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When did America stop being the world's leading country?

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posted on Apr, 16 2009 @ 09:29 PM

Originally posted by jam321
reply to post by audas

The people of the world know full well your actions without the internet. The US has had direct military action in well over 100 countries since the second world war

Please, the people of the world were hardly aware of the intentions of their own government, much less ours. Military action is just part of a country's policy. And IMO not all of our military engagement has been for the worse.

Arrogant to say the least. Actually most countries on earth are still capable of directly effecting their governments and know exactly what they are up to. If fact not really even a logical argument - rather an unsubstantiated statement of little relevance. I can assure you that the people of Chile were well aware of Americas involvement in disposing of their democratically elected government and installing one of the most brutal dictators since pol pot. I can assure the people of Guatemala and Nicaragua were well aware of the CIA's involvement these were wars waged against the people, and trust me when I tell you the thousands of people murdered in their beds knew about about Americas involvement when the US bombed their homes with night hawk test runs. And trust me when I say that the millions upon millions of Africans also knew that they were going to die becuase generic aids medicine was taken away from them as part of the US drive for IR property protection. Trust me the Iranians knew well of the US involvemnt in deposing their democratically elected government, the Vietnamese knew of your actions, the Laos, Diego Garcians, Congolese, Rawandans, Iraqi, Afghanistanis, Pakistanis, Saudi Arabians, Palestinians, haiitian, Cuban, the list just goes on and on and on and on and on. And ALL of these people know it was YOU without the need for the interesting net.

At least be honest.

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posted on Apr, 16 2009 @ 10:02 PM
reply to post by audas

Output in the euro region fell 18.4 percent from the year- earlier month, the biggest drop since the data series began in 1986, after a revised 16 percent decline in January, the European Union’s statistics office in Luxembourg said today. Economists expected production to fall 18 percent in February, according to the median of 16 estimates in a Bloomberg survey. Inflation slowed in March to 0.6 percent, a record low, the office said in a separate report.

Hmmmm, 18.4 percent drop in European industrial output.

Output in March dropped to its lowest level since December 1998 and was nearly 13 percent below its year-earlier level.

On a 12-month basis, output was down a hefty 12.8 percent.

US output down 12.8 percent. Wow, I guess I was right that the Europeans are worse off than the US.

THE International Monetary Fund (IMF) will revise its 2009 forecast for Germany's gross domestic product (GDP) downwards to a drop of 5pc, according to Der Spiegel.

A five percent drop in Europe's largest economy's GDP.

While the minutes offered no specific numerical expectations for GDP, the new forecasts downgrade the Committee's latest published expectations for GDP between -1.3% and -0.5% in 2009 and 2.5% and 3.3% in 2010.

1.3 percent drop prodicted for the US in 2009. Not as bad as the 5% in Germany, hmmm?

I'm sure the US Economy is worse than the MSM is saying, but we are still better off than Europe my friend.

As for a middle class, while it has been shrinking in the US, it doesn't exist in Europe.

Show me a European with a 3000 square foot home and two cars and I will show you a very wealthy European. In the US, thats middle class buddy.

Maybe you should try to move here, you'll like it.

posted on Apr, 16 2009 @ 10:58 PM
reply to post by audas

The EU is larger economically than US - the US is entirely dependent on the EU for all forms of trade and with Asian Union fast becoming bigger than the EU than the EU that leaves your union about 3rd.

Europe is a collection of nation states. It seems to be unable to operate together effectively militarily. Although it operates loosely under the EU it cannot be viewed as united in trade. Some nations honor the trade-free zone use, others do not.

Europe unfortunately operates overall in benign chaos.

The Asian Union, also is a goal and not a reality.

China appears strong but its production is down by some estimates 40%. So China is struggling for internal stability. It faces economic collapse because of the recent downturn much as Japan did in the 90s and for similar reasons.

Russia is struggling to regain some of its former border states as a buffer to the west but all Russia has is resources and all its efforts are going toward resource development. Russia will be left behind by the modern world and therefore will probably face a 2nd economic and military collapse.

The US came to its present position after WWII. Europe was in shambles after 2 world wars. Russia had been nearly beaten by Germany twice. Japan was thoroughly in submission. And England had handed the US nearly all of its Naval bases putting the US in control of the seas. The US hadn't experienced any war on its soil with the exception of Pearl Harbor so the US came out of the war considerably stronger than it went in and far ahead technically and industrially.

The US has no appetite for expanding its borders. Wars of conquest are in the past. All the US has to do is avoid a nation or coalition becoming a dominant power and with the rest of the world fighting amongst itself there is little danger of that happening.

The US power overall and its geographic position puts it firmly in the pivotal position for a long time into the future. It doesn't make us loved, rather feared and respected (militarily).

that leaves your union about 3rd.

Actually we don't have a union. We are all seperate nationalist states over here, Canada, US, Mexico and the Central and South American states. Only occasionally do any act together, somewhat like your EU.

And we are not 3rd, but 1st as a world power economically and militarily. Hands down. With apologies! LOL!

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