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UFO Seen Before Aquila, Italy Earthquake Apr. 2009

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posted on Apr, 16 2009 @ 11:59 PM
Was it no co-incidence that UFOs were seen over the town of Aquila, Italy just 5 minutes before the Earthquake struck on April 6th, 2009? Were they trying to warn the people? Were they detecting some energy disturbance and if so was the earthquake HAARP related, like the Chinese earthquake event? ( )


Pretty wierd if this turns out to be true, kind of reminds me of the reports that UFOs were seen spreading a "noxious mist" just before Black Plague (Bubonic Plague) would break out centuries ago.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 12:24 AM
I had the bad luck to follow L'Aquila Earthquake, all reports, media coverage, and so on: no one reported anything strange (and a specific investigation was made, since a study on seismic precursors is being made in Italy): so, where has been this video taken, when and by whom may I ask?
HAARP? Nope, EARTHQUAKE; just study italians faults and you will find out that the truth is that: there are some FAULTS below apennino that are crossing their ways: every now and then, they "clash".
This, in particular, is a seismic swarm, lasting since January 2008.
Here's the list of the big shock and the aftershocks

The events of April, 7th affected mainly the area around the L'Aquila and its south-eastern surroundings (Onna, Fossa, Ocre), whereas those of April, 9th were localized mainly in the north of L'Aquila, towards Barete, Pizzoli, Campotosto.
The distribution of replies in the map shows very well the area affected by seismic sequence, which extends about 25 km in NorthWest-Southeast direction, parallel to the Apennine chain. The strongest aftershock, detected at 19:47 on April, 7th, has affected the southern sector of the area, close to San Martino d'Ocre, Fossa, San Felice d'Ocre, where were detected aftershocks smaller than the ones of April, 7th. The event of April 9th (Ml = 5.1) is located further north along a more limited extent.
The fault responsible of the main shock is approximately 15 Km. long and shows an immersion from North East towards South West. L'Aquila results to be located exactly above the fault.

Stars are the main shocks, the red lines are the faults:

...and this is the fault (in surface) which caused the main shock: it was photographed in

Onna, a small town which over 250 inhabitants suffered 40 deaths

The map of the seismic events occurred during the last 90 days:

This is the area that was hit

...and this is the map of seismic hazard in Italy: the dark red areas are the most dangerous, the arrow indicates where the 5.8 richter earthquake happened.

Just in case you aren't aware of it, 300+ people lost their lives and 25.000 won't have an house for the next two years. So, to exploit such a tragic event in order to promote a crappy video whatsoever is lame to ay the least, not talking about the OP, but about the guy of youtube.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 12:33 AM
reply to post by internos

I wish I could answer your questions about the particulars of this video, however, I only saw what you did as. I have looked in a couple other place and couldn't find any info on it.

That is an awesome chart of activity, by the way.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 12:37 AM
reply to post by esteay812

Fortunately, now it's decreasing, but a possible "seismic couple" like the one happened in Friuli cant be ruled out. A seismic couple would devastate the area.
The last strong one was 5.1 richter, recorded two days ago, but the average is decreasing as expected in these cases. Let's hope that those people will find some peace and the will to start a new life: many of them lost everything

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