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Understanding Depression (Important Info Everyone Should Know)

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posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 01:36 AM
dang...I really do not want to talk to anymore Dr's they want to put me on lexipro or something like that

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 01:39 AM
reply to post by minniesoda

I know several people that took Lexapro and swore by it. They said it had no side effects at all, and it really worked well for them. You may want to try it, and see if it works. But even if you don't switch to another medication, let your dr help you to come off the medication you're on. You shouldn't just stop SSRI medications.

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 01:41 AM
if I just go off it slowly? that's why I wanted to know if anybody else here had done it, maybe some advise on how to

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 01:42 AM
reply to post by minniesoda

The SAFEST way to do it is under a doctor or psychiatrist care and supervision. That way they can gradually cut the dose down. The problem is that if you cut it down TOO low too fast, it can cause problems. Same with going cold turkey.

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 06:41 AM

Originally posted by mkultraangelI am not so sure if you want to just argue with me or not---on here the "authorities" are the bad people on the other thread that you're spouting about on it's "criminals" and the cops are always the good guys. I am convinced you just want to argue and unless you have an alternative to "hotlines" --keep compiling all your data I guess...alot of good it's doing the "depressed"

Actually I thought YOU were the one that wanted to argue pointlessly. You ask what states restrict gun ownership, I give you a full reply and you just ingnore it and move on to make other vague statements.

At least I present facts and sources to back up my views. You just present unfounded opinions and you don't even try to back them up. You give people advice on "the right thing to do" and then negate the fact that you did NOT explain the true consequences of those actions. If it is so right, why not point out the positives and negatives?

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 06:45 AM

Originally posted by minniesoda
if I just go off it slowly? that's why I wanted to know if anybody else here had done it, maybe some advise on how to

I have never been on Lexipro. I was on Paxil and that was truly a nightmare to get off of. Course at the time I started it they all claimed it was non-addictive, in fact it has one of the worst withdrawls of any SSRI out there.

I tried to go off Paxil 3 times, and like many others the side effects from withdrawl were so bad I could not handle it. Finally I just went cold turkey, fortunately the worst of it was over in a week, but I have read that others have gone through serious withdrawls for months. Research Lexipro withdrawl online to find out more.

I would say be careful. These days I generally stick with Prozac because it is relatively easy to get off of, it has been around forever, plus it has a longer half-life and I have never noticed any withdrawls at all. Since it is availalbe in generic forum I can even buy it online without seeing a doctor if I want to.

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 07:25 AM
going off any anti depressant is dangerous. Along with heart pulputations (which i have experienced first hand after running out of mine over seas), it can also cause you to experience depression greater than you had before you started taking them (i am currently experiencing this first hand as i haven't been able to get to my doctor for a new script since i got back from over sea's).

Please be careful. Talk to your doctor. He will be bale to show you how to wean yourself off it. Probably put you on a sister drug for a few months and then wean you off that.

Hop0e i helped,


posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 07:49 AM

Originally posted by wylekat
reply to post by mhinsey

Oh, I don't work for that putz any more. I had to move since the new landlord decided to go condo and toss everyone out into the street. Ended up almost all the way across the state, thankfully.

One of the main things that keeps booting up my upset is being lonely. It'll also take some time to hammer out the dents left in me by el bosso and his idiot kid.(Ok- so she's 20something.) I've already begun doing 3d modeling using a free and extremely powerful program. It'll take me nearly forever to learn it (it's chock full of stuff, and I'm not used to the way it's set up)- But I will.

But still- even if I can sit down and produce works of art that'd make people look twice- what good is it if I cant share it with someone?

I have to go to this website from work so I cannot access the photobucket (they block a LOT of sites - amazed this one is allowed.. for now) otherwise I would go look. You noting you had pictures on photobucket will have more people looking. Plus, you should be doing the pictures for YOU.. not some schlub on here. I understand the lonliness, I have broken it off with boyfriend after 2+ years realizing I was the only one in a relationship.. I have no idea what he was in. Point being, I am not letting my lonliness and his schlubiness ruin me. Find some like minded individuals who do the same thing or similar. For that matter, just get out of the house and do something. I am not exactly the most social of people. [I would rather cut my own toe off than go to a meatmarket bar - which is the main way of meeting people in my town - blehhh]. I say what I think, piss people off, and they go away. I have learned I like who I am. I could hold my tongue when people are being arses but... nah.. More fun watching them squirm when they are called on being hypocritical. Plus it just raises my blood pressure to hold my tongue. So... no friends but healthier. I will take healthier any day. One day I will find friends and a special one who loves me for me - big mouth, sarcastic dry humor, and pulls no punches.

Anyway, just remember you are your caretaker. If you don't take care of yourself how can you expect others to. Same thing goes for respect.

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 07:58 AM

Originally posted by Zaphod58
reply to post by minniesoda

I know several people that took Lexapro and swore by it. They said it had no side effects at all, and it really worked well for them. You may want to try it, and see if it works. But even if you don't switch to another medication, let your dr help you to come off the medication you're on. You shouldn't just stop SSRI medications.

