states including the rest of the world ATE_IT_UP!!!!

who woulda thunk? to the enlightened ones, they totally exposed themselves for what they really are, beyond all doubt. i even read somewhere that they said they funded the t parties.

all in all thank you. more people need to read this. GGRRRRR!!!!

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 04:03 PM
Don't ever trust the mainstream media.

They are not there so you can be informed about current events, they are there to map out the past, present, and future and have you bend over and just accept what they do to you.

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 05:32 AM
Hi king9072

Thank you for the exelent read.
This subject you posted has been stuck in my head ever since i readed your post for the first time.
Your points raised keep playing up every time i read this board and other sources of conspiracy information.

Today i read this post of an other member "TheOracle" who made the thread:
They don't want us to know
It is about the lack of coverage by the mainstream media of the bilderberger meetings.
Some good points raised there but, it seems that things are changing and it looks a lot like they are changing in a direction you are pointing out in this thread.

Here is a news report from a well respected english news paper "the Guardian" and they send a journalist over to the bilderberger meeting this year in greece i believe.

Our man at Bilderberg: 'You are not allowed to take pictures of policemen!'

Yesterday divides in half: the half where I flee the Bilderberg resort, too scared and strung out to remain, and the half when I have to bundle myself in a random cab and drive to the British Embassy for my own safety.

I am being hounded. And all because I dared report on Bilderberg. Because I dared point my finger at them, there, in the darkness of a seaside peninsula. Ecce Bilderberg!
Source "the Guardian"

I believe it is some coverage of this meetings by this journalist a in couple of parts over the last weeks.
This same week a friend of mine found an article on the bilderberger meetings in the free news paper "Metro", this paper gets published in more than one country i believe, over here it is in the top 3 or 4.
I cant seem to find the article in english online anyway but it appears to look at both angles.
Something like, is it just a thea party or is it like a shadow government like in the tv series 24.

To me it looks like these major news outleds are starting a new strategy and these example articles show to me that the points you raise in your OP seem to be very valid.

These days certain news can realy fly over the world in hours like a wild fire and they want more control over it, from what i can see.

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