Lexapro completely numbed me. I wasn't happy, sad or the remotest bit emotional. I think you could have cut off my foot and I would have been ... hmmm what's on tv? NO THANKS.

Though, to be honest, it is because I am EXTREMELY sensitive to meds. I react extremely adverse to a LOT of medications. I cannot even take benedryl without weird side effects after a couple of days. SUCKS!!

Anyway, my two cents worth on lexapro.

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 08:00 AM

Originally posted by minniesoda
if I just go off it slowly? that's why I wanted to know if anybody else here had done it, maybe some advise on how to

I stopped taking lexapro cold turkey and it gave me zaps in the head. Felt like someone had hooked up electrical current and kept zapping me all day and really depressed but came out of it slowly. Sad part is I kinda liked it - the zaps. Says a lot for my personality - anyone say masochist? haha

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 09:03 AM
reply to post by wylekat

Hi again,

I looked at your photobucket account and you are very talented. I didn't leave any comments because I didn't want to spam you with 'wow' or 'awesome'

I had an idea - when people really used to upset me, I'd draw little cartoons taking the mickey out of them or the situation. I wasn't much of an artist, but the punchlines were good.

Have you ever thought of making a cartoon strip of the ex-boss and his daughter? You can get a lot of anger and frustration out that way.

If that's you in the photos, then I really don't know what you're worried about. You seem like a nice, ordinary looking guy to me. In fact, you like like the sort of person who would be fun to be around.

Have you looked at the Member Art thread in BTS? You could contribute to that.

[edit on 20-4-2009 by berenike]

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 10:55 AM
I never knew about the art forum there- I may have to send over some stuff.

I do occasionally do the odd thing for on here- Like the Billy Meier flying dino supposed hoax pic. "I am sure it's hard to make that illustration into a real looking dino" Uh huh. It's in the thread, Page 19. I took the illustration provided on page 1, and painted over it in photoshop.

I have had a lifetime of people imposing themselves on me- parents on down. It's hard to NOT let someone do that sometimes. I dont let people do that as much any more...

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 11:40 AM
reply to post by Sonya610

Honestly, I didn't even look at the gun ownership info, as it doesn't concern me, maybe someone else might feel they need to know it...I was looking for an answer more along the lines of "I, Sonya attempted to buy a gun at Walmart and they said no you can't have one, because you called a suicide line once'.....

And giving people some hope that there is always 24/7 someone there to talk to them is not a bad thing----some people will just need to talk and they don't have to say "I'm going to off myself RIGHT NOW"....I wasn't just talking about suicide hotlines, but crisis lines as well---BUT if a person really needs someone to intervene, that is never a negative to call and OH WELL if it effects their ability to do something later on, at least they will have their life

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 12:30 PM

Originally posted by mkultraangel
Honestly, I didn't even look at the gun ownership info, as it doesn't concern me, maybe someone else might feel they need to know it...

Originally posted by mkultraangelIn which state would you lose the right to carry firearms for admitting you had suicidal thoughts?

If you didn't care why did you ask me to explain it to you? Because asking questions, having other people look up source material and then ignoring it is a great style of debate?

Yeah, just disagree with others statements, ask questions and ignore the responses, oh and NEVER bother to look up facts to back up your OWN position. Why should you when sarcasm works just as well?

That was rude. Not surprisingly tho.ugh.

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 12:48 PM
I don't feel I am being rude at all--I should have simply asked "what state are you in???" in a more rhetorical way, because it is really not my business. It just seems like you have a vested interest/vendetta against crisis lines and the implications of calling them. Now that I have seen you post, however, I realize that you're MO is to make an emotional appeal (that makes it seem as if you have some personally relevant information) but then you bombard people with your compiled "facts"- I may be sarcastic at times, agreed, but that is how I am. I simply made an appeal to "common sense"---not everything needs to have an agenda or 200 pages of "facts".

--and posting that info may be helpful to others, so I guess it wasn't futile.

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 12:58 PM

Originally posted by CherryDuck
Question: Some of you would have read about my depression on the first page.

Um, i'm have a bad day, (for those of you with depression or who have had depression , i'm sure you'l understand). All i've been thinking about all day is how i should off myself. I'm not sure if i should tell my partner or not. ( he knows i have depression and has been with me throuh alot) I know that i won't do it, so i don't know if i should worry him by telling him....

Thanks for your help guys, cherry

Hey there Cherry, hope your feeling a little happier now than at the time of your post

However much you think you might worry him, its worth telling him whats on your mind, firstly because it will help you to share how your feeling with him, and secondly it may put his mind at rest. If you've been really down, i would guess he may have noticed and it may be worrying him.
Better out than in i say

Well, i hope this gives you a smile anyways

[edit on 20-4-2009 by MCoG1980]

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 04:40 PM
I have battled depression my whole life. I'd like to talk about it just a bit...

Life was great for me as a child. I was full of energy. I was very sociable, I could develop strong relationships, and I was generally an active and healthy kid.

When I was 9 years old, I was struck by a car at a crosswalk. My mother witnessed the event. I landed 20 feet away and suffered a severe concussion. For about a year after this event, I was pretty much assisted to by my parents and my brother. They did a lot of things for me. I became used to it. I became spoiled. But not in a monetary way. My parents were not wealthy and we lived a relatively unexclusive lifestyle. I became spoiled with attention and love.

Anyways, since this happened, i've never been the same. For many years after this event, I started to become very depressed. The world was a shock to me. Whenever I learned new things that were shocking, I became anxious and depressed when I thought about them. I kept my friends, but admitedly, I never really made new ones until recently. I kept my hobbies. I still loved life. But my life was being constantly dragged down by the thoughts of my future well-being.

When I was 13, we relocated to a new area of the country for a better lifestyle. And when this started, the SHTF. I never fit in at all. I never made any good friends in the first few years. And the ones I did end up making often ended up betraying me.

I went on meds for a while and it just put me into a daze. Yea, life was cool, but I wasn't really too concerned about things. I'd rather be concerned even if it means it brings me down.

Ive basically decided that the only thing I can do is attempt to live my life as best as possible. I try to eat the best foods with the best nutrients. I try to exercise everyday. I try to do Pilates and Yoga exercises as often as possible. I try to relax and breathe correctly throughout the day. Nothing comes natural anymore, it has to be forced.

This problem now is being amplified by the poor economic conditions. I was laid off in January and still haven't found new work. Ive taken additional training in my off time and this has still not helped me find employment.

Theoretically, if I never find a new job, I don't think I will ever snap out of this again. But I am trying my best. Im trying to do all the good things for myself, but sometimes its tough. And I can't even explain why it's tough. It's taking care of my own body, I wish it came more naturally to me.

I have no interest in ever going back on drugs, though I will happily take natural supplements to combat my depression. Omega 3's everyday. Multivitamins, ginseng, etc. I often change my supplements around..

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 06:39 PM
I would first like to say that I work in the mental health field, and have had a lot of experience with many people, diagnosed with many "illnesses." The two that I encounter the most are anxiety and depression. Here is a link to the ADAA's statistics on anxiety and the Merriam - Webster definition. Also, here is a link for the Merriam - Webster definition for depression and the PBS statistics on depression. Now there are many that are worth mentioning as well, such as bipolar disorder, but in the interest of relevance, pertinence, and topic, I will only speak of these. Now, this is kind of my own personal theory, but my reality consists of a world where nothing is true yet everything is true. Everything is only possibility, and we can only seed through the web of possibility by attacking topics with logic, reasoning, research, evidence, and critical thinking. With that said, let's take a look at anxiety. Assuming those reading this have a basic understanding of psychology and the works of Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud (possible Illuminati/disinfo agent if you're into that kind of thing), and others in said field, you must first analyze what anxiety is in relation to the human psyche. I will not delve to far into the layers and other intricacies of the human psyche that were proposed by those mentioned above, but instead would like to approach this with a basic understanding. Anxiety can be described as one who does not feel connected to the infinite consciousness and the human race as a whole. They may feel disconnected from nature as well. This disconnected feeling tends to stem from their socialization fighting their natural urges. THey tend to realize that there is so much wrong with the world, but are too stressed by the American dream, fear of imprisonment, and many other sociological issues. THis also causes them to feel unfulfilled, leaving them even more stressed. They then externalize this and create more problems with their interactions with others. If you haven't noticed by now, I'm pretty much just trying to explain how anxiety is self-propelled and is (sorry about the cliche) a downward spiral. Depression is very similar, as it is many times created by a lack of self-fulfillment. We are connected to everything and everything remembers everything. We know that there is so so so much more to life than graduating high school, going to college, starting a career, having a family, creating debt, and dying. Yet, for most, this is an inescapable path. This creates an internal disconnect and the aforementioned lack of self-fulfillment. There is plenty more that could be said about these, but I feel that this is getting long, and this is essentially what I wanted to say. Mental disorders are not disorders really at all, and are not chemical imbalances (although that is a topic for another day), but are manufactured battles that occur in the human psyche. They are perfectly natural (especially these two) and are necessary flags for us, so that we can become aware of these battles within ourselves and fix them. This is why they have created new medications to assist other depression medications, because meds will never fix mental illnesses. We must fix them ourselves. I have done this as has almost everybody (albeit unknowingly). We need to get beyond the role of consumer and stop buying into the garbage Big Pharma, our Government, and the many lobbyist groups try to shove down our throats. THere is always a more logical explanation for everything they tell us. THe only problem is that if we are too busy fighting ourselves internally, we will never realize how much we are being used and misinformed. Oh, and great post OP. Thanks.

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 07:34 PM
Does depression actually have any verifiable symptoms?

Isn't it just being pissed off with the # you have to deal with?

It's called a disease but there is no cure, so is it actually a disease?

I'm not trying to devalue it. I go through phases every couple of years where I can't get out of bed and cry myself to sleep, but that's because I'm a lazy idiot with no friends and very little will to live.

I don't think I'm depressed, or if I am it's certainly not a medical condition, it's a mental state.

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 08:54 PM
reply to post by Marek

It is a lack of serotonin in the brain, constant thoughts of death and suicide, self harm for no reason. Man i HATE people who say it's not a real illness. Try going through it, then you'll see how bleeping real it is.

